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Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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jb1 or 4 for 8P?
New high flow cats and pipes remap?
S-tronic, yay or nay.
Test driving an RS3 Sportback this weekend
Audi S3 in ibis white (just had a service and cambelt/water
Can S3's be pressure tested.......
audi s3 sportback 2009 door strip needed
Will These Parts Fit Onto A Audi S3 8L? Taken From A Audi 8P
airbag help please
S3 front suspension.
2009 S3 Servicing Advice
Advise please
A3/S3 quattro propshaft vibration damper.
rs3 ebay anyone with pics of damage
Audi a3 3.2 supercharger
S3 07 Plate Remap Questions
Brake pedal issue after fitting new abs pump
MY RS3 VS FERRARI 430 Scuderia Tuned
My RS3 brakes on ebay
Audi S3 needed for Tv shoot
A3 8P Suspension.
RS 3 De-cat
new car
Boost gauges
picking up my new car 2 mora
coding drl light on audi a3 8p 2007
A3 3.2 Cayenne 18Z problem , please chime in guys !
Sourcing Porsche brakes for S3 from Australia!
Super Fast Audi RS3 (741ps) Acceleration 0-365 km/h
Win an Audi Driving Experience with AudiSRS!
model differences
Changing front indicator bulbs?
RS3 Front Grille
RS3 SatNav
Wanted S3 sportback
RS3 Options
What is real world MPG for a manual 8P S3?
Wanted s3 side skitrs for sportback 58-
5-cylinder Turbo 2.5 liter from 340 to 814 hp
Std Audi Rotor 19" rims to be painted...
New rims - group buy
Rs3 rims curbed!
Cruise Control retrofit
OEM Piston CR?
Stealing Interiors Now!?
My RS3
Anybody know this car?
S3 CDL wanted crashed or engine parts
2004 a3 wing mirror removal?
S3 need advice on tunning from S.A
Cant be assed to trawl thru the posts so.....
S3 remap
RS3 writeup on Pistonheads
Recomended Remap In Essex ??
S3 with annoying 'Hanging' revs
collect my rs3 1st march
S3 at auction today - good price ?
Oh Dear !! RS3 smashed
RS3 servicing...
Audi s3 8p
Pre facelift center console measure channel ?
New RS3 - Engine break-in period
New RS3 - AutoGlym LifeShine & Audis GAP insurance?
S3 rear differential BANG!!!! your thoughts please??
rs4 b5 avant 465 bhp px s3?
Audi RS 3 Plus Confirmed by ETKA
Standard S suspension v magnetic ride
RS3 vs 1M on Fifth gear tonight
What Colour - Audi Exclusive ?
RS3 insurance
Bluetooth std on the Rs3
Reverse parking camera
Qst tuned Rs3
R53 SBK reg for sale
Servicing an S3 .... Parts advice...
Milltek/QST RS3
clarkson & the RS3 sunday times
S3 Fuel pump relay number
S3 cutting out after 5 seconds
1st UK RS3 delivered...
1M vs. RS3
RS3's at Le Mans
Last chance this week........ FREE INTERCOOLER FROM PACE
Free Pace FMIC
S3 Break Squeak - New Discs and Pads advice
1st review by Auto Express RS3 !!
4 door saloon RS3 proposition...
Just ordered an RS3
RS3 or 1 Series M Coupe
RS4 B7 Brake Setup Will they fit Audi S3 2009?
End of Term Report - S3 Black Edition
would be tempted
Milltek non-res cat back system for S3 8P - Your Thoughts???
Weird tyres on RS3
Help required for my neighbour A3 B7 Diesel 1.9
Audi confirm RS3
Drone at 2k revs
First service
Looking for AMK cylinder head, without cracks
One Sick Fully Built S3............
Servicing costs
What shoudl this be running ...
Audi S3 Oil...
My Audi S3
DSG Gearbox problems.
Bought an S3!
My S3 vids from ADI 2009
Talk about an RS3
B7 RS4 brakes
S3 Sportback.
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