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Phoenix from the flames - Porsche Boxster with an Audi 2.7T
Our B5 S4
From here... to here... *now with actual working photos!*
Back from the future...
The Rebuild of my B5 RS4 to E85 TTE550
My widebody rebuild
Got the ode girl back - thanks CJ
My new daily
My latest drum carrier.
B5 S4 Avant Daily Driver - 450bhp Project
RS4 Avus
New member of the family
My First Noggy...
Audi S4 B5 avant new member
My Project Bi-turbo
Silver s4 avant TTU tuned
Basic mods RS6 with a dyno video.
my stage 2 b5
First step
First Audi
Rob's Noggy B5 S4
Nick's K04 S4 Build
Forry's C5 RS6
My noggy B5 S4 Avant and my other cars
A4 1.8t Big Turbo
Az's s4 b5 saloon ko3 hybrid
A4 B5 1.8T Project
Ryan's B5 RS4
4 or 6 red or black?
Bram's "El machina" B5 S4 avant
English Expats' B5 S4 Avant
B5 S4 workshop manual link - all the stickies are dead :-(
Doms Noggy b5 s4
The TurboHedge
Dane's new A4 Avant Quattro daily
Hoyle's 2nd K04 S4 Saloon
Ali's S3 8L
Project Avus
500+ B5 S4 K04
the oliS4 2.0
Addy's B5 RS4
Project Widebody s4 600/800 (ex stumpys)
My RS collection
Snowed in 2017
Calum's B5 S4 Avant
My S4
My Sprint Blue RS4
Stigs dad's noggy
Guymcc's Apline 80 avant
My poor noggy
DanB5S4 - S4 B5 Avant - Santorin Blue
good bye C6, hello C7
Dave's B5 S4
RS4 B5 from holland
S5 Sportback bB8
Amjids Imola RS4
2000 Ming Blue B5 S4 Avant
My 1998 Hibiscus Red B5 S4
Help me find my B5 S4
My Blue 2000 s4
Gweggs c5 s6
My Noggy S4 saloon - Nemo
James Woj’s Silver B8 Audi S4 Avant – Previously S400 MSH
my new widebody saloon (you may recognise)
My 99 imola s4 , The V.
S4 V8 Noggy Avant
cgtechuk's Santorin Blue PFL S4 B5
My noggy blue s4 avant
My Noggy Blue B5 S4
New to s4's, but lovin it 😁
New to s4's, but lovin it 😁
New to s4's, but lovin it 😁
Noggy S4 Saloon
Agate grey B5 S4 avant
S4 is finally home
Autogear - B5 S4 Saloon
My noggy blue s4 avant facelift
Family car and toy
Nez Audi S4 B8 2010 MRC Tuning
Back in an S4 after two years!!
imola Yellow b5 rs4
Isle of Man TT 2016 first time with my car !
Audi S4 B5 low budget project
Yamz's Avus RS4 B5
My PFL Santorin B5 S4 Avant
my b5 tqs track day build ............
My Ibis white B8 S4
Collecting my Imola B5 S4 on friday :o
Audi S4 B5 Saloon
Rob's Hibiscus Red S4 Avant
Tr88s Rs4 B5 MTM Edition. (Lots of pictures)
DaveyA B5 RS4
my new b5
Sizzling pork
Matts C5 RS6
My RS's long lost older sibling
Dannys Imola S4 Avant
My Nogaro Blue B6 S4
C6 S6 V10
My new S4
New Here
Gmac's red mk5 gti
New additions to my S4
My Seat Leon 20VT4 @ GTX3076R
Porsche Boxster S 986 - Audi 2.7 Bi-Turbo engine swap
stbaz back with a noggy ......... k04 goodness
My audi s4 advant black edition
No modding going on here... honest
bene's audi 100 c3 2.2 10v turbo
Sprint blue b7 rs4
Time to mess up an avant
Carls S3 8P
Ty's S4 Daily
Car number 45 has arrived
my mk2 escort ..... cough cough ford i know !!
My Nogaro Rs4 bye
My04 RS6 in Daytona grey
Nogaro Blue S4 Avant Facelift
B5 S4 from Aus!
Imola RS4...
My R26
Majortweaks RS6
My Audi S6 C5
My Santorin S4 Avant
Ali's B5 A4 1.8t Quattro Sport
My new ride
My S4 B5 Avant Hibiscus
My S4 B8 Saloon
Audi S4 B5 limo - NicolaiSorensen Denmark
Noggy Avant B5. With failed turbo goodness!
My Audi S4
Leins' Avus B5 RS4
Mikey's UR Quattro 20v (Suzi?)
Audi S4 Limousine by Savo
Chelle's widebody S4
S4 santorin blue
9 years of my B5 RS4
My Avus B5 RS4 - the joys and pains of ownership
My new b5 S4 Avant
RS4 from Dubai
Porker C4s
Treated the Santorin's paint today..
Bought s3 8l in silver
My new b5 s4.
kevinpower rs4 b5 project
Sammyb's rs6 money pit...
BigBen143 c5 RS6
My S5 Coupe - First Audi
Few pics after a clean
Adam's B5 RS4
Tank RS4 B5
Gweggs noggy s4
Dane's banana wagon - Mk2 Octavia VRS tdi
Back in an Audi
my s4 ko4 facelift
My latest S4
Another one for the collection - S2 Coupe
IanH's second RS6
Appo's S4
c5 rs6 The money pit !!
new member MARV. photos
Dane's Skoda Fabia VRS
My s4 project.
Sammyb's Noggy S4 avant
Urgent help please with S4 B6 CAB noot lid trim removal!?
My B5 S4 Avant
hope it fits in with the other
Back, but not in an Audi...
stbaz..... back with another b5.....and a rare one at that !
My new RS6
'98 Nogaro S4 Sedan
Another Avus B5 RS4
Noggy Noggy Noggy Oi Oi Oi
goodwood green rs4
B5 S4 noggy my 1st lot of pics
Dane's Daily Mk5 Golf GTI
Our cars
My S4 B5
My Allroad 2.7T Project
New car
Here's the new battle bus
My 2000 Audi S4 Widebody Saloon
My Ibis S4 Saloon (B8)
My S4 B5 Widebody.
My B6 S4 Saloon
B5 to B8 S4, Sprint Blue Saloon!
My Santorin stage 2 S4!
My noggy '96 RS2
My B5 RS4
Palmers B5 S4 Avant - Project blue flash
Norrs2 Pearl MB quattro
Guymcc's Pearl 20v ur quattro
My Noggy B5
Bit of a de-salt today..
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