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Audi S6 & RS 6 (C5) quattro
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ETKA gearbox C5 C6 C7 comparison.
Audi C5 RS6 ESTATE needed for TV feature
Does anyone know this RS6?
Anyone with LPG on their 4.2 C5
Whats that at the exhaust area?
Steering rack s6
PPD Cluster by STE - Anyone used one?
RS Specialist nearest to Glasgow
Gearbox Remap
Wheels on your C5 RS6
p0741 code
white RS6 avant R56RSX or similar on the M6 toll
does anybody know any history for this RS6, RS 51X CS
Exhaust tips
Overheating problems
Gearbox issues
front mount intercooler
Wheel sensor
Creaking/squeaking sounds while steering
whining, whiring sound
Exterior rear avant window trims
C5 allroad suspension
2003 AUDI RS6 QUATTRO ,over 35k spent...
A6 2002 2.5 TDi Quattro Sport 180 - Air Con mystery
Is this a common colour combo? turbos 53 plate RS6Avant?
S6 cd multichanger
spark plugs
Maf stalling/missing
Pic from right side of the engine
Likely vacuum leak problem
Engine harness difference A6 2.7T manual and automatic
intercooler bracket part numbers
S5 RS6 Winter Wheels
Another sad day also.
Anyone know this RS6?
Fuel cutoff when running in gear
Some advice regarding ride quality on H&R Coilovers
Self Study Programme 244
RS6 Sh*tter or Slayer ???
Win an Audi Driving Experience with AudiSRS!
Clunking noise...
parking aid sensor control unit 4E0 919 283
fog lights rs6 c5
RS6 Gear box mods remap etc
New rims
Central locking with key fob not working.
C5 S6 power steering problem
what are the benefits of a box remap?
Cambelt timing out
Beware, shocking pics...
Fuelgauge not responding
Rear Fog Light Modification
Replace turbos without engine out...
any info?
Disc skimming
Bonnet vents...
Transmission fluid change
rear camber adjustment S6 C5
Anyone got a spare scissor jack?
Roofbox on a RS6 saloon?
Bosch pads
Views on this RS6??
KW v3 adjustment
SAI Problems
Sweet sound
RS4 B5 vs RS6 C5 running/maintenance costs??
RS6 exhaust
Quattro issues
transmission vibration
Rs6 c5 headlight removal
The RS6 reminds me
Anyone tried this iPod kit for RNS-D?
Black grills
DSG paddles
rs6 c5 turbo rebuild
WTB: C5 RS6 rear bumper valance
Got my re-furbed 19's back on the AR
digital tv conversion
Sme Faults found
Palmer ScanXL Professional
RS6 Fault Code Diagnosis
KW3 adjustment
Thoughts on RS6 C5 tailgate mod
uploading pics
RS6 driver's door micro switch prob
Back in an Audi..........RS6
Cables required for digital TV in RS6 C5 ???
Colour options for the Plus ?
Failing drive shaft?
After some waxing...
RS6 steering wheel to an allroad
RNS-D hidden options
C6 Brake swap
C5 ALLROAD Recaros cheap anyone?
Tyre Pressure system fail
RS6 quick bit of advice/cost scenarios
Front lower rear control arm replacement
I'm now RS'less
speedo out on s6 2000 model running on 19" rims
Frozen locks on S6 avant.
A bit of help with service items
Wing mirror.
Annoying detail.
C6 Brake upgrade question
brake pipe help and pad options.....rs6 calipers
Some nice race pics from the past...
Steering Wheel Removal for Refurbishment
Dents in roof
Navigation+ and puncture repair fluid
looking for Exploded View audi s6 b4 4.2 1999
rear suspension height adjustment
Noise problem S6 2000
New RS6 on its way!!
Wiper arms
Xenon Range Adjustment
Unreliable? Maybe...
Help !!!!! Please
Milltek decat pipes C5RS6
5w30 or 5w40?
Engine (hydro) mounts
Sat nav set up problem HELP!
C5 RS6 TV ad (the one with the bull)
Audi MOT Protection ?????
Altenator Failure
Rear brake discs
RS6 paintwork
RS4 (B5) vs RS6 (C5) - thoughts
ECU Diagram/Pinouts
2.8 V6 wont start
Looking at RS6....previous owners
C5 RS6 / Mercedes W211 E55K comparison
wanted urgently
RS6Avant at ADI , trailing white-ish smoke 11 am
audi rs6 centre wheel caps part number?
S6 brake upgrade options
my new S6
RS6 Oil
New S6 owner...
A Few Issues with the new RS6
Connection type oil cooler lines
Engine pre heater
Bye bye RS6
Tyre sizes????
deep dish alloys
Groaning from the rear right...
Tom Tom on RNS-D
How much 19inch c5 rs6 alloys with good tyres
What mirror do i need
anyone know this car - or advice please!?
Oem Rs6 exhaust
Anyone know this car ??
How much to get a new key for RS6
Audi sat nav
Lubricating sunroof runners
Mileage, and other questions!
Cylinder linings
wheel ET
Wiper Problems
Engine rebuild
Front differential upgrade for the RS6 autobox?
New bonnet grille.
DV Replacements
HELP!.. Any Vagcom Guru's
Part number request - Front wiper motor and linkage
RNS-D for sale from a 2003 RS6
Fitted set of KW V3s
Error code
RNSE tms can wires hi and lo ??
Rear camber adjustment
RS6 aluminium color code
S6 Fuel Pump Swap - How to Guide.
Set of H&Rs cheap on the Bay (not mine)
DTC, 17535 system too rich
Best place for Bilsteins
Life after V8
Grey 04 plate rs6 in Nottingham????
Weird Tyre Wear?!..
Will these wheels look good on my RS6?
What a bargain ??? Or not!!!!!
Which Xenon?
Fuel Pump Question.
C5 RS6 VAGCOM Fault codes : Help in determining how serious
C5 RS6 trim (sourcing black \ carbon \ silver & removing
Brake pipe sizes on ABS module
Alternator faillure...
Air leak?
Did this not just sell on eBay with 100 + k miles?
URGENT: Tiptronic problems RS6 C5
please help me
SAI removal?
Boost leak?
Different downpipes for RS6
Indicator trouble
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