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Which dab aerial?
Audi AMI cable???
RNS-D 2017 update and 3d maps DONE!
S4 B5: Alternator Upgrade and Big 3
show me your systems and boot builds
B5 S4 Stereo front speaker upgrades?
Subwoofer enclosure for VW B5 fit B5 S4?
For the very rich Automotive/Audiophile Enthusiast.
1998 s4 stereo wiring help
2002 S6 with Navigation Plus wants advice on iPhone 6 please
Dab radio in b5 s4
Liquid gauge and Symphony2
B8 S4 with 2G MMI - ideas?
Bluetooth auxiliary kit for concert/symphony
Pioneer DEHX3500UI head unit - No sound? BOSE adapter??
RNS E into facelift B5 with analogue clock
2010 S4 Sat Nav
B5 S4 ISO Adapter/Facia Kit
How to measure the draw on the battery?
b5 s4 Headlight swap PFL - FL
MMI monitor
Centreal locking cable in PFL B5
MMI2 aux
Bjarne Cangate question
Wiring in a parrot handsfree kit -HELP!
Standard radio in safe mode have code
Done with the Bose amp
Nav sd card
S4 b5 double din
different sat nav systems?
rear speaker size
Any drone flyers among us??
B5 Rns-e Video In Motion
TMC not working after updating Satnav
Shift lights
MMI2G Navigation Eject lock Fails
Full Bose system - subwoofer signal source
Alpine head unit advice
S4 B5 Concert radio volume/eeprom issue - what's the latest?
C-TEK chargers
B5 concert speaker wiring
The old "front door speaker replacement" question
Constant 12v issues with head unit replacement
Dash Cams..
Ghost puddle lights
Help needed from any stereo guru's.
Help needed wiring rear speakers.
Office 2013 - where to buy?
ICE/DIS settings after turning off ignition
Ipod into C5 Nav Plus
Parrott Android Smart...
Concert 2 into pfl b5, emulator question.
B6 Symphony ISO connector
Kufatec Adapter B5 Rs4
SD cards in B8 S4
Quick speaker question...
can someone advise me on my current sub an amp set up.
problems with X-CARLINK and RNS-E?
Alternative CD changer solutions for b5 s4 Bose Concert
Problem with RNS D navigation
Recommendation for a fitter S.Oxon/Berks area
Shark fin ariel
iPhone 6 cable - Audi B5 S4 audio
RNS-D laser replacement
Gps tracker
CD error messages
2001 B5 RS4 symphony unit to RNS-E
B5 S4 bose system
Any good ideas for speaker upgrades?
Show us your LED sidelights
Car stereo installation question
Pioneer meets apple headunit?
A new lad, B5 RS4 head unit related... No bass and no radio
Anyone know where I can source these LEDs?
B5 RS4 Hazard problem - Help!
Audi s4 b5 auto dim mirror repairers
RNS-E bluetooth and video playback
Car cam in a b8 s4
aftermarket headunit into a pfl s4 b5
B5 s4 door speaker size
New B5 RS4 owner question / standard tape and CD player
C5 RS6 RNS-D Problem
Parrott CK3100 wiring harness
fascia adaptor for aftermarket double DIN in B6 S4
RNS-E sound problem
Cheap bluetooth streaming - External AV req
Door Lock LED
Radio code help!
TT gauge problem
RNS-E disc update
A6 Juke box
Pioneer AppRadio?
Dab roof aerial
Kufatec cable
Alarm on audi s4 b5 any good or need a upgrade?
C6 S6 MMI - Ipod
Adding OEM Bluetooth to a B5 with Rns-e
VNS Media
Blackberry and Phone Book
Genuine cruise control and Double din sat nav into B6 A4.
Music in an Audi S4 (B8)
RNS-d SAFE code
how to add an aux lead to my a3
Rns-d problems b5 rs4
Recommendations to upgrade facelift B5 ICE
Anyone in the North West...
Japanese Stereos
Advice on head units please.
2004 RNS-E to Galaxy S2 options?...
iPhone batteries
iPhone batteries
In car camera
Dension fitment
Galaxy s4 - is there an adapter for audi cradle?
Wiring for heated pole positions
Interior fan will not switch off
Polo upgrade!
RNS-E options (B6 S4)
RNS-E VIM hack or pin retrieve
Ipod cable
Tile ...The tiny location devise
Modern aerial/GPS on b5
Kenwood 6.1" screen in my B5 RS4
Rnse add on's required?
RNS-E CanGate instructions?
Not bought the s4 yet (custom sub box, wanted)
4-spoke MFSW question
Glove box CD changer coding for RNS-E
RNS-E into B5 RS4 no longer possible??
Cracked my iPad screen, what are my options!
How about this sub enclosure?
anyone know if this headunit is alright.
RNS-E installed with thanks to MattyB
S4 DIS Cluster Repair - Recommend - Looks Factory
locked out of sat nav
how much is an audi symphony headunit worth ?
RNS-e with genuine bluetooth
smart phone dock for windscreen
Anybody know anything about these gauges?
DD Radio surround
Strange dash behaviour
maxi-cosi Easi Fix car seat base fit B5 Saloon with recaros?
Is rnse worth it
S8 D2 Bose amp in RS4 b5...
Symphony 1 Double Din issue
S4 B5 Instrument cluster not fully working
CANBUS Emulators & VAGCOM Coding
Access to rear of Headunit
jvc headunit
Connecting to CANgate via USB
Kenwood DNX in a B5
Looking replace the Bose amp in a B5 with an aftermarket one
RNS-D no satellite
Watch out folks!!.. New speed cameras being tested!!
Traffic info volume
RNS-E installation in B5 RS4 - Can issues?
Has anyone used/know of these?
Problems getting my Rns-e working in B5
RS6 ECU pinout/wiring diagram?
yellow connector?
We're to get rns-e from for b6
Powering Up an rns-e (Which pins????)
Phone dock - is it an Audi option?
DIS repair? Who and where do we recommend?
RNS-D in Pre facelift with Aux Input
RNS E into B5, one fault code left, any ideas?
RNS E into B5 adapter bundle from Kufatec is wrong
Best SatNav
Only the sub woofer works! B5 S4 Avant concert with Bose
dab car stereo
RNS D fitment
RNS-E pin code
ipone conection
I want to connect the iPhone to my Car Stereo?
Concert II stereo - no sound
Picked up an RNS-E.
High Tech Car Door
RNS-D sound quality v Bose Symphony I??
Does anyone have a spare genuine rns-e DVD?
How much for an rnse?
Pioneer SPH-DA100
Direct replacement speakers for B5 RS4: Recommendation?
Non OEM install Speakers Hissing/Humming when Lights on?!
Nav System Plus RNS-E Works But No Display ????
Serious Vibration Problem!
door speakerd
Anyone got the necessary software to look up radio codes?
Best Way To Connect i-Pod to Rns-e
RNS-D into an allroad. Don't laugh please.
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