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RS6s with dodgy 4 spoke steering wheel
RS6 morning moan (!)
RS6 self study guide pdf doc
Jacking Points?
Anyone know this one?
Just had the 6 serviced check the new body work
How do I remove the electric mirror switch?
Engine rattle when cold
offer from a friend:
Who are the mods?
Do Audi do the flatblade wipers?
S6 Exhaust (and hello from new member)
What oil in my S6?
Are S6 headlight Xenons? Is this the right one?
BBS LM pics on a C5
Misano RS6 Avant...
Clean and fresh RS
New tires needed
Looking to Sell?
Hisssssing noise - probably the Turbo?
Bilstein PSS9 damping help
Bluetooth kits
Battery removal help?
Winter wheels
Going anti-bling, chrome mirrors?
ciggie lighters
Converting an rs6 to manual
IIIIIF I was to sell, what should I be asking?....
Snapped rear subframe bolt
My Rs6 for sale
Owl noises !!
2003 RS6 - Replacing the headlights...
MTM Zorst tone from 2nd-3rd.
Leaking injector O-rings
Swap shop.. SATNAV DVD for copy of ETKA..
rear number plate surround
Wagner intercooler's
Carbon fibre bits
I know it's not an RS but here is some pics of my new toy
Keenly priced RS
try again,pictures not attaching....
The Beast & Graffiti...
Good Audi body/paint shop in/close to London
Immaculate C5 RS6 Daytona Grey for sale
Maff meters
Dodgy looking advert.....
20" wheels
Anyone know how to replace the electric mirror switch?
Upgrading turbos
Air intake pipe thingy (technical term)
I've just bought an Rs6 and it's got a fault
11k RS6 with vagina interior
C5 RS6 Newbies
Tiptronic Gear Selector Error
Remaps and Tranmission remaps
RS6 Turbos Vs GT30 Turbos
RS6 Stage2 Vs RS6 Stock Turbos
What hope have Grizz, Eddie and Steve got?
18.5k mile RS 6 Plus for sale
Breaking RS6 on Pistonheads...
A performance question for C5 RS6 owners...
search for pics with nice 19inches
Poor RS6
Can anyone tell me the correct wheel fitment for a C5 S6?
Well I liked today!!!
The end is nigh
She has to go
The cost of 2 mths ownership of an RS6
Frankenstein beast! 6 speed manual, 600bhp!
Added 2 psi more - now how much shall I lower it
Ma baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! spotted
Tank of juice?
S6 engine management light...
intake linkage arm
Brake Nipples
C5 RS6
Boot space in 6 will it be enough?
C5 RS6 flat spot between 5k - 5.5k
Sarge's latest surgery
RS6 Back home
Little project on the RS6 last night
Boost hoses and Wagners
RS6 v. Chrysler 300 srt8
Spaceship miles
Anyone want to do a swop?
overheating s6
A slightly different post
Changing to Recaro Sportster CS's?
LED side lights
Needed please. RS6 diff flange seal.
Warning light..??!!
Milltek Exhaust
LOL... Over 3200
6 Speed 01E Adapter Kit for the C5 RS6
Brake Fluid Recommendation?
Brake Wear Warning
C5 RS6 Noggy Blue Photoshop Help please?
Another C6 Set of Alloys on a C5
rs6 in essex
Latest improvement
Private reg plate
New alloys
Gearbox troubles!
Having doubts about the Vreds (Chapter 2)
RS6 Saloon Rear Lights - Votes please...
Tire Valves
That new Shell fuel.
Ceramics on a C5 - options?
Just had my wheels done...again!
Hmmmm big ass ownership
miltek non res cat back
Poplar door trims
Caveat emptor
Welcome to RS ownership Amanda :)
RS6 oil recommendations?
Is this Caliper Bracket / Brace required?
RS6 or M5?
An itch that needs scratching!!!!
A little zorst cleaning on route to Castle Combe...
My Baby is home ..
Gearbox Gremlins
Wagner Intercoolers
What shall i do ...
Mine not for sale!
rim change/induction kit
Opinions on this RS 6
RS 6 power options
How much are 50k old RS 6 turbos worth?
Got these in the post today
Front caliper on ebay
It sounds fantastic.....
LPG conversion?
hi every one newbie and funny noices on rs6
'Funny noise' on my new 2003 RS6
Hello everyone
S6 instrument cluster needles, want red?
Found 2 people breaking RS6's
Calipers for sale on classic audi forum ....
Oil cooler
Viper custom remap on my 6
remap and Audi warranty
The Lardy Barge is for sale......
Diverter Valves....
RS6 Specialists.
Turbo issues??
Q7 3.0 TDI MPG - Anyone got one?
C6 RS6 20's on C5 RS6
Shall I remove my tints?
Valved exhaust?
A little bit of fun....
Audi S6 Longlife Exhaust Pictures. R8 Pipes
Air filter advise please
Warranty direct - claim denied?!?
The fuel Faries came and robbed me last night....
new rs6 wings
RS6 Ashtray Cover
Porsche rear calipers for C5?
a ? for the pro's
Click 4 Warranty
Caution notice on DIS
So taken the plunge and brought an RS6, interior question ?
New Plus Owner
Are genuine RS6 alloys 8.5J or 9J?
RS6 paddle shift? (2000 - 2003)
Engine Management Light :? - Vag Com in Brighton anyone?
Will a De-Catted RS6 pass a two gas test?
580PS RS6
Longlife Stainless Exhaust System Audi S6
Looking for advice on Coilovers for RS6 (2003)
Noggy Blue RS6
Drive-by Vid - Mmmm Milltek rumble
20'' wheels, what size / make tyres ?
Noisy fuel pump when running low on fuel
Pics? - RNS-E and Flat Bottom Steering Wheel in a C5 RS6
Rough Idle and Throttle response
Help, I have problem and no one to help
Broken front fog light lens - part number and info needed
The barge is back......
Sadly Selling the best car I have ever driven!!
RS6 Cambelt Change (Heres how its done)
Intercooler and Oil cooler/ gearbox options?
Part Number please for rear of gearbox propshaft seal
Fuel gremlins documented, with photos!
Looks cheap? Red Avant with MTM's
PLUS Discs
potential new owner
Doh... The wife just found out how much I spent
Under 10k
My new brake set up....
MRC today.
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