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ECU locked out
Vagcom help please.
Vagcom Middlesborough
Bluetooth help.
VCDS near Glasgow
Just saying "Hi" & "Help"
Anyone local with Vagcom-help needed.
G78 Level controll sensor location
Which version of VCDC do I need?????
Vcds door lock help
VAS 5052a Vehicle Diagnostic Tool.
does Vag com 14.10.2 spanish support new Audi
Anyone in Nanaimo BC with VAG Com to help scan a B7 S4?
Vagcom advise needed
50 VCDS cable, will it work???
Any idea what this refers to
B8 S4 VCDS issue -
Advice with adv measuring values
Brake light switch fault code on my diesel b5
Chain tensioner and camshaft information 3,2 FSI
vag-com?. help needed please.
Free - old laptop with VAGCOM/VCDS-Lite
vag com for sale.
Dash recode
Fault code thoughts please
Oil level
what logs to do ?
KEY-USB cable for sale (possibly)
Vagcom code 00602
Is my cable out of date???
need help with codes
Vanishing faults and changing VCID
New codes found.
Anyone in Midlands with Vagcom
Vag-com vs snap-on solus pro
Replacement ECU not starting car!
No response from Engine controller on 2.0 TDI B7
vcds on android phone?
Help! ABS related fault codes B6 S4
Various Error Codes please help!
Coding Help in Oxford Area
Re coding ecu's ?
Lots of faults after long period not running
Help with fault code 17947. P1539
What do these mean
Multiple faults !! Somebody HELP a noob please
VCDS Mobile
Vcds won't work!
VCDS labels
RS6, changed ABS module, now can't login with VCDS to code
Disabling start stop
Anyone help near DERBY
VAG-COM 3112n vs. Windows 8
Convenience module - a complicated problem
OBDII - Data logging, gauges at higher sampling rates
ur s4 and vcds logging requested and actual boost
Vag com in Ayrshire / Glasgow ish?
Vagcom in Nottingham.
help in the Surrey area - VAGCOM
eBay cables???
limp mode
VCDS Bleeding brakes on b5 rs4. How do I set it up?
Fault code thoughts
VCDS USB Connection issues
Analysis of a VAGCOM 000 Log
Palmer ScanXL Professional
Parking Sensor fault
Sealey vs862 vag code reader and reset tool? Any use?
Output test on cluster (bench)
VCDS-Mobile Preview
voltmeter issue
Drivers window
Anyone in Berkshire who can do some vag com logs for me
VCDS on Windows 8
Is there anything wrong with this log?
B5 s4 clocks
Lambda value to air/fuel ratio
What tablet/netbook for VAGCOM?
2003 1.9 TDI - what tuning options?
17930 (Camshaft adjustment valve)
VCDS Port assiging with windows XP
Anybody in Perth area able to log my car?
What can i activate ?
Software not starting
mmmmmm G28 implausible signal
anyone know about misfire groups on vagcom?
Movi (like VAG-COM for Mac OSX)
Fault Code 17530(Lambda probe).....which one to replace?????
Couple of readings taken tonight
Help Please - coding new cluster
Logging boost?
vag com or odb to iphone/ipad
gen VagCom with an eBay lead..?
17125 plus other errors
VAG-com with Serial port connection............?????
Where can i purchase vag com from?
More than one laptop?
vcds cables on gumtree
Lambda sensor problems
VAG help near Verwood in Dorset
S4 B7 Help Needed
Anyone with VAGCOM near Flitwick, Bedfordshire
help needed
Full Vag Is this stupidly cheap or am i missing something?
Couple of logs from today
Control module for navigation
another vagcom Q
vag com assistance please!
VAG Com no interface
These don't look so serious. Anyone?
anyone shed some light here
Passive arming
What Ebay cable are people using
VDCS VAGCom cable
boost reading on vag-com logs
fingerprint module
Just thrown a 18029 coolant temp code. Which sensor?
anyone in hampshire able to give me a hand?
B6 locking adaption help needed.
anyone read Dutch?
VCDS v11 released
Help with error code
help please deciphering fault codes...
Elsawin question...
Todays logs...but what do they mean?
Vag coM for mac book
What codes should put you off buying a new car!?!
Aircon intermittent fail
Help with Vagcom
Video in Motion in A5 2011 - No response from controller
abs system not communicating
Which genuine VCDS interface?
Vagcom- lite - No response from controller??
Help needed with codes please.
001089 - EVAP Emission Control Sys: Incorrect Flow
Values from MAF,s
fault code 16502
VCDS OBD2 & Jaguar S Type 1999
Steering Wheel Angle sensor..
17536 fault and lots of hesitation.
Testing electric cooling fan
01176 Key + some codes...
EVAP Emission Control
Enable Cruise Control
Windows 7 and ebay cable + 409
Few issues - Vagcom log inside
Which softwear update
vag com purchase
Do I need to code in new airbag?
EPC light, opnions or experience required please
Fault codes
Anyone with VAGCOM in Yorkshire area at all? Beer/monies etc
Any one got one of these (vag com)
16538 lambda sensor
VAG-COM nr Heathrow/Staines?
Code Help!!!!
VAG-COM in north wale
How to check MAF sensor on RS4 B5 using VAGCOM
chrismas present...... :) kinda backfired
Central locking auto-lock
Headlights always on ...
Activate xenon in RS4 B5?
Ran my first logging session tonight!
Egt faults
EGT Fault Codes?
17866 - EGT sensor number 2
Vag-com cable in Warrington / Northwich area
VAG-COM in perth area?
Just ordered my VCDS/Vagcom!
any training manuals/ courses available yet?
18048/P1640/005696 - Internal Control Module: EEPROM Error
Address 17, 25 and 35 fault codes
anyone in london got vagcom?
Best place to buy VAG-COM and lead
Fault codes 17536 and 17538... cause?
help with some codes pls
Can't get vagcom to work, help me please?
Modules not supported on ebay cable?
Cylinder 1 Misfire detected
connection issue on 52 plate bora
Re programing the DIS
EGT's not moving
ob2 lead ?
Boost Pressure - mbar -> PSI ?
Vag-Com Data into graphs ??
More info needed on some codes - Audi 80 cabriolet
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