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Audi S6 & RS 6 (C6) quattro
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Potentially selling an rs6 as part of an estate
Ideal private plate
Cabin filter
Don't ignore s6's that have strange noises!!
Coolant leak
Wheel size and fittment
Flat bottom steering wheel
Carbon cockpit complete
Coolant Leak
AP Racing 410mm Kit - A Review
Number plate lights.... 1 not working
My S6 V10 Pictures
Downshifting Tiptronic
My new toy
Car related number plate
Timing Chain c6 s6
2009 3.0tfsi oil spec
Is a US right-side heated dimming mirror any use in UK?
C6 RS6 common faults
C6 Carbon Cleaning - 96k miles before and after pics..
How many S6 (C6) have been made?
My opinion on the S6 (C6)
Basic Servicing Procedures for the C6 RS6
S6 Buying Guide/What to watch for
Fault codes on recently purchased S6 C6
strange beeps
Ottomobile C6 RS6 Avant
Fitting Rs6 c6 interior in an allroad c6 2007
rs6 not cranking
Any C6 RS6 current or ex-owners in the Hampshire area?
Continental driving
Where are all the RS6 owners?
Problematic intermittent wipe
Need more torque C6 RS6 Gearbox remap - remotely?
Forum members' car?
C6 RS6 Avant: GY09 XSP
RS6 buyers guide
max power on stock engine
WMI on C6 RS6
S6 C6 headlight conversion
GF 09 DVW Anybody here
Newbie RS6 buying guide?
MRC C6 RS 6 Map Tweak
C6 Exhaust Options ? & Headlight Fogging Up ?
MTM RS6 in Marbella / Porto Banus
RS6 stage2 Vs B8 RS4 verbally abused!
Audi service plan?
Top speed runs!!
Thermostat Replacement On S6
C6 Wing Mirror broke , any available or how to change?
a few shocked super car owners!
Im getting MRC'd on Tuesday :)
Gearbox and other questions
WANTED - OEM AUDI S6 C6 5.2L V10 exhaust system
secondary decat question
Will C6 RS6 brakes go on a C6 S6 V10 5.2?
RS6 C6 retrofit advanced key option ?
Very happy new owner with a few questions.
Audi S6 5.2 V10 - tunning
Just seen this
RS6 grill badge
Debating buying an RS6 Avant. Help needed plz?
Induction Kits
Induction Kits
speed limiter
Fuel Filler Pannel
Bonnet mod.
Odd noise
How many Ibis white c6 Rs6 in the Uk?
RS6 Grill on my S6
Where to get C6 Saloon spoilers from
upgrading wing mirrors on 2007 s6 with 2009-2011 facelift
Win an Audi Driving Experience with AudiSRS!
1000 BHP C6 is finally here
RS6 fllor mats
LOBA LO850 = 868PS and 962Nm
A/C fan
strange Oil leak
Recaro colour. Black or Dark Grey.
RS6 V10 - My Thoughts So Far
Whose was this car?
Auto box issue??
Cheap C6 RS6 anyone
S6 5.2 V10 Oil Leak???
Will we have an RS7???
Winter tyres/wheels
C6 Bilstein PSS9/10 questions???
Some C7 RS6 Pics
Help !!!!!
What to look for when buying?
RS6Avant at ADI , trailing white-ish smoke 11 am
Java green RS6 Plus Avant
New discs & pads
Need help with getting two Pirelli Pzeros
New Wheels !
Alloy wheel question
Best place to sell my beloved V10 RS6?
RS C6 Variants
Dreams do really come true ...
S6 C6 Fast Road Brake pads advice
Would like to officially thank Audi for inventing Quattro
Fast but not as fast as a ttrs!
rear selt belt male latch/tang disappeared
3.5mm jack cable
New to the forum Audi RS6 owner
Warrantee question.
Pads Required, advice please
S6 V10 Misfire
3 years old .. First MOT ... service and "Recall work&q
Wheel arches
Audi S6 V10 miss-fire
Check oil level light
Aussie road test review of C6 RS6 on first release
S6 (C7) inverse part number lookup
c5 s/rs6 recaros in c6 a6?
Halo Cars :)
A6 C6 S-line electrical problems.
New arrival
35,000 mile service.....
Sub 30k C6 RS6 Already.
RS6 Logo Floor Mats
oil - min to max
The Unbeating Heart of the Beast - RS6
Worn Brake Disc's & What the Dealer Told Me
spped traps
Is there any C6 RS6 owner running 19" rim option?
New RS6 Avant winter testing in Sweden
Exhaust valve
RS6 Tyre Pressures, Road and Track
Carbon Front Spoiler & Rear Diffusor
how can i tell what map is installed
Gearbox took a sh1t....
RS6 Torque Convert Failure Ques
The poor sap in the Cayman S on the A33....
This is the car I want when I grow up
Roll call - Whos left of the Original owners ??
50,000 miles plus
Rear bumper
...just found this...amazing...
Do we have and auto lock function?
Heat Soak?
Few Pics from the Weekend
no key
creaking front windows...
Things to play with on a C6RS6 with VagCom & Hidden Menu
RS6 C6 Winter Tyres...
Grizz in Evo !
RS6 Tyres...
Slow puncture: repairable??
Monaco, Italian lakes, Stelvio, lake Geneva
Wheels Again - HELP!!
C6 RS6 V10 (Porsche signal green)
C7 Avant at Goodwood FOS
Oil Change... Messy business...
Speed Limiter not working ! :-)... :-(...
Nudenut vs Goodwood
25k service - OUTCH!!!
I Wouldn't Be Happy !!!!
Ticking front CVs
S6 ecu remap
Tyres ... YET again
A quick RS6...
"A Couple thousand miles left sir" ....
YESTERDAY....... Selled my rs6 avant :((((((
New RS6
rear covers
smaller front grill number plate holder ??
fine crack in expansion tank
TODAY I Sold the RS6 ..So Happy with my new car
Advice: here's what the stealers say: Oil level sensor DIS
How are the carbon brakes Nige?
My track day..
2nd Service Costs Thread
Next RS6 Engine - Evo Mags View
Coil pack recall
Senility is a terrible thing
MMI Crash
A little over priced ??
RS6 beats Bently Ice Speed record :)
Hidy ho!
Rear valance exhaust trim?
World fastest sw RS6 MRC800 VS G power m5 touring hurricane
New wheels
RS6 Torque Converter
Tunnig help
My RS 6
Front pads 35% worn in 2000 miles...
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