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Hello everyone,

Nice to find a fellow group of enthusiasts where I can share in the delights of everything Audi. Kind of new to all of this so just looking to join in and meet a few friendly folk.





Welcome to the forum  

Is yours an auto or manual ? There ain't many if us left now

Here's a phot of mine:

Where are you ?



Hey Reg,

How goes it and thanks for getting back to me? She’s a 6 speed manual, born in 1994. I have had the car for about 18 months, bought from my Audi Mechanic friend who got the car at auction. He then proceeded to leave it sat in his work shop for over a year. I really couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw it, I had to have it and so the deal was

I'm in the East End, running around Mon-Fri in the good old "Rat Race" of London. Unfortunately she's off the road atm, in need of some TLC; good news is that I went to see her today and scheduled a major service with my Audi nut-case mechanic (He has an S2 of the same year with the same 2.2 engine so I'm always asking him questions). So, within the next two weeks I will have the following done on the car and she'll back on the road...

1. Timing belt kit
2. Water Pump
3. Thermostat
4. Head gasket
5. Getting the heads’ skimmed if needed
6. Fuel Filter

Can you recommend anything else I might consider checking\changing whilst undertaking this work?


numpty forgot to mention the spark plus......

he's already had all fluids changed (engine oil, gearbox oil, diff oil and brake fluid)

his car is mapped (the car we talked about not too long ago) and runs at 2.4bar, so should be around 300lb ft and 260 bhp

power wise, what's the best option to get more out of her ? bigger turbo ?

Hi  Gazza,
Regarding more power, a good remap for starters but change the exhaust, RS 2 turbo, manifolds but that depends on what sort of power hike your looking on achieving

Read this:

You may find it amusing and it tells you what I had done last year on my big refit  

Happy ownership


his car already has a remap as it's pushing 2.4 bar, i suppose a normal one would push 1.9 ?

performance wise it has samco hoses here and there, a k&n air filter and a cat back exhaust, oh and a uprated dump valve that goes wooooosh lol

does a rs2 manifold and rs2 turbo simply bolt straight on ?

also, his car must have a non oem ecu as the original ones can not be remapped directly can they ?

will have a look through your thread - but the first one does not work !!!

Using boost read out on the small DIS?
If so, it reads boost + atmospheric, so if it's reading 2.4 bar, it is boosting 1.4bar which would point to a remap/chip.

They can be remapped on the fly, with a laptop used instead of the ECU (with a special interface and software), once the tuner is done, the new map is written to a new eeprom (two actually, one fuel, the other boost) and the ECU opened, old chips removed and swapped for new.
If generic chips are used, then they just need swapping in.

Your cars make mine look old and tatty! I couldn't possibly put up a photo next to those! nevertheless, i love my '95 urS6!!!
Dag, you in London i take it?


 Gazza is in the East End of London

Mine has a nothelle chip in it , not sure what it's upgrade is but I'll guess at around 260-270 bhp.

Nice wheels Gazza....

Oi, Wolfy, get a photo or few  of yours up,please,  don't be shy  

quattrokid wrote:
 Gazza is in the East End of London

Mine has a nothelle chip in it , not sure what it's upgrade is but I'll guess at around 260-270 bhp.

Oi, Wolfy, get a photo or few  of yours up,please,  don't be shy  

Ok, but be gentle with her! *sigh....
These are the only two photos i have left available at the moment.
Will put up more when i can.

Hmmmm... Just realised, i had to "tidy up" my number plate the night before this photo was taken! Dammit. It says "Mitchum"


Is that Ragusa green ?  In fact is Gazza's Ragusa green as well ?!!

Take more photos tomorrow, it's gonna be sunny      

She's not running atm. Standing for nearly two years! :'(
She's Midnight Blue!

I know this isn't an Audi, but it's what i ride atm!

Oh... That Celica in front is my working 4-wheeler!  

Thanks guys, feeling much loved already..Lol

Will defo keep you posted as to progress on her re-launch followed by more pictures. As for the documented colour will need to dig out the V5 but I've always thought it was something along the lines of a racing green; I'm prob wrong..!

What I can also tell you is that I will be going along with Colicabcadam when he gets his RS4 tuned at MRC to officially put mine through a rolling road (Dymo or something!!) to get some exact figures as to what she's putting out; will let you know!

Just checked the web site and guys we are in short supply, approx 90 of us left on the road and 34 of them are SORN.

I'm now even more determined to keep the flag flying on this understated classically cherished automobile...


Good man!
(mine's sorn!)
Hopefully reborn this year, but i doubt it! :'(


When I checked for the UrS4 saloon auto it's only a few left in the U.K !!

I think only 36 came to the UK so not many to start with!!

Why has it been standing for 2 years and is that the Jag under cover yet the Audi is exposed to the elements
   get the S 6 under cover.... pwwwwease

Long story with the 2 year thing..... :'(
But she will rise again!

Under the cover behind the bike is a 1971 Beetle i'm restoring....
Shazza.... My S6-girl (see what i did there??) DOES have a cover, and is usually under cover... The day that photo was taken i had started her, pumped up the tyres, and got some info for a part number i needed, hence undressed! So, please don't worry!

I sold the two jags, as it was them or Shazza!!!!
Where do you find your info? Can you check for the stats for the UrS6 too, please?

Thanks You!

And so the work has

Evening all,

Just thought I might take the chance to update you all on my UrS4's progress in the work shop. Work, as you can see has begun, a complete service and tune up is on the way and depending on the finances maybe a few other mods too (Don't tell the wife!)

I am being baggered into fitting her with a K26 turbo, is that wise and would I need to make any major changes to the base line structure of the car?

Speak soon

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