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Andy Conway

Newby looking for suppliers for replacement parts

Hi All

I have just bought a UR Turbo (pics to follow) which im going to resto.  Generally i am going to replace ball joints, bearings, lower arms etc but i would like to add afew S1 parts like the bonnet, front bumper, headlights and grill etc.

 Is there a list of recommended supplier's I should use or any tuning companies i should go to?


Your local TPS for VW/Audi parts

Drop Norrs2 on here a pm!  He has an mb and knows the ur scene well!


Pete Reeves @ quattro corner is a gold mine for parts.. but expect to get fleeced for the privilidge !!

www.quattrocorner.   its either .com or  not sure which!  

also Roger Galvin at the "quattro workshop"  and Pete Chimes who's the parts manager at Edinburgh Audi dealer, he can find parts as well...

you'll find them on

Andy Conway

Thanks for the input guys.  information like this is infalable.

have you tried carparts? i have heard that they have some pretty good stuff. plus they give tips and maps for the best Audi repair that you can go if ever you need something to do with your car. good luck bro hope that helps. cheers! Forum Index -> Audi Ur quattro
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