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New high flow cats and pipes remap?

Hello all!

My mates just taken the plunge and bought a high flow milltek system for his 2010 8p! His standard exhaust is burst so the cars running like a bag of cats so he's ordered a milltek but clearly it will run no better till it's been mapped accordingly!
Being in Shetland this is an issue! There's a Celtic tuning agent but not much else! Anyone used tried and tested generic maps? He's not chasing big numbers just a smooth map!

I fear he may need to go south for a custom map but wait and see what feedback comes on here!

Is the downpipe being replaced with a decat downpipe?

If not then deleting the secondary cat will cause no issue as this is post any lambda sensor.

No need for any change in software.

New turbo back I believe! Not decating tho just high flow! I assume any precat will be deleted anyway?  Not sure if it's 100 or 200 cell cats either!

It'll be fine without a remap, so long as the second lambda is after the cat.

full milltek system fitted (cat back) and its still running like a bag of cats! still boosts but cuts power above 4500rpm?

any suggestions?

vagcom scan says Crankshaft sensor...

big job? dear part? any info appreciated! Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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