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Advice?-New to Audi- '05_A6 confusion-Prepurchase
Big eyes, Grandma
B5/B7 Rs4 or C5 Rs6 plus?
A4 B8 Quattro buyers guide?
HELP needed - MMI failed audi want £4000 to fix!
RS3 saloon
Rs3 race trak car
Allroad C5 HID kit
Help required. . . . . Makes no sense !!!
A6 C6 Le mans 3.0tdi
after a decent english part catalogue?
Noggy avant b5 penzance
A4 b7 sline Quattro avant buyers guide?
Bad experience at AVW Autocentre Edinburgh
Grab a Bargain Quick
New Audi A5 Unveiled
B8 A4 3l Tdi - what are they like
Rear diff clunking C5 allroad
The big 'Q' uestion
RS3 Saloon Headed for the USA...?
Nice looking/rare A6 Avant on ebay, NCTS
Potential rs4 purchase
A6 C6 3.0 tfsi remapping
S4 B5 Noggy K04.....12k
Why would you ever ditch such an iconic classy touch!
B7 Audi A4 TDI engine problems!!!!
RS4 B7 - TPM playing up?
New A6 Indicators
Nice S6 at my local garage
D2 A8 and S8
B7 RS4 or B8 S4 ...?
A1 steptronic help please.
Blacking out roof bars
A4 2.8 Quattro cant see milage quick question guys pic attac
Q5 wheel question
B8.5 3.0tdiq vs b8 s4
The Virtual NON Noggy SRS Meet
RS4's in London
what model came with these alloys?
help please
Rare colour indeed
Bonkers VW Golf with RS6 V10 engine conversion!!
upmarket 'beastie boys' jewellery as seen on the BBC
Front control arm kit for C5 Allroad
New RS4 saloon hinted at…..
A6 C6 project
S line red?
Wheeler Dealers
Audi Q7
Help Needed - Stealer Alert!
Slightly delayed oil service...
A6 avant 2.7 oil leak?
B3 80 Quattro rollcage question
Audi prologue avant
New R8 UK launch
Help... Exhaust Noise Levels
High beam assist
TT Mk1 (R8 clone)
Cayenne or RS4 calipers?
1999 S4 Key FOB stopped working after I took it apart.
Ceramic disc for sale
Are original 18" S8 Avus wheels still of interest?
b7 1.8t quattro tuning
Test drove an RS7 and RS6!
My 4.2l Swapped A4
A6 Avant 3.0 TFSI
caliper refurbishment 18z's
What's this stop/start technology all about?
[A4 B5] 1.8T Quattro - need (a lot of) help...:)
New Audi Q5 Issue
Options decoder
A6 c7
mk1 tt coupe
Decent VAG garage North East/Cumbria?
Getting paintwork done.
Goodyear F1's V Michellin Pilot Sport P2's
B5 1.8 TQS saloon rear springs?
Electric turbos, no not the Ebay specials lol Audi version
Audi Q5 - Help Please / For Sale
Audi 80 gls.
WB modding before the B5
Audi a4 tdi auto gear box problem
How quick is a remapped A8 4.2 TDI?
.2tdi A8 info required
Whats the best car?
2016 Audi A3 Sportback - Official
In need of a wheel refurbisher!!!
a4 b5 btcc front splitter?
Good luck with selling these! lol
Will These Fit My 2004/5 A6 Allroad?
Audi's new long, long, long, long life servicing
Allroad Front Brake Pads
Allroad bits required
advice on B6/B7 A4 1.9tdi
Sold the old allroad, here's the new one!
Boot not locking on B6 Allroad
Help needed with bonding mobile phone to MMI
Garage with a similar name to audisrs in London?
Anyone want to "Fire up the Quattro"?
This classic is crying out for a 2.7T conversion!
forgestar cf5 wheels
Locking nut issue
allroad Brakes
4.2l tunning?
Cheap audi dkw f5 MASTER CLASS
What wheels are these?
Why no saloon RS2 and B5 RS4?
More allroad suspension questions
a6 Allroad
C5 saloon 4.2 v8 2001 plate - performance exhaust ?
FSI - TSFI Engine's - Manifold Flap's
A7 3.0q TDi - Auto engine cut off
Audi 100 5E for sale
Friends A6 diesel with a fault codes
badged up cars...
quattro GmbH news portal on
Wanting a C5 Allroad,what do we know about these ?
RS3 or C6 RS6
Glass's Guide 1979
Looks a tidy S4 for someone
A3 3.2 V6
SQ5 nice concept for the family man
Audi to launch another new performance crossover
What Software version etc??
Cam tensioner tool required for 1.8t.
Audi ad
Uncles 1.8T A4 b6
Audi A4 fully build twincharger
Audi Cab with an engine swap..
$46K Sport Sedan Shootout
Audi vs BMW battle
Audi TT crashes into home
Audi allroad knackered gearbox
Bally hell!!! BMW335d v my A5 3.0 TDI
Santorin Blue
Rear Parking Sensors.
A4 30v V6 Timing belt replacement
Jonny Smith from Fifth Gear selling his Audi
A4 30v V6 Timing belt replacement
RS6 mirrors fitted :)
A3 TDI problems (from another forum)
Problems navi RNS-D, display sais "ALL AUDIO SOUND MUTE
Audi 2nd highest engine failure rate - after MG Rover
RS7 560bhp anyone...
Looking for A3 - which engine?
Audi bashing on pistonheads
Audi Technical Documentation library
Electric Bi-turbo 3.0 TDi from Audi
Look what car i was in last night!!
cold start
Real world MPG
Name this 19 inch alloy..??
You lazy fat b*stard!!!!!
Audi A6 2.7 wont start no power to fuel pump please help
Audi a4 b7 Portuguese
My Poor Mate & His A3 1.8T - Sound Advice/Help Required
Retro fitting Black optics.....
Old skool audi
Do we all sell Audi's to our Friends/Family
Audi Q7 21" winter wheels options
Went for a ride in this the other day
Programming a turbo actuator
New 4.0L V8TT Engine
audi 80 cabriolet 1.8e
Audi gets 50 Shades of Grey sales boost
My car's boost is all over the place!!
A4 B5 airbag light on dash
Easiest Way to Confirm Specs on a Used Audi?
Ceramic rear brakes eBay
I want to connect the iPhone to my Car Stereo?
B5 A4 1.9 TDI Alternator Tensioner - Front Panel Off?
A blood relative to the RS2 on the horizon?
2009 A6 2.7tdi
Would you put these on your car?
A6 flattening it's battery
What is this??
B5 A4 TDI Auto - Box Iffy
DIY alloy refurb?
15 cylinders and 1,100PS
World's most valuable car brands...
Alloy Wheel Part Numbers
A6 - Air cond Sensor - Help
very usefull links
A question for petrolheads
Audi A4 cluster adaptation problem
how do you write out rear lamba
tdi engine
Ok, My first problem..... Any advice
Cabriolet Roof
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