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New BHP Build :)

Hi guy..

New to the forum.

Got myself an S3 8L a couple months back now and have decide to create a fast road/track car..

Power wise I'm looking to go for around the 400-450 horses and loose as much of the unnecessary weight as possible.

Them main reason I'm writing this post is due to the fact that I've read loads of convos regarding big builds but they all seem to end up in a debate about parts and why there no good...

So my question to you guys is what parts/manufacturers do I go for, I'm not another dreamer and I know it's not a cheap project but this is my sole project for the next year or so to complete and try and get it on the road for summer 2016 so as much help/experience would be hugely appreciated..

Thanks for all the help in advance


Hi stu,

Sounds like you are going to be very busy over the coming year.

Plenty of good parts available. Do you plan on staying 1.8 or are you going bigger? What turbo have you considered?

I can supply most if not all the parts you need.

Rick at Unicorn recently mapped a big turbo 1.8 and got something like 490bhp out of it. Maybe worth speaking to him to find out what sort of spec it had.

Hi guys

Yeh guna be a busy one but hopefully worth it. Haven't really considered any parts yet as I don't reallyk ow much about cars at the moment. I'm more off road bikes/quads just fancied something different..

Helping with parts would be amazing. Been thinking of a garret gt30 but not totally sure yet as I'm finding my feet as I said, but as for engine I'm hoping to stay 1.8 T

building a big turbo s3 8l at the moment:

Fully forged block with wossner pistons to 1.9 and zrp rods.
Backdraft manifold
Plus all the other bits.

Wont be quite what your after power wise but should be a good daily driver. Really you need to be looking GT30.


oh and welcome!

Cheers mate a and looks great so far bud

I'm getting silly season out the easy then starting on my little project 😋

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