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My B5 RS4- Now with fresh paint!
Swedish S4 Saloon, RS4 engine with TIAL 605 kit
MRC600 RS4 Test run and Photos
Black Avant.....
S4 OSH B5 S4
A few lardy barge pics
"Blue Thunder" my urS6
Dest's S4
RS6 Avant
My 1998 S4 B5 - pics as requested by various members :)
my s4 b5 .fr
My old car's
OK so it's not an RS but. . . . . .
Finished (nearly!) article - interior
Camo S4
I've sold one audi and got another
just some pictures of my noggy s4
Waiting for the snow to fall
fao 5pot
Old School
My new RS6+
My B5 RS4
Leeds get together Oct 2010
Flat Avant update
My RS4
Thought it was about time.
My S4 Avant
the good old times
Just fitted these to my wife's 4
my s4 avant
my S2
My noggy
My silver b5 s4 saloon
S4 Avant
At last I have the beast!!!
Audi s3 Silver 18"
Stertman Motorsport RS4+ B5 Nürburgring
Vulcan Bomber phots with a bit of RS thrown in
Some pics with new wheels
my little audi full respray :)
My new mb urq
Stefano' s Audi RS4 B5
S4 Detail
My Avus Silver RS6 Avant
My Avus Silver B5 RS4
S4 nice an clean
My Audi S3 8L 210 quattro from SPAIN
polished Northern fleet
My 5pot sleeper
The Eagle has landed ...........
Kub & the A4 Widebody !
Wolfgang's Nogaro Blue RS4
Getting to know the new car :0)
Merlin purple S4
Downgraded a while back ...
My '04 S4 (B6) 4.2 v8 Cab. - West Sussex
My S4 Amongst Good Company
My Rs 5 pot ( not an Audi )
My weekends efforts on the s4
my s4 updated pics
My new D2
Update on Noggy S4 GAZ coilovers now fitted
My Silver S4 Avant MRC-Tuned!
My noggy s4 saloon
Got a little bit carried away !
My LZ5M B5 S4 Avant
new shoes for my noggy s4 and splitter
my recent buy
my Audi S4 B5.... and my other toy
5Pot's Old 2.8Q
The works carpark
Name my car, Darth is taken!
Another 5pot
My rs4 in small mag feature
My friends 59 plate Audi A8
My S8
Been busy...
my old rides
My new dog rocket
My "half wide S4"- introduction
Current evo soon to be replaced by an s4:)
Summer + RS4 = Bliss
Finally fixed
Hello from durham
My B5 S4 Avant!
20" RS6 C6 wheels for my C5 RS6...
Hello from Germany!
My New Car Competition
My baby.
my b5 rs and my mates tvr
my new toy
i'm back
Flat Black
my actual ride
My Ride
Bodwellyn castle/alltypes
Trevithicks RS2
My Car
My Daytona B7 RS4
Couple of pics of my B5 S4
My yellow RS4
audi s4 french MRC
My Nogaro Blue B5 RS4
"Past and Present" What got you buying the car you
Oops, I did it again...
A 2.7T but not a RS4
My other toy
Audi S4 Avant Nogaro
Santa pod/Elescar
Coilovers, Wheels and Brakes!
My B6 S4
Best cars in the car park...
South Coast Meet Photos Boscombe April 2010
Audi S4 B5
Got a new "toy" today
Got my new car today.
R32 & S4 Both clean.....for now!
bit of fun for the bird
My Audi S4 B5 Avant & Volvo 855R
My B7 RS4
my imola few more pics after a clean
My RS4..
I can now confirm...
More pics of my RS4
Update on my rs4
Cactus green B5
Just joined!
My new Audi s4 buy
my imola s4
after a clean up and suspension tweeks
My RS4 B7 Castle comb 2009
First pics
Im new
Few pictures of my RS4...
Gave it a spring clean
Been shoppin` again
My pride and joy.
Ibis White S3
Ibis White RS4 Avant
My toy
My S4 aka pide and joy
My pride and joy..
C5 RS6 Wheels custom coloured Gunmetal
Roadtrip Pictures...
new pics
Team Dynamics wheels + RS4 B7 centre caps
My Car. FOR SALE!!
My quattro
Just a couple of shot of my pride and joy
old school heating... or the lack of it!!
some updated pics of my B5 RS4
My dirty S4
My new B5 RS4...
Just had my wheels done!!
Audi S4
Pics of my RS4
my s4
You're my Pine Green Audi S4 nowwww...
Disco 3.9 v8
us s4 avant.
My new RS.....
my dirty car
youngest member?? of my Rs
My A4 1.8t Sport
S8 - first impressions
post chrimbo detox
Just bought a 1984 swb quattro!!!
The S2 comes into its own again...
a4 2.8 a quattro 30v snow
"family day out" 90 quattro/WRquattro/S4cabrio/RS4
my 1994 URS4
I'm Back...well kinda
My NEW RS6 ++
C6 RS6 in Kingfisher Blue
My Audi RS4 (B5)
My car
Micalee's S4 Nov 09
Still Ain't no RS...
Ain't no RS..
My RS6
My Ride (S3-8P)
My 450 bhp Ur quattro.
my new rs4 from Kirkcaldy
Update on the misses's audi
Pictures of YOUR B5 RS4's with coilovers on
My Pine Green S4
RS4 B5 from Austria
My Nogaro Blue Audi S4 Avant
My RS6 C6
Hi, My Nogi Blue S3.
S4 Cabrio at Crail
Anyone Else Got a Cactus Green S4?
My S4 B5 Avant
I've gone and done something rather naughty!
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