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will modifing my b8 s4 effect the warranty?
who is the best tuner for a b8 s4 3.0t?
Decided on a b8 s4 3.0t i think!
EVO group test
S4 B8 flash or piggyback?
BMW Audi RS5 vs M3 video review - Autoexpress
RS5 sport wheels
Interesting thread on S5's & the dreaded carbon.
Milltek Audi RS5 Coupé 4.2 V8 quattro: In Testing
Sub £60k
RS5 Test Drive
RS5 UK launch!
RS5 pricing
Upgrade 58 S5 rear lights with LEDs
Some pics of RS5
B8 S4
Ordering RS5
034 Motorsports downpipes for B8 Audi S4 3.0T FSI
Top Gear seem to like the RS5
RS5 - will it make 450ps?
RS5 - Autocar Roadtest Video
RS5 in Evo magazine
RS5 trailer
RS5 Video
Audi S4 vs. 335i Video You Tube
Just had my invitation to attend the launch!
The Pursuit of Harmony: Audi S5 in Como, Italy
Who's going to be the first...
*** UK Audi RS 5 Press release! ***
Audi to present the RS 5 in Geneva
****FINALLY, RS5 Leaked brochure*****
B8 S4 - The next big tuning car?
NEW Magnaflow exhaust kit for the S5! Group buy
APR B8 S4 vs Std B8 S4
How long?
I see some coilovers for the B8 S4
What wheels to fit?
B8 S4 drifting @ Jarama
New S4 B8 - what size wheels are best
Allan McNish driving the B8 S4
Spacers... the latest fashion accessory
B8 S4 nearly as fast as the B7 RS4 around a track
Cargraphic tuning program for new A4 - A5
MTM B8 S4 vs M3
first thing to be tweaked?
A5 DRL's
drove a new S4 today
ABT S4 – the sports machine
B8 S4 video from
CAR magazine B8 S4 review
How many have driven the new S4?
EVO Magazine (This Months) S4 Beats 335i
More sportec pictures and info
Living with a B8 S4
APS offering Sportec upgrades for the B8 S4
MTM 424bhp S4
MTM does the S4 3,0TFSI 430 HP!
408PS version of the S4's 3.0 TFSI Engine
New s4 b8 ordered
RS5 Spoiler
More RS5 Details & Photos
B&B tuning package for the V6 3.0 TFSI
S4 - Ideal Spec
Test Drove one today.
there starting to appear now
For Sale - New S4 :)
B8 S4 - Place your orders :)
Suzuka Grey
RS5 Undisguised on the Ring
S4 B8 at the Ring.
Audi S5 Cabriolet Announced
Official B8 S4 Information
RS5 Sportback, Autocar Magazine.
S4 review - Drivers Republic
S4 Reviewed in EVO
Porsche brakes
B8 S4 Videos (inc. road & track)
Technical Data sheet for S5 quattro
B8 S4: First Drives: Please post links here
RS5 spied testing on the Nurburging... pics
New S4
new s4
Paris show
3.0 TFSI V6
New S4 nearly ready
Best shots yet of B8 S4
B8 S4 to be supercharged V6 ?
BBS wheels
Audi RS 5 could get Lambo’s 500hp V10
A4 B8
Next Enthusiast car - B8 S4 3.0 TFSI?
Three tuned S5's in Audi Driver
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