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Number plate lights.... 1 not working

Hi, my left hand number plate light doesn't work. Should i have a dash warning telling me this, as I haven't had one?
Also does anyone know part numbers so i can get a pair of new ones or a decent not to bright alternative?

Hi JP, a whole new assembly is 8E0943021B which is about 10 but if you only want the bulb it's part number N 0177252.

I use this website for part numbers -

Thanks ian, will check it out  

Fyi.... the sun visor mirror light is the same bulb, i took the bulb from there and put in the number plate light mount and now works.
Full number plate illumination re established while i choose to upgrade to led or not.

I've done the full interior/exterior LED upgrade on both my C5 and C6 - It's always a fantastic difference, just make sure you get decent bulbs, not 5 for 20 cheap crap.

I had Trups on 246 fit his LED's to mine while he was doing my headlights conversion (quad xenon - awesome).

I've done LED upgrades including number plates but for some reason (cold/damp etc.) they never seem to last long there.
As the number plate is yellow anyway I've just reverted to standard long-life filament bulbs for the number plate. Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C6) quattro
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