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APR supercharger coolant system for 3.0 TFSI
Audi RS5 Stripped down to a bare shell!
Dealer delivery and build allocation question
Lowering S4 B8
S4 front wing
Confused about S4 audio
Singing the praises again
S-Tronic or manual?
Custom Exhaust Tips
Wheel size confusion
Good Exhaust offer for someone!
Launching on the new twin disc lwfw
S tronic gear knob
Which brake pads for S4
97V5 workshop action
Considering a B8 S4
One more sleep
More-bhp experiences?
Worlds first twin charged B8 S4 (compound boosted) @ SEMA
Audi service plan
Brake upgrade
Newbie queries
Foglight grill!
electric tailgate wont open on 1 button
Creaky brakes
CD won't play ami 3g
335i to S4
Brightness of lights
S4 avant towbar?
audi s4 start making whining noise on cold startups any idea
B8 RS4 Stolen in 90 Seconds
Carbon Build Up?!!!!!!!
S4 B8 Brake Upgrade Options
S4 B8 exhaust options - res or non-res?
Daytona grey
S4 B8 common faults
B8 S4 Buying Notes
B8 S4 service regime
New member joining the B8 S4 ranks, Quick review
New larger paddles on B8 RS4
Post your B8 S4 R/R results
Bargain B8 S4 for someone....
Contenplating to move from Subaru to Audi
Rear defuser
J-Fonz Stage 1 Tune 440 HP DSG
Offset Pedals (to the right)
New to Audi
New tyres all round!!
2010 S4 Standard Spec
Win an Audi Driving Experience with AudiSRS!
Newbie with S4..
S4 B8 RS5 Brake upgrade
2009 S4 B8 Avant paint/options sticker
3.0 TFSI Coil Packs
B8 S4's with Sport diff... where are they?
3.0 TFSI (CAKA) Cylinder Numbering
S4 B8 Info + Running Costs
Audi RS5 on 20" Vossen VVS-CV5 Concave Rims
2013 Audi RS5 review
Audi S4 v Audi RS4. Does Supercharging Rule?
B9 RS5 Twin Turbo V6 . . ?
Harris on ph
Looking for Damper Control Pics
3.0 TFSI Supercharger Article and Video
B8 S4 Stage 2 Insurance
Imola RS 5 detailed
Back in an Audi!
Segment spokes vs Rotors (comparison only)
Brakes (Audi Ceramics)
2009 S4 B8 Gearbox issue
Wanna hear some NOISE?
The new RS4 avant
Looks like fun!!
Sounds of the B8 S4 s-tronic!
Pre facelift vs Post facelift B8 S4
They thought it was all over ...
Fifth gear rs4 review
Test Drove B8 RS4 Today.
Hoping to join you guys
Loaded B8 S4
What aided fuel efficiency on the late 2011 onwards S4s?
S5 wheels on an S4
B8 S4 Launch Control
My S4
Brand New RS4 in Sepang available....
One amazing sounding S4
Just for fun, what is out of the ordinary in this press shot
Anyone tried wearing a helmet in B8 with supersports seats?
Rotrex question
Rs5 exhaust on s5?
B8 S4 or S5 owners Scorpion Exhaust
Apr supercharger upgrade
S4 B8 - MTM M-Cantronic soon to be MRC Stage 2
Really good B8 RS4 writeup
my rs4
Look what car i was in last night!!
S4 Modding Roadmap
RS4 Days Away
Stolen: Black B8 S4 Avant - OY09 FPJ
Will anyone build a B8 WB?
B8 S4 steering response - question
Daz-S4 B5 tuners in Wales
Infotainment/MMI Handbook Tips
B8 RS4 Avant Pics
What Determines Inspection Service Interval?
B8 Speedo and Limiter
MY 2010 MMI 3G Nav Issues and Update - 'now turn left'
S5 clutches
Delays to RS4 Production
S-tronic - invoke revert from manual to auto via paddles?
Scuttle Area Drain Holes - check yours
Standard B8 S4 on MRC Dyno
Looking to buy A5
B8 S4 s-tronic first impressions (B5 to B8 transition)
Calculating HP from Air Mass in the B8 S4
Getaway driver in lambo engined RS5
What fuel for 3.0 V6 TFSI?
A5 wing mirror replacement
Audi S4 Must have options and MPG
How do I identify model year?
'X-Pipe' Mod for Standard 2011 S4 Exhaust
rs4 b8 video....
****B8 RS4 picture/colour thread!****
S5 V8 servicing
Chris Harris B8 Rs4 review
chris harris to drive B8 RS4 later this week + 25k B5!!
Enabling ADS 'Individual Mode' on a Non Nav B8 S4 with ADS
will a rs4 spare wheel liner fit in s4 saloon ?
New RS4 2012
B8 RS4 - in Orange!
GAP Insurance
Gang of burglars tried to steel my RS5
End of Term Report - S4 (B8) S-Tronic
Concours Care Car - Open Day / Meet
Front badge removal?
B8 S4 and the VAG-COM Reverse Mirror Turndown Mod
Debadging an S4
A5 5 cylinder anyone?
s4 engine replaced under warranty!!
Enabling LapTimer and OilTemp Gauge via VAG-COM
Any towbar/towbar mounted bike rack for RS5?
Audi S4 Fan
Good Audi RS read on PH re the latest B8 RS4 & power war
B8 RS4 Vs The competition. which would you choose??
APR S4 B8 ECU upgrade news
a few pics of my car while iv had it and previously
B8 RS4 Avant.
Alloy Wheel Nightmare - Help Please!
S4 b8 Revo stage 1 dyno results
living with an s5 V8.
Evo magazine had some nice things to say about the B8 S4
Tuning limit of s-tronic Gearbox?
Pully kit for the B8
S5 Brakes
RS5 Facelift! revealed at frankfurt
Nice post about RS5
End of Term Report - S4 (B8)
This is what the RS5 is all about ...
RS 5 match report
weekend toy
Face Off !!!!
RS5 : Rear Ceramic Brake from RS6 V10
COMING: Vossen 20's wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sports
Benarrow PB5
Gorgeous RS5 Imola Yellow
B5 RS4 or New S5?
MMMM...look what I found
World Record MPG !!!
Picked up my S4
Next RS4 spied?
The Coca Cola issue?
Audi A5 2.5T quattro Lightweight Test Mule
B8 s4 dyno graph stock Vs stock b7 rs4
Dyno numbers b8 3.0t s4
b8 s4 3.0t piggyback ecu at mrc first blood!
ok bored now time to tune
BTCC A/S5 meet
PES Supercharged / MRC Tuned S5
Stolen B8 S4 Avant
unlikely but true!
Lovely flywheel :-)
Uk outlets for APR Tuning?
B&B Tuning look like a good outfit?
few pics of the new b8 s4
Anyone on the forum own a b8 s4?
will modifing my b8 s4 effect the warranty?
who is the best tuner for a b8 s4 3.0t?
Decided on a b8 s4 3.0t i think!
EVO group test
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