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Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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Audi S3 8l Piano Black Centre Console For Sale
any one local with vag com manchester
New Car
s3 8l holset hy35 turbo
Audi S3 8L Bam Clutch and Flywheel
Wanted black headlining sunroof type
Haldex transfer box
2003 S3 Query - strange rear axl stance??
S3 amk spark plugs
Another question :-)
S3 hot side
electrical problems
Smokey S3
S3 WITH S4 Engine
S3 8L Upgrades.
a3/s3 doors
Clutch slipping time for another upgrade
Centre display between gauges faulty
Rubbing/creaking noise
Will these parts fit onto an Audi S3 8L 2003
Vibration after heavy launch?
S3 recaro interior
Airbag renewal
Alternator Problem
Clutch Issues
Main beam not working..
New BHP Build :)
a3 s3
A3 3.2 v6
Turbo "poppin" and over-boosting
225/45/18's on the S3?
Problem with Turbo on S3
Oil caused smoking? S3 AMK
1.8 T Engine Head Cross Compatability
A3 1.8 TQS - engine failed - what engines can I fit?
Scottish S3's ?????
Etka for aircon system
ABS light on! and other weird happenings!
what is the yellow engine light symbol on my s3
Anybody know the part no for this broken pipe 1.8TARY ENGINE
Audi A3 1.8TQS Lambda B1S1 Location
Audi A3 1.8T Quattro Which spart plugs
Lamda B1 S1 Part Number
A3 1.8T Quattro ESP Light always on
Exhaust material?
Choices choices...
Gearbox and diff oil change?
Photoshop favour please!
Head gasket
Fault code on radio
S3 8L Lambda erorrs - Newbee Q's
Steering rack and etka diagram
Diverter Valve
Unidentified object in engine bay???
S3 Engine Cover spring Nuts
2 S3 Newbee questions - 200
newbee q - Radio reception gone.
Purple S3 on gumtree
My Noggy S3 turbo refurb by Ben @ The Turbo Unit
Anyone breaking an S3 please ? Looking for an armrest mount
His -n- Hers S3 8L 's
How many in the country?
Looking for the following Audi parts if anyone can help
S3 protection detail done today ( 12th Oct)
Fluid leak possibly power steering
Haldex ecu ... can I borrow 1 please
Win an Audi Driving Experience with AudiSRS!
Friends S3 coming up for sale
s3 - do they have quick racks like the mk4 r32?
40'000 mile service done today
It's time :(
buyers guide?
S3 faults
Milltec race/ sports cat
Is 153000 to much on a s3 8l
Tire wear troubles....
Is the S3 exhaust the same as its lesser siblings?
Brake setup
Haldex upgraded ecu from Awesome Tuning
How many Imola S3's are/ where out there ?
Back in an S3
Ebay clutch+flywheel kit
Fitting a DV on a Audi A3 1.8 turbo quattro....?
Very high miles s3 advice please
S3 nurburgring edition
traction control light
new 2 site looking 2 buy a audi s3 8l 225 model
Your help is needed.
s3 cracked head
Audi s3 2008 - Rev keep going up and down when idle
Buying advice
Audi s3 tune ability ?
How much is an S3 worth in parts?
TT 1.8t 225 temp gauge
Hesitating S3
Few problems
Aero wipers - modern look?
esp and abs light??
Noise when turning
disconcerting knocking noise
1997-2003 A3 / S3 Side Airbag
limp mode
what sort of power/torque can an S3 gearbox take
forge turbo intake pipe or similar
MTM Clutch Plate
window help
S3 (L type) buyers guide
Question for S3 owners out there..
Audi A3 facelift ?
Little help please
Service time
700bhp S3 anyone?
Whining Noise
HELP! car wont start
Found oil on pipe going under the car into the body
top mounts
S3 AMK cambelt kit.
T3 turbo
rs4 bumper
Warning Lights HELP...
OTTO Mobile 1/18th S3 model
Anyone know Reg S3 FYL
anti freeze
Oil light
Noisy S3
Irritating knocking sound from the rear wheels aaaarrrggghhh
Passenger window has come down but won't go up help
MOT Time
when idling revs are 1000 then after 7 seconds drop to 500?
Some help from an S6 owner
Website to check out
S3 cutting out after 5 seconds
What do you reckon?
Help, I think I've bust my engine
detailers out there!
S3 in need of some TLC
door trim
Could use your help!
New car- S3 MTM
Dead pixels
Oil warning light
headlight discolouration solved
s3 grill
Any body recognise this reg? BT02RHJ
wheel colour
W Reg Audi S3 APY code forsale
Transverse / Longitudinal crankshaft spline the same?
S3 and MPG
audi a6 1.8t non runner
Best airbox/induction kit
Cylinder head needed please
Knock sensor torque settings
S3 for 4.5k???
South Wales appeal
hi all; newbie :) (pics inside)
what colour...
any recommendations...
Staggered fitment on S3
s4 discs and front calipers
slow cranking starter after rebuild
Right racket!
can anyone explain...
Airbag Light Reset without side airbags?
MRC Trip
Rear Springs
consider this if looking to buy an S3.
tts roadsport turbo kit
Timing belt replacement
Anybody tried GT3582R ??
wheel fitment
N75 plumbing
1.8T bent exhaust valves but timing belt ok
esp light issue
gt28 turbo
a8 style alloys
Dear Jim,please could you fix it for me to have my S3 fixed?
loosing oil!
wheels and tires
Recaro sub frames
next step?
Diff Whine?
800 hp s3
What is the kerb weight of an S3??
S3 corrosion warranty
S3 Cambelt change
bump strips
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