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S4 B8 spark plug change
Audi S5 convertible black - reg plate S4 OVY or KM62 TKX
RS4 Avant for sale
Service info
Not strictly an S4, but 3.0 TFSI manifold swirl flap issue.
This a good price?
Rear diff seals
RS4 at Auto Prestige in Bradford
Sports diff failure
Anyone need any S5 V8 engine parts?
Dumb 2008 S5 question
Black and red super sport seats
Anyone planning to Stage 2 soon?
Changes to service schedule items for S5 3.0t
Real world impact of no ADS?
Steering angle sensor issue. 09 plate stronic s4
Oscarli Remap
Rear tailgate Audi badge is it just stuck on??
Sport Diff. Fault ?
Front PDC, can they be sprayed?
Pedal covers
S4 B8
Questions about S-tronic/mechatronic failures
Unicorn remap
Road tax rate
Any Rs4,s for sale.
B8 smoking
New S4 Owner
HELP.. Whos got a nice B8 S4 near Yorkshire??
Test drive reveals a couple of concerns
Wheel options? - Audi S4 B8
rail fuel kit
Revo stage 1, opinions
High mileage s4 - Issues?
Just joined the B8 S4 avant club! Couple of questions
2105 Audi S4/5 CREC Software available
S4/S5 brakes upgrade to ceramic
Juddering gearbox
B8 s4 and s5 3.0t decat/testpipes
Buying an S5 Coupe?
Wheel Alignment Slough
Coolant Temp Sensor
S4 b8 2010 headlight bulb replacement ?
The 3.0tsfi (V6T) and high mileage.
Front wing replacement
Retrofit 3rd seat belt for S5 sportback
Black roof bars + window trims
S4 Workshop manual
New tyres
20" wheels on the B8
Blown cats???-no problem....
18" tyre pressures
Audi s4 b8 ADS front strut replacement ? Advice required
Whats this Hose and cable...
S Tronic fault means its time to sell.
How many S4 (B8) Avant Manual's?
MRC air filter
Will they fit
Wheel fitment
Interesting spec choice
Rear brake replacement
Enlaes Carbon skirt kit
Wheel fitment question
B8 RS4 - Rear brake pad change
Wanted S4 Avant or A6 3.0TFSI
Stage1+ revo
Superchips remap
MRC S4 on Ebay
Exhaust tips for 2009 B8 S4
Replacement battery?
ultra Racing Strut brace fitted
8P RS3 -> B8 RS4
ASR-ESP operation
B8 S4 Buying advice
Another gearbox failure
Stage 2 APR or MRC?
P3 gauge
Insurance for stage 2
rs 4 pot
Which rear wiper motor?
My first 1/4 mile RWYB Santpod :)
P3 gauge
Custom Rear Diffuser interested?
Oil recomendations
New Purchase ! B8.5 S4 >>>>> S4 YNH
Quality slim locking wheel bolts needed!
Intake Manifold Flap issue
Oil Warning Lights
Factory spec list
Updated clutch for stage 2 (450 HP) any recommendations?
Engine emission control system light on dash
Previous car collection
S4 non start intermittent
S5 & S5 sportback boot lip spoiler
Anyone fitted brake ducts
Eventuri carbon/kevlar intake for the V8
S4 V6T
What are your normal operating engine OIL temperature ?
B8 S4 oem brakes
S4 stage 2 questions
B8 S4 Gone
Stolen recovered RS4..
What type of exhaust would you recommend?
3.0 tfsi
Uprating ARB
Alloy wheel fitment
MRC and the dual pulley setup
Possible group buy on akrapovic
B9 S4 at Audi Forum Ingolstadt
Possible clutch issue
Worth a look?
High mileage - any issues?
B8 RS4 spec questions
Keep the manual trans option!!
Require latest 2016 sat nav update for Audi MMI 3G HDD
Alternative to an S4?
What's it worth?
Fix? NSR door won't open from outside but will from inside
front wings getting hot
B8 S4 buying guide
S4 Brake finally on the car
Panoramic sunroof jam
Soon to be an S4 owner
It's owner of a S4 B8 Avant
About to become an S4 B8 owner
Possible S4 buying advice -UK
Had your dsg oil serviced recently?
Head light not working
Stage1+ revo
RS5 Steering Wheel paddles blank plates
Racing Blue Mica Paint Code
MPG report
S-Tronic Issue
Tyre pressures
Brakes for the S4
Little bit different
S4 aftermarket Cat
B8 s5 sport back rear diffuser
...and you think your problems are bad???
New car
Bad Day!
S4 B8 Custom Exhaust-Ebay
B8 S4 engine same as VW Touareg 3.0TSi
Honeycombed fog grills??
Stronic oil change
Looking at buying a UK 2013 S4
B8 Suspension/Steering Wear and Tear
New memeber seeking advice on S4 Avant purchase
B8 platform hub centre bore and wheel fitment - 66.56mm?
S-tronic - D or N when stopped at lights?
changing brake pads and discs
Pulley Removal Tool
F###ing Car!
19" Winter Wheels
MMI display issue
Stage 2
S4 Interior Update
Winter Tyres
A5 got few questions with mods
Braking Vibrations
Powder Coating Advice
New member, ex VXR owner looking to buy
2011 Audi Coolant
3.0 TFSI power
New B8 S4 owner
Careful pair of hands for my B8 S4 in Sussex or Kent?
Sports Diff issues?
Silicon intake pipe
S4 Wheel Info
Bike rack for my S4 Saloon
Which Tyres
B8 s4 front caliper - seized guide pin
B9 A4
stage 2 - so how's everyone getting on?
B8 S4 Offset Question
3.0 TFSI engine onto 0A2 FWD Gearbox?
CALLING RS5 OWNERS: Catalytic Converters Failing
Forge Pulley installed.
Catalytic converter failure
Extended warranty
Audi Service history issue
Spark Plugs
Anyone with a snow foam lance for Bosch in Berkshire?
S4 B8 Clutch Squeak
DAB radio in a B8
Make Milltek Res louder?
034 Motorsport RHD B8 X-BRACE
Avant Rear wiper motor knackered!
Understanding s-tronic and ADS
Latest 3.0 TFSI engine
B8 S4 brakes
safety recall
Tuning questions
MRC Tomorrow
Dynamic Steering Question!
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