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D2S8 tune
B7 RS4/r8 front Brake pads (Again)
A4 mapping
B5 Arm rest
audi A4 2.8 quattro tuning/help
3D Printed washer cap!
Q7 4.2TDI same as A8?
Fuel System
Recommendations please - RS6 Front Grill on S6 (C6)
Custom interior modifications company
A5 3.0 Tdi tuining advice
Audi Q7 Brakes
Headlight refurb
Je pistons
revo replacement discs for b7 rs4 front brakes
Ferodo Ds2500-best place to get some.(Fronts)
MTM Bimoto factory finish
B5 S4 Recommended Suspension
Reccomemed tyres B5 s4
tth turbos
Topgear Tuners Bridport
Topgear Tuners Bridport
what power max power RS6 standard turbos on S4/RS4
Do B5 S4 Coilpacks fit A5 1.8TFSI?
Gearbox options for 2wd 1998 A4 2wd
Fsi carbon cleaning
Help and advice needed
Ferrodo DS2500 pads B7 fronts
Which JCS jubilee clips
0-60mph times Real world
Ko4's on
Plasti - dip - calipers
K16 turbo on 1.8 Turbo engine
Extended shift paddles for a 2012 A6 3.0 TFSI
interesting video on scrub radius
Cross referencing brembo brake calipers
LPG conversion, who's done it?
LPG conversion, who's done it?
5 speed box to 6 help
Coilover question?
Being Dicked about by AST coilovers UK
Factory R8/RS4 has wrong rotor orientation?
A6 allroad 2002 hard to start
Help with my B5
Stupid question? porsche clutch into b5 s4
Calliper Colour
S4 head questions
S4 Throttle body machined out bigger
Viper tuning contact
Rs4 airbox/maf/y pipe on s4
Accordion pipe replacements
painting front bumper grills ?
ECS tuning or Girodisc
R-tech Hinckley
fitting a audi rs3 engine in s3
RS6 calipers on B7 A4
gauges in rs4 b5
mass air flow sensor
BMC or CDA Airbox fit.
0-100mph times
N.O.S bottle
S4 b5 good custom remap near East Yorkshire
Part Number, what is it
Brembo caliper clarification
18Z pad part number
Gearbox ???
RS4 b5 rear brakes
K04 Turbo inlet pipes
German pressed plates
Driving a car after being stood for a while
mazda tuning
Barracuda Shoxx rims
Put me out of my misery!!
Has MRC not cracked the code correctly
Will I have issues (wheels)
Brake caliper refurbishment options? Companies?
Ball Bearing K04 CHRA
Audi part numbers
A8 1.9 tdi conversion
Allroad pads
Meth/water injector kit
Split Rim
MRC ceramic clutch kit
Audi coupe
Refreshing Brembo 18Z's & anyone selling B6/B7 rear cali
Bigger tyres ?
Bbs wheels
What grease for poly bushes?
Remanufacturers of Audi ZF Steering Racks ? Refs please
1148 ps / 1132 hp S4 by TTD
N249 delete
V8 Turbo.
would these fit my A6 ALLROAD
Tyres on alloys
1.8 turbo A3 misfiring
Phaeton discs
B5 s4 TTRS
Phaeton/B7 RS4 discs part numbers
RS4 S4 lower grills
Omori boost gauges
Softer Springs?
Staggered alloys
what car do you think these are on?
bosch 044 pump
How do the comp covers on RS6 turbos come off????
A4 B5 Facelift clocks in a Prefacelift B5
Re-map.again...would it be worth it ?
Audi KMU quattro 6 spd gearbox
haldex / quattro help
New Tubi exhaust fitted
Spec E Alloys
rec for decent circlip pliers?
cayenne model 957 brake calipers
Audi 2.5 TDI 1993 Airfilter
1.9 tdi gurus ?
RS6 Build - Need help with E85 Fuel System & Tip Program
B5 S4 Tuning DIY
Diesel Tuning Boxes..
S4 19" wheel fitment
A/F Wideband Kit
The Advantages of Synthetic Oils over Mineral oils
Looking into a full new exhaust
Brake caliper overhaul??
Where can I can get some Brembo 8 pot piston seals?
TD1 not good for new car owners
Some mods to the house haha
Fitting big sized spacers ?
My DD A5 3.0l TDI to this?????
Non audi dpf delete and remap
lowering springs and shocks
EU wants to stop car modding?!?!
S4 cab bodykit
Rod bolt stretch gauge - where to buy?
Modifying the RS6 C5 tailgate
265 30 19" r888's
Please help me identify my wheels!
In search of better boost pipe clamps
Non Audi but thought I'd share some good power :)
Fitting NITROUS Kit
V6 diesel tuning?
Air filter heat shield
Expert Tuning : anyone heard of them ?
Eurocharged Performance coming to these shores!
Nogaro blue carpets?
Turbo Exhaust Flange
Aquamist New website.
Quantum concentrated screenwash?
Quick Head/Cam clearup..
Make your own pipe beading tool
AFTERMARKET Catalytic converter suppliers ?
Gutted cats anyone ?
my s4 fmic fitting
Fmic PAS cooler pipe location
What oil cooler adaptor plate do I need
Clearing up a few noobish Q's..!
Has anyone got a cx fmic and tape measure to hand?
MRC Induction Heatshield
Arch Rolling
Check out this !!!!
Short shifter question
Devilsown W/M
Coil Over Question/help
Ultrasonic injector cleaning and flow matching
B5 Brake Upgrade
new exhaust
rs4 wheels
Hybrid ko3's ?
best touring tyre?
N249 Delete help!
BBS lm reps?
Alloy Opinions B5 RS4
Miltek Exhaust ????
Diesel specialist tuners in London/Kent area?
Rs4 Dp's
Modifying the S6 AQJ engine help
remap in manchester any 1 used or can recommend
MRC Filter b5 RS4
Newly fitted Milltek moving around when hot?
What colour 3SDM's?
Correct type of spacers
Correct type of spacers
Seats for the front of the S4..
R tech website for alloy wheels idea
insurance - what to expect
WOTBOX Installation
402 mod
ECU swap and coding procedure - anyone done this ?
To people with Bucket Seats...
Tuning options for a SLK 250 CDI?
Pipe Diameters for Exhaust Butterfly Valves?
recommend a 4-wheel alignment expert in sussex area?
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