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Audi S6 & RS 6 (C5) quattro
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paint paint warranty
Anyone? It's free, no catches, just take it off my hands...
Tyre wear?
Petrol now £1.20+ /Ltr!!
Trying to find interior trims for C5 RS6, Carbon or black..
Sat Nav disc - which is the newest version that will work?
What is wrong with people?!? @*&%$!!
Sportec Lower air vent mod... Anyone do it?
Braking performance
Post containing DRC info....
BBS RG-R on RS6 or stick with MTMs?
Thinking of changing my wheels...
B5 RS4 vs. C5 RS6
1/4 mile time
1/4 mile run
Avon ZZ3 tyres.....what you think?
RS6 Exhaust Noise
anyone know this one?
Sat Nav not picking up GPS signal
Where is Cylinder 8?
Need help with wheel refurb
Most expensive RS6 EVER?!!
Goodyear Assy F1s & MTM Bimotos - will they fit?
Heat Dissipation
Help with centre console of S6 (C5)
Oil leak Gearbox or Sump??
20" C6 RS reps, thoughts?
Why does my car smell like burning rubber?
Wing mirror glass – ouch £200 from Audi.
silver S6 Avant with alloys in 'graphite' colour - any pics?
New S6 owner
looking for a independent specialist lincs/notts area
Went to Surrey Rolling Road on Friday and it produced
Urgent - Please help! Thanks....
Lardy barge admitted to unit20tal for....
Black optics..
My wheels done
EOI: C5 RS6 Transmission complete and turbos
What do you think..
C6 RS6 Turbochargers???
MOT Advisory
Engine Block - Alusil or Nikasil???
Audi 40V V8 - Forged piston installation ?
ZF Gearboxes
my rs6 might have to go!!!!!
Porsche Wheels?!..
Heads up!..
Upgrade questions
Looks like the engines coming out..
Advice please before I go ahead....
Anyone fancy a PLUS
OEM Downpipes incl cats from '03 RS6 C5 (35k miles)
Problem: White Smoke?!..
Problem: Oil Leak?!..
C5 RS6 ownership, known big bill culprits and warranties
what did you do, when the whisky is off ?
RS6 - A drivers car??
RS6 - Hybrid Turbos
Slow wipers
Aftermarket Camshafts - Audi RS6
Cheap low miler (32k for <£17k? Black Saloon on PH)
Smell of Horse
Who makes - Forged Pistons, Conrods and camshafts for '6
Misano red RS6
RS6 C5 - 530 BHP QST Tuned with Sportec rims on ebay anyone?
Another Official Re-Introduction - my RS6 Avant
Anyone got a RS6 in Mugello Blue..
Maximum Boost
The colour of my C5 Wheels
Dymag wheels in classifieds
strange one sometimes power feels flat????
RS6 Turbo - Fitting bigger compressor/turbine wheels?
any one interested?
580 BHP AMD RS6 C5 on Autotrader £22,995 ?
3" RS6 Down Pipes?
New member + wonna say hi
Engine Mount replacement
Starter Motor?!..
THE definative wheel thread: C5 RS6 - Pics, pics, pics
Looking to buy an S6
Thoughts on going from 19" down to 18" wheels
Spax RSX Coilovers
Strange ticking noise?
iPhone TomTom car kit
I saw this C5 on another forum and....
New Member
Coolant level alarm
Oil temp.?
Should I be quicker than a B5 S4?
DIY spark plug change RS6 C5
Bilstein PSS9 installation guide
Electric RS6
rs4 wheels look nice anyone got them on a rs6
rs6 c5 alloy wheels anyone fitted c6 wheels
Question for the Pro's?
search for pics with rs6 milteked...
Forge Diverters...
Parking sensor problem.
Let me introduce myself officially...
Ideas to grow this Forum
"Interesting" problem with my RS6 - troubleshootin
adding pics???
boost display
menu button
my new rs6 is famous
revo flash/map any one got one
bought my 1st audi a 02 rs6
PSS9 mod?
Tyre Pressure warning and menu button Help please
This looks quite mean
Running costs of a S6!
4 to 6 - any thoughts?
Rear washer repair and Aero wiper conversion.
RS6 N/S Rear fog Mod
Mooch's RS6 making smoke
Removing Avant rear tailgate inside trim Wash/Wipe repair.
rs6 info
RS6 Compressor Map
New wheels for C5 RS6
RS6 on ice....
Is this car Known by anyone?
Matt Black wrapped RS6 for sale on pistonheads
Engine Technical Data: RS6 (2003)
Thinking about these wheels for my six...
RS6 ownership - I think I have gone too far
Paint code for RS6 plus Wheels??
Spare keys
Tyre valve P.No.
AudiSRS Audi Driver International 2009 Sat 10th October
Big thanks to R.K. Engineering.
Exhaust system
Mental RS6
HY 53 +++ Avus rs6 avant
Octane booster??
C5 photoshop question
Pss9's fitted
Brake pad retaining pins
what do you think ?
"My Beauty" after detailing
Brake Pads
See, they are reliable!
rs6 - what to look out for when buying
Anyone know anything about air con?
Where to buy longer grille after removing fog lights ?
rear calipers for S6 C5 year 2000
New one on me!
DRC article in Audi Driver (May 2009 Page 7)
Tyre costs- THAT old chestnut!!
When u hit a brick at 60mph in an RS6..
Intercooler hose
Torque converter/lock-up clutch problem
Recent visit to MRC..
Bleeding the brakes - inner or outer front nipples first?
6yr old RS6 vs Shine On detailing. Large Pics.
How many of You sent texts to Watchdog then ??
DRC action against audi, please contribute!
anyone know this RS6 Avant .. ?
Tyre pressures with 275/30/19's
Which steering wheel? Large piccies
RS6 Inconel Tubular Manifolds
Maximum top speed ?
RS6+ fantasising on a Sunday night...
Pics of Noggy Blue C5 RS6s please
I was bored at lunchtime..
C6 RS6 Carbon Brakes
Front brake pads for RS6plus
Vredestein Ultrac Sessantas 275/30/19 fitted to RS6 plus!
RNS-D to RNS-E tips and information.
Help needed from UK / EURO brothers
Newbie window shopping
Help I've been Grizzled!
Tuningwerkes ???
Future "shopping lists" for the beasts?
Hello! Anyone know this car?
Mooch mobile- update
Crazy yanks....
LED rear lights now available for the avant.
Anyone know this car??
R32 Steering Wheel in RS6
Judder thru the loud pedal
Thanks to Grizz
Which RE-MAP?
MRC re-map
anyone looking for an RS6
The Cornish invade Liverpool...... well, Unit 20.....
Tyres; have i done the right thing......?
Hoping to get my DRC replaced under warranty.....
Imola yellow RS6 saloon.
RS6 at Castle Combe
DRC Change
MRC demo car
crashed RS6
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