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New S3 - Dealers phoned about DAMAGE

Advice please.
About to take delivery, was off this afternoon to have a handover/pay/paper work etc etc and they phoned to postpone as the car had a bit of damage ( it's been in stock for 12 days.....)
Seems the ariel is damaged and there's a 'crease' in the roof.

Trying to get to speak to the bodyshop people to find out exactly what is being done, rather than going through several other people.

SWMBO is saying they'll have to reorder as she doesn't want a 'repaired' new car......
Advice/comments please.........


Beware any crease in the roof, it may well be a write-off as it won't be repairable!
Colleague of mine was waiting for his new Volvo (company car) to arrive and the transporter operator messed up unloading and put a big crease across the roof by squashing it. Car was written off without ever being delivered.

I'm with your Mrs on this one. You ordered a brand new car and you want a brand new car, not one that's been repaired before you've even took delivery of it.

Did you order a damaged and repaired car? I doubt it.
Maybe go and see this one anyway and leave a 5p in the boot or somewhere hidden so you can make sure you don't end up w this one.
Or order one from a different dealer.
You have no need to buy this one, for sure

Get a new one. And compensation for the delay

Defo your paying out for a new car, get a new one, IF it's repaired you will always be looking at the roof
S4 Muzza

Never had the pleasure of buying a new car personally, but unless there was a sizeable discount on offer would I hell be accepting that!

I wouldnt be taking delivery...............

What have you paid so far???????????????

Thanks for the comments.
Think they are all what I really feel......
Planning on seeing it tomorrow a.s.a.p. It may not be as I have had described to me but.......
Paid £1k deposit.
Professor Peach

Definitely demand a replacement, but I like idea of hiding something in this one, incase they try a cheeky one.

Professor Peach wrote:
Definitely demand a replacement, but I like idea of hiding something in this one, incase they try a cheeky one.

If you see it, take down the Vin number as well.

Yes I liked the hiding something as well , must remember that for other things.
VIN should be easily seen at the screen base ?

I used to work in a main dealer BMW bodyshop and you wouldn't believe how many brand new unregistered cars we had in from transport damage. Loads of roof damaged ones from the car transporter deck above, and lots of wheel referbs too from kerbing. I bet they didn't give such a courtesy call.

I service the compressors at a few 'bodyshops' that correct the paintwork on brand new cars that have been marked down as substandard on their PDI.

It's fairly common practice I guess, but obviously I'm not privy to the policy behind it.

Noggymike wrote:
Professor Peach wrote:
Definitely demand a replacement, but I like idea of hiding something in this one, incase they try a cheeky one.

If you see it, take down the Vin number as well.

Take a pic of the vin in the screen with your mobile

Reject it. I rejected a brand new car after taking delivery of it and having it for two weeks.
It had had a repair done to the front wing and on washing it I noticed lacquer peel . Got straight onto the dealer and after a bit of shouting and threatening legal action got the car replaced .
That was a S3 as well .

Update on this.

Went to see the dealer without an appointment.
They were mortified it had happened.......Head of Business appeared, to apologise etc etc
They had ordered another car , showed me the order etc.
However there was going to be another 12 week wait but.....

In fact the actual damage was less than implied and that a photo had appeared to show.

They asked if I would look at the car after the 'repair' anyway - OK but I don't want a new repaired car.

I spoke directly to the bodyshop and they told me what was wrong ,how they would fix it.They thought it was most likely to have been on the top of transporter and had been caught by a small branch.
Afterwards confirmed exactly what they found and what had been done.

They needed to change the ariel, didn't want to touch the headliner so took out the rear window, took off the boot lid to avoid any damage to it and to make it easier to do the window and work on the roof etc.
They used rods etc and pinged back out the roof panel without damaging the paint around the ariel.
There was a very slight mark towards the rear screen, not a crease but not perfect.
They couldn't use rods as there is a reinforcement panel across 'that Audi glue all the way across' so they couldn't use the rods on the area so needed a small amount of stopper and then repainted  the roof section ( small area, car has panoramic roof).
It looked superb.
Interestingly they have their own bodyshop towards Guildford but use  St Georges Coachworks in Camberley for 'difficult/important /prestige repairs'

I decided to have the car.

It has since been to a detailer  ( Elite Car Care in Maidenhead) for Gtecknik and Suntek film on front. Commented that the factory paint was 'very good, not much work needed'
and 'a little more work on the roof panel needed but it was a good job'. He knew about the damage but his trained, fussy eyes reckoned it was OK !
So I'm content!
I've been given various 'goodies', e.g.Ipod leads, boot liner ,very nice smart mats. I've also got a few hours in a S1 coming up, should be next week, (I asked about ice driving in Scandinavia - but they said no !) oh and a day of driving at Silverstone in the R8

Glad it worked out ok for you.


As long as everything stacks up for you then fair play

Seems a reasonable and fair outcome.

Makes all the difference when the dealer actually cares and treats you like you expect to be having just parted with ~£35k!

Glad you are pleased with car, enjoy it

P.S. Pics please

Yes a much better experience that it was at the first instance!
Oh I ticked a lot of boxes and it came to just over 40k    
Then I added front film ( bumper, bonnet, front wings backs of mirrors) and detail.........
So...all I have to do now is drive it. Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8V) quattro
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