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New R8 video

Anyone else seen this pornography?

Damn mobile...can someone put a proper vid up of it please?

Oh yes.

Seen it a few times now on tv - each time playback is paused, volume increased and fellow viewers told to show appropriate reverence or leave before playback resumes.

A religious experience. ♥

Re: New R8 video


Re: New R8 video

Double post - blimmin phone!  


Got there in the end (the link doesn't work for whatever reason).

I saw this on my local imax screen. It started just as I was walking up the stairs to my seat and the noise stopped me dead in my tracks.

A very clever piece of marketing.

What's miffing me a little about the r8 at the mo is that I am seeing these beauties pop up all over the place and I, due to work commitments, missed out on taking a v10 gt out for a run the other day.

I hate work...................

Well I don't really but I do when it makes me miss opertunoties like these.

Great vid though..... Forum Index -> Audi R8 quattro
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