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New toy to replace rs4

I have just bought a new toy to replace the rs4

If I do ever sell my RS this is what I'd buy to, looks ace with the livery, lovely quattro 20v?

most likely 10v unless its been converted, too early for a 20v rr
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I've had 4 wr,1 mb,a 20v and I did my own s2 20 valve conversion on a wr
The 20 valve was to refined and boring whereas the wr and mb engines make it a much better driving car.
This one is an mb so I will take it upto about 300 bhp.

Looks fab
Has it got provenance???
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It's a 1988 mb totally standard apart from the obvious

I saw that forsale nice!
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I had a look at the pearl white one in Southampton last week on eBay for 10k it was the biggest pile of shite available.

looked good on ebay pics too lol ohwell

Looks good, well done.have to disagree about the 20v though, I had a 10v as well. I'll take my 20v with 370 lbs/ft any day. Take it to inters and show it on the stand.

Very nice! I take it its alpine originally?  What's the plans... Intercooler and hybrid turbo?
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Yes it is alpine
I think turbo and intercoolers or get Dialynx to build a 500 bhp s2 3b engine
There's a ur with an rs4 engine and box fitted.
And I just happen to have that sat in my garage
According to how many left website it is only 1 of 5 1988 mb quattros left in the uk.and I have the idea plate 8815 ur sat on my cabriolet.
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It arrived today from France. What a suprise,it is in amazing condition,and it was cheaper than the shit for sale over here.

More pics please
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A few pics with the rs4


Not very often the B5 gets overshadowed
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Noggymike wrote:
Not very often the B5 gets overshadowed

I can't believe I have only just seen this. Liking it

I hope we can see this at some events this year. It would be fab to have this join us at Silverstone in July.

+ 1 Awesome
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just acquired a 420 bhp 20v turbo engine to fit,should go quite well after that

Have you been on pistonheads recently, the prices of quattro's is rocketing.
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Prices have been rising but there the cars are not selling.
I can do this conversion and not damage the  car at all so the mb engine could go straight back in.
Done a few conversions to wrs
The previous owner did more damage with the stickers,lights and parking sensors.
Previous owner was Amanda don't know if the same As on here.

I'm sure there was someone on the qoc with that name. Forum Index -> Audi Ur quattro
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