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Nothelle chipping

rightio then troops,

my ole battle bus UrS4 has a Nothelle chip in its ecu..... question... would have Nothelle had to chip the gearbox ecu as well if its an auto box like whats done on the RS6 when they remap the engine ecu to change the characteristics of the engine ecu ? (this was chipped in Nov 1994)

reason I ask is because on a recent vag com scan it brought up a gearbox ecu fault code. I have sourced a guy who has a standard AAN auto box ecu that i can try and see if it clears my symptoms.

He also has standard engine ecu's as well so I could put the car back to standard and see what happens.... this would be better than having to drop the 'box to get to the multi function switch, change that then find once put back together, that the problem still persists.

for those that dont know, more often than not when i use kickdown and steam bits.... when i take my hoof off the throttle the engine holds the gear instead of dropping down /up to a higher or lower gear, then I am sat at 5k revs and cant shake it off and back into a higher gear without stopping and turning the engine off for a few seconds sometimes a few mins until normal gear changes and kick down returns. I  HAVE NO MANUAL CONTROL OF THE GEARS EITHER...D.3.2.1 doesnt respond  

Also has a hesitancy feeling around 3200 rpm on the motorway, it judders as if your in the wrong gear driving a manual car for the speed your doing, then around 3400rpm it feels as if a switch is made and smooth service resumes? I am not sure if this is because the gearbox ecu isnt "talking" to the engine ecu so it doesnt know how fast im going/ what gear the car is in/ should be in etc.

las time 3 fault codes came up for the throttle position sensor so this was changed for a known good sensor and checked and fault codes cleared, symptoms came back en route home.

could it be a boost leak?all hoses appear to be tight that i can see and reach . Also fuel consumption is down as well, at 70-75 on a steady run I would expect 31.4 mpg but its down at around 24.6mpg

any suggestions please Forum Index -> Audi urS4/S6 quattro
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