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Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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How do I buy a new Audi below invoice?
Your thoughts on this clutch
Looking for an S3 - advice needed
Who wants 17s when you can have lightweight 18s
Eibach Coil Spring needed for MOT
new wheels
gear linkage
Help... Blown two turbos and loosing boost
bigger brakes needed!
Problem with rns-d. West London Specialist needed
S3 (8L) Spark plugs
boost gauge?
distinct lack of older s3's! & Haldex Controllers
Cambelt change
Adjustable rear arms
Siren location
What is needed for 350BHP on a 225 S3?
Brembo Questions
Purchasing an S3
B5 Rs4 brakes on to 1999 S3?
Fitting bose sub?
Recirculating valve plumbing???
Rear speakers not working?
How many 8L S3 Owners on here?????
Picture of 710N fitted.
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