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safety recall
Tuning questions
MRC Tomorrow
Dynamic Steering Question!
The stock exhaust rattle....
S5 4.2fsi NA real world performance
B8.5 S5 vs B5 S4
Intermittent engine light
Anyone have experience of braking guard (ACC)
Power cut off when out on a spirrited drive !
Stage 2 insurance
Audi S4 2015 New model or 2013 used one
My new grill
New V6T engine cover
S5 coupe & sportback discontinued?
Could be a steal
S4 in Northern Ireland query
I'm at MRC today
My second S Car in 4 months!
My b8 s4
Rs6 v10 brake setup
Anyone got pic of gunmetal peelers on black saloon?
XPipe Mod
B8 S4 Looking for a Very Good Home Please?!
Stage 2 heaven
Leather/Alcantara Supersports
Rear window tints
B9 options
Tuning the Jaguar 3.0 supercharged engine
S5 5 parallel spoke alloys on S4
New look for my S4 - RS styling + Team Dynamics wheels
Bargain saloon
Ex Forum car with big Mark up
Steering lock failing
B8 buying tips!
Vag-com tricks...
Increasing the offset of wheels
Remote mapping options
Audi Extended Warranty
Look what they have in Leeds Audi ........
Audi S4 engine rattle
fitting dab stereo.
Would you?
Lambda issues
Widest wheels on the b8??
buttons around the centre console
Managed to actually get the wheels on today
TRW Brakes
How many are missing a manual handbrake?
B8 S4 bumper/fog light grill
Gearbox Oil
Import duty
RS5 brakes and wheel offset
Wheels S4 vs S5
b8 rs4 biturbo
Stage 2 review.
B8 S4 Advice please
B8 S4 Ultimate spec?
Flat bottom multi function steering wheel swap into a B8 S4
Service , Indy Vs Audi
sat nav bug
S4 S-Tronic gear ratio
Nice Noggies..
A yellow one!
8 pot modding
MRC stage 2 B8 S4 vs R35 GTR
S-tronic issues
Front brakes
Which springs?
S5 rotor wheels on a B8 S4
Can you fit 17" wheels to an B8 S4 Avant for winter?
MMI Hidden menu
"fully loaded"
My not so subtle B8 S4 Avant with some MRC tuning and Mods!
jacking up
S Tronic box question
Start/stop has stopped
Auto wipers
First ever set of winter wheels and tyres fitted :)
Been spending some time on the Zine
RS4 Avant
How would you spec up your brand new B8?
B8 S4 avant - help before purchase
No oil temp gauge
Tyre pressue sensor
Forge pulley and belt
LH Auto dimming mirror glass wanted for B8 S4
B8 S4 wheel ideas
B5 Stage 3 vs Stage 2 B8
Front splitter?
S4 discount
Base spec cars - retrofit
How much faster can they go? 11.5 qtr @ 118.
Dane's B8 S4
I wonder why this S5 hasn't sold
Wheel Weights?
Mud flaps for S4
S5 at Audi Stafford
When was the change from B8 to B8.5
Facelift S4/S5 mapping - Dyno and Performance data inside
Anyone know this S4 on Auto trader
B8 s4's spec and swapping to black optics
HELP - I need an MRC Remap Buddy for 9th October !
Changing rear pads S4 (Handbrake?)
How many were made with sports diff?
MRC B8.5 tuning
New Jaguar XE a worthy adversary?
Revised 3.0 TFSI
Engine code
Instrument surround - losing the garish silver
B8 3.0 TFSI - secondary charge cooler rad?
Audi RS5 vs BMW M4 Video Auto Express
Time for brakes
RS5 custom exhaust fitted and settled in
Service looming
Perfect but for the colour
Stafford Audi B8 RS - a colourful selection!
How is the charged air cooled?
Supercharged B8 RS4
Roc-Euro Cold Air Intake Review
S5 buyers guide
Longer wheel bolts for S4
Do Audi sell a more aggressive S4 rear diffuser?
Scorpion Exhaust vs Milltek for B8 S4
New Member Quick Intro!!
RS4 Theft Caught on CCTV
Sports diff explained
Fitting 9.5" wide wheels - et40 offset. Checking fitmen
Retrofitting a Flat bottom steering wheel
S4 SuperCharger noise
Anybody modded brakes yet?
B8 pic thread
Well started my search today
RS 4 Test Drive - my view (all hail the S4)
BARPPP Annonymous
S-Tronic question
Daft question about screen wash for fanjets
A6 C7 3.0 TFsi Supercharged Tuning Options
Pulley specs
Which pedal covers?
My S5 Cab 1/4mile @inters 2014
S5 Sportback on its way :)
Group buy - B8 S4 Stage2 Remap offer
Question to S5 (& A5) owners
Test drive - B8 S4 Avant
TV tuner
Upgraded fog lights
RS5 vs M4 in Autoexpress
White wide body S4
2010 S4 brake issue
S4 vs S5
Console buttons
S4 B8 Brake Pad Upgrade
S-Tronic mechatronic issues
Audi Driver Select options in MMI
Security for a new RS4
De chr.omed
New RS5 Alloy Choice
Audi S5 Sportback by Senner
S4 avant weight! (Quiz!)
thinking of buying 3.0 2010 s4 any tips ?
Squeak from around the B pillar (S4 B8)
The insurance hunt begins
Films via SD with MMI 3G
My MRC'd S4 B8 at Goodwood
B8 RS4 Saloon
Rear shocks
S4 B8 Facelift Tune Options.
B8 S4 ARB's
B7 RS4 2008 Dome Light removal
I wish I wish
Open but won’t shut case
tuning on b7.
S4 B8 remap - stage 1 or stage 2 ?
Servicing work
Interior mods complete
B8 S4 vs stage 2 B5 S4
Your opinion
B9 S4 - due early 2015
MRC supplied & fitted Supersprint exhaust.
More MRC magic - This time the gearbox
Is FATS test relevant for the the new era
Tried mine on the track today!
MRC TUNING B8 S4/S5 gearbox maps and revised engined map!
Test drive tomorrow!
What's your perfect spec
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