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New Rs3 has arrived!

Well the day has come my brother in law rolled off the boat with his stunning RS3 today! With all of 96 miles on the clock!!

He's running her in for 500 miles or so but I had a very leasurly shot an she feels simply lovely! Has the performance exhaust too so sounds the business! A few nice others extra's too!

Now the only issue came when my wife roiled her eyes and asked if I was jealous! And I couldnt really answer!

Is she gorgeous... Clearly, does she go like stink... Clearly, all mod cons... Lovely!


is she 8 times the S4.... Not even close! Would I have my S and 35k odd or an RS3...

Still maybe one day!


get your point nice motors

I really like these. They are going to be great value in a few years.

Graham wrote:
I really like these. They are going to be great value in a few years.

Certainly a bit more justifiable a few years down the line!

Best colour in my opinion

And the rs ain't bad either......
Lol no I mean the rs really.....

Looks superb!
Andy C

I had a look at an rs3 at the dealers on Saturday. Very tempted by one...especially after watching a few YouTube vids and hearing the sound they make!

They are 90% about the sound!

I woke a sleeping baby with mine yesterday - oops!

I do like Nardo, but as it's the default colour the majority of RS3's are coming in it which then puts me off. Correct choice with the black pack, they look odd in grey/alu combo!

Hope your BiL enjoys

Ye well the 500 mile run in period was soon abandoned so hopefully get a proper shit soon!

very nyc car and i think in the best colour aswel

Very nice color, nice cars, you have to launch your own forum audi with this collection Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8V) quattro
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