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Project Widebody s4 600/800 (ex stumpys)
stbaz back with a noggy ......... k04 goodness
Porsche Boxster S 986 - Audi 2.7 Bi-Turbo engine swap
My S4 B6 Cab Project
Never Say Never Again - One DIY project too far...
My Imola TTE600 project
The Old Sleeper - Full Refresh and 550bhp Project
Homemade T25 Garrett S4
Plumb50 build thread
S4 WB conversion
My RS4 Evolution from Beast to Monster
Identity Crisis - S4 then S4/RS4 widebody NOW RS4
Mikey's Widebody Project
Project D4 Quattro
Rescuing my B5 S4 Avant
Old Faithful - Project Revamp
Project S4 WB 1 of 3
Cuppa's S5 Coupe (Supercharged / Meteor Grey)
S4twiggy build thread
Single Turbo S4 Precission CEA 6266
B5 RS4 iPad Install
**TTRS** Project 750hp
BennyBoo's Noggy
S4 TFC : version 2.0 operation 3L Widebody
PROJECT 700/600
PPC £999 Challenge Build
RS2´s widebody going fast project
HEKTOR's b5 rs4 build
My B5 S4 Widebody project car
my s4 build
My B5 RS4 - from standard to...??!
Mikse´s TiAL S605 Build ..€urostyle..
My DIY KO4 Conversion
my Loba 530 conversion
S4 upgrade 2.1
black bessy loba 600
ScottR's B5 S4 DIY Engine Pull - Project Thunder
Mikey's RS project
My project for 2011!
Another DIY engine pull / K04 upgrade
And So it Begins...... Engine Pull Number 2
B5 RS4 Tial 605 build really exists!!
Project Pre-Face S4 Avant, Broken Timing Belt!
Introducing the project LO750 "Hulk"
project 600/600
S400JJB New Engine and Mapped for E85
Another Widebody S4 Saloon :)
Smoke + No boost = ??????
MRC Widebody
S4 Saloon Widebody 700+bhp build AND S4 Avant Widebody build
Audi S4 Hybrid Race car build
MarkB's Widebody S4 Saloon build... target 500PS - 700NM
RS6v8 engine in B5 RS4 begins to life !
K04 & Widebody ... Now V8TT
JohnnyB fitting K04 stg2 hybrids
R&D continues …
My S4 saloon (Large pics inside)
Let the transformation begin !!
DIY K04 upgrade
Stage 0.1 and beyond...
MRC Tuning vs. pippyrips' B7 RS4
K04 Project finally started..
S4 Widebody in progress (pics inside).....
Project MRC S4
Project Audi S4 GT650+
Black Beauty
Build Project: The Suxhall Vitalier!
Project Satan's Child.
"Project Cars and Builds" forum
3.0 litre engine build
666 BHP RS4 - The Beast!
Project MH S4-MH500
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