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RS6 vs. Radical
LeMans 24H R8 Safety Car Drift
What a dick!!!
Stuff to watch on Youtube
awesome s2
As an ex-cossie owner, this saddens me :)
Jaguar Virtual Reality
Holy trinity - Full test by Chris Harris
TT RS 11.5 @ 123mph
How to REALLY crash a Renault
R8 spyder smash
Heavy B8 (A4) crash at the 'Ring
Chrome Blue Wrapped RS6
Extraordinary Golf MK1 vs Yamaha R1 streetrace
RS6 C6 by SportMile POLAND
RS3 v UR
800bhp "quattro"
Thats a monster isnt it?
Chris Harris on Fifth Gear C7 RS6 - cool dyno and 1/4 mile vid
Audi S1, Jozef Beres jnr, Slovakia
2014 Silverstone Classic ITV4 Highlights
Beautiful white B5 RS4 and garage anyone?
Audi RS4 Trackday Roll at Willow Springs Raceway
B5 Snow Drift
The New R8
audi s5 drift in snow.. 60mph.... controlled or not ????
They broke it!
R8 GT3
What a noise!
2 x GT28 anyone?
'That' C7 RS6...
Quick Mk2 Golf ABF Turbo
Nice b8 rs4 at Nurburgring
Mattias Ekström and Walter Röhrl at Estering RX track
Stig Blomqvist S1 - Race of Champions 2014
RS snow fun
Interesting development...
Ken Block Gymkhana Seven
VMax 200's evoMax Video
B5 S4 Engine Rebuild Montage
internal view of pistons at 10,000 rpm...
What a noise!
Why quat is better!!!
2.5lt 5 pot turbo in something a little more fun...
Ken Block Video
F1 bungee
Car guy
kenblock 5
Aventador Crash
R1 go kart
Race car on the road - "Welcome back"
RS6 casually over taking a bike at 186mph
More S1
Yes Yes Yes
VW Mania, Poland
RS6 Ice racing ;-)))))
Decent little review of the B8 S4 Avant...
Vmax 200
Ha ha ha ha ha PUNKED!
Hennessy Venom GT
Not an Audi but still turbo charged and capable of 270MPH!
R8 racing bikers in Brazil
*WARNING - Viewer discretion is advised* B5 S4 Fatal crash
C7 RS6 vs B8 RS4 with Milltek Exhausts Sound Comparison
Hill-climb monsters!
im gonna go find a mud pool tomorrow.....
s5 epic skill.............. till it all goes horribly wrong!
The inner workings of Audi Tradition - Drive.
an oldie but a goldie
Citroen AX 1.5 diesel does the ring in less than 10 mins!
Money no object, this is my ultimate car...
engine porn video
R8 V10 vs R8 LMS
The history of Quattro
London Cyclist Road Rage with Audi Driver
R8 LMS Ultra...
Chris Harris on Quattro
Funny fiat
K04 S4 vs Supercharged B7 RS4
Only in America can they do this to Audis
Supercharged R8 V8 & 500bhp B5 RS4 having a blast...
Moderately fast Golf Mk1
Audi S1
10 sec 1/4 Standard block S4 on mere rs4 turbos stripped
You may have seen this on PH, but if not...
B8 RS4 Youtube Vid
2013 Nordschleife touristenfahrten crashes
Our friend,the2013 S8
T-Top flys off with GoPro attached!
Millbrook video
Audi RS6 V10 vs. Audi 80 Competition 2.2 20V
new ken block video
SW massive intro to track days at ADI 2013
Tim Shmee takes a ride in Nudenut's R8 V10 twin turbo
Engine pull clip
Fraudster caught out after crashing RS4 !
Forza 5 FilmSpeed
MRC R8 V8 TURBO 204mph - PART 1
holy c**p!
Another 'ring video...
Audi 4.2 V8......IN A TRIKE !!!
Great action video NSFW
Lucky escape...
Skoda Octavia vRS TV Ad.
Tuned B8 S4 vs K04 S4 comparison...
RS6 on the Dyno...
Rallye Tatry 2013
My first ever 1/4 mile @ Bugjam 27
Crazy Russians: Motorcyclist wiped out by car
M3 Hill climb
M3 GTS Rabbit Hunter
Jaguar Project 7
Audi s4 v6t
Audi S4 3,0 Biturbo 2xGT3071R
erm, how can he even see out of it ? big block tt charger
Top gear
Ariel Atom V8 vs rallycross Citroen DS3 vs BMW HP4 bike
RS4 vs VXR8 Tourer
Watch a bloke drive an M3 off a cliff
Audi S2 Quattro Coupe 610hp. Winter rally 2013 in Russia
Fast Wagon vs. Slow Sports Car
rs4 b8 bs ducati 1199
Finally a Veyron vs. Koenigsegg Agera S :)
ever seen a piston smash though...
Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 vs DYNO
Underground Racing R8 V10 Twin Turbo
star trek audi ad
you think you had a bad day?
The Ultimate Toy
BMW vs Audi street race causes accident
Dutch 1005 hp SQ replica
The guy that brought you the drifting Enzo video...
Not Audi related but still..
Ditzy "pop star" crashes a Ferrari
Chris Harris - B8 s4 & Rs4
S4 3,0 biturbo 2x GT3071R 757 KM
RU faster than a redneck?
Chris Harris - Bentley Continental GT Speed and Audi S4 (B8)
R8 V10 Plus
2013 RS4 Avant 'Ultimate Paintball Duel'
Mini Backflip
never seen this ad before
Audi a3 8l Nurburgring
Flying TT-RS
Complete lunatic.
Statller R8 V10 Milltek supercup & revo
RS6 ABT meets Kawa ZX10-R
Dragtimes Unlim 500 Fastest of 2012
Latest RS4 video from Audi
Quite a quick mk2 Golf
You know your car's tough when...
Bambi on ice
Millionaire Boy Racers
Various cool clips...
Fast Christmas
Old School Cool
quattro power
How not to park your beemer
Audi quattro Commercial
Compilation of nasty crashes
Turbocharged Tractor
B8 S4 Needle Sweep
Audi RS5 Coupe (Audi Promo)
A Merc Estate to be wary of.....(tuned E55K AMG)
Audi Black Edition Promo
Jealous ... Yes actually :)
S5 Sportback (Audi Promo)
B8 S4 Audi Promotional Videos
260MPH in a 1992 Audi S4
Petter Solberg crash - Lucky no one hurt
Bad move chap!
The Audi City
Audi R8 Video on Vimeo
All the Bonds ......
AUDI R8 LMS - a ride with Stéphane Ortelli -
034Motorsport Audi A4 Pikes Peak practice
Who said you can't drift a FWD.
Perhaps someone can explain this to me?!!?
Kawasaki Ninja Nurbergring
STaSIS REVO R8 V10 710hp supercharger factory Approved
R8 V10 APR Remap video
Worlds fastest S3
rs4 being thrown around
Revo STaSIS S4 Taking a lap of the Nordschleife Nurburgring
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