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New RS3 - Engine break-in period

Hi all,

As I'll be getting my new RS3 from the dealer (delivery 20.1 miles) can anyone share some tips as to how one should gently break the engine ?


track day at Bedford Autodrome 21st January

lynchy wrote:
track day at Bedford Autodrome 21st January

That should do the trick

BennyBoo wrote:
lynchy wrote:
track day at Bedford Autodrome 21st January

That should do the trick


They say the first 600 miles one should drive sensibly i.e. not over-rev it.. then gradually increase the revs.. until the first oil change.

Is this still applicable?

Yep, I would take it easy for the first 500-1000 miles


rev the nuts off it

Bed your brakes in, take care on new tyres and warm engine up and down properly EVERY time.

Use the full rev range for the first few hundred miles = without labouring in gear.... and give it some proper stick!!

Changing oil reguarly will be your best move, that depends on the driving style and type of use.

I would have to agree with Nudenut. do you think audi are going to let the first 20 miles be a peacefull drive? if anything i would say it would do more good to use the full rev range. i dont know whether its related, but my mum had a ford puma, which she wouldnt over rev or race at all, and when i drove it, it felt very lazy, slow to pick up on revs and felt slow. i drove another puma, which i got as a stop gap, and it felt alot free in the revs, the engine picked up alot better! Most likely because it had been driven hard by someone! just my 2p. this is why you have warranty

As nudenut said, and use the gears a lot. Don't sit at constant speeds for long periods

It will say in the handbook.

New M powered handbooks say something along the lines of dont exceed 3-4krpm for the first 6-700miles and dont exceed 130mph hehe... then dont exceed about 5000krpm for the first 1200miles then oil change then cane it.

ETA: Do not use the full rev range! you need the rings to bed in first, high revs will just cause blow by.

Basically first 500 or so miles, part throttle no more than half revs, and keep it varied. Then next 500 open it up a bit more.

Simplist way to look at it is, the first 500 miles = how you should be driving a cold engine.

From the E90 M3.

Up to 2000km approx. 1250 miles.
Drive at varying road and engine speeds, but do not exceed 5500rpm or 170 km/h, approx 110mph.
Avoid pressing the accelerator pedal all the way down to full throttle position.

From 2000 to 5000km approx 1250 to 3100 miles.
Engine speed and road speed can be increaded gradually until a continuous vehicle speed of 220km/h, approx 140mph, is reached. A maximum speed of 250 km/h, approx. 160 mph, is permissible for brief periods, e.g. overtaking manoeuvers.

It also says, the Clutch, Gearbox, Tyres and Brakes need 300 miles to bed in.

For the non M models like the x35i so the most similar to the RS3 engine it says.

for up to 1200miles dont exceed 4500rpm and 100mph.

1200 miles on, speed and revs can be increased gradually.

So, basically just drive it normally and don't cane it for a while.

However, I had a Corrado VR6 which had been a demonstrator so I suspect thrashed from day one.
Was a great car with miniumal oil consumption and no mechanical problems right up until I sold it with 160,000 miles clocked up.

If you're buying a new car I guess you just need to keep within the parameters stated in the Owners manual to preserve warranty in case anything goes bang - aside of course taking good care of the car so it's in good shape to pass on to the next Owner

the engines are bed in on bench dyno's  at the factory ... so....

I read quite a bit on the R8 forum that the cars that were driven like they were stolen consume much less oil, whereas those that were broken in by miss daisy drink the stuff.  As much as 700 miles in between asking for another litre!

aka_dk wrote:
the engines are bed in on bench dyno's  at the factory ... so....

I really doubt that a manufacture would put 1-2k miles on an engine. BMW certainly dont. And I can pretty much guarantee Audi dont, down to cost alone!

The ones that drive it like miss daisy, probably drive it like miss daisy all the time, which will cause carbon build up and so on, thus causing oil consumption on DI engines.

Just think logically, engine hasnt beded in and the parts that interfer have not worn to each other, faster moving parts and higher thrust is going to cause excess wear before its bedded in.

Basically anyone who says that giving it the beans when you first get it works is just wrong, has no mechanical knowledge or sympathy. It might get them to loosen up quicker but that is all. Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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