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Audi urS4/S6 quattro
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Who was looking for a UrS4/6 last week
New Springs for 1996 UrS6
Auto box power
Fuel tank leak
Newbie looking for advice
WANTED, front wings, ur s4
this for sale on Ebay
S4 autobox CBF oil change
AAN 2.2 20V Turbo wastegate springs
So i bought a new toy! My 1992 URS4 Avant
Fuel tank
Big reds
UFO or s6 brakes
UFO discs
S4 rear tie rod
Newbie from South Africa
my new baby :-)
Maybe newbie :-)
Oil warning light intermittently coming on
engine fault
What are the better type of break hose to go for?
Can't get in the boot
New member
Win an Audi Driving Experience with AudiSRS!
Can I use RS4 rims on my UrS4
1996 UrS6 avant front strut required please...
how easy to tune ? ur s4 2.2 i5
S6 Gearbox Rebuild
222mph UrS4
URS6+ V8
What's this noise ?
audi urs6 project
rough running
s4/s6 difference
ignition lead/plug change C5 Audi S6
Nothelle chipping
WHERE is the Remote Positive Pole in urS6 Engine bay???
Fault codes / harmonic damper
It's freezing in Leeds!!
Turbo differences
what's it worth ? urs4
242mph S4
Engine shuddering
changing clock time on dial
Suzi's refit commences next week
Billet crankshaft for the AAN, looking for a few good men...
AAN engine, burning oil issue.
Audi grille and tailgate badges
urs6 vs r32
s6 c4 project dilemma
Few Issues with new urs4
My 1995 Audi S6
part no.
Jerking under full throttle
southbend question?
chip for S4 V8??
Wheel question?
5 pots german cousin.
Anyone know this car?
testing the water (for sale)
occasional cutting out?
Leave stock or modify?
Screwed over by Bedford Audi - Car not Fixed after 7 months
Fecking dash light
Oil cooler...
fuel pump?
Audi S2 manifold
Samco hoses?
screetching klucking engine noise
s6 5 cylinder avant heater
trip computer not working.
turbo intake pipe
problem with front suspension
i got my car today!!
Tinking of buying a 1994 UR S4 - 169,000 km
Problem with interior lights
Parking cable change
Etka help needed
How many??
Power steering pump problems
UrS4/6 Plus rims ONLY for sale
Web sites S6 95
Gear Box Oil.
lack of boost
UrS4 - Now missing its engine ????
Warning Light.
UrS4 in the snow
UrS4 respray
Cars for sale.
spare wheel S2 /UrS4
memory seats....into a UrS4
Audi S4 (URS4)
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