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Audi S2 & RS 2 (B3 & B4) quattro
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S2 3B engine pictures
Wagner intercooler
Ebay Rs2 for sale
RS2 needs a service....
RS2 keys??
Wheel alignment figures RS2
RS2 & B5 RS4 Owners in Scotland?
RS2 Cant believe I missed this peach in my village!!
Considering an RS2
Audi Tradition RS 2
Looking for a project S2
RS4 B5 rear brakes on S2 avant
Anyone know this RS2 ?
Intermittent speedo.
1.8t conversion
Wheels for RS2
RS2 crank locking tool when replacing timing belt
RS wanted
Fundraiser / car event
Win an Audi Driving Experience with AudiSRS!
Newish car to the family
This has got to be lowest priced RS2
RS2 / S2Avant Tow Bar for sale.
18 inch alloys?
Nice little write up on RS2
Volkswagen Audi car magazine RS2
OttOmobile 1/18th RS2
shall i go back to B5RS4 for a full restoration?
The Project begins.
any help welcome.
Anyone know this RS2?
How the RS2 should have looked?
Hi all need some advice on spark plug choice
Going from a B5 S4 to S2 Avant
3B 1991 200
Selling the B5 RS4, think of a B4 RS2... am I mad ? :)
The car that started it all; does anyone know this S2?
Interesting s2 track toy
mental dyno run
S2 not an S4
Billet crankshaft for the AAN, looking for a few good men...
Goodbyee !
MY RS2 for sale
Old Audi vs Goodwood
Goodwood in the morning.
And then there was one.
Rear caliper refurb
any one for an s2 with slight modification???
rear spoiler
what to look for?
B5 Fuel pump in S2 ?
Cold and classy ?
Salt, snow, hard life etc etc.
One of thes finest widebody RS2s on earth! (videos)
Tyre Dillema.. Contis or Pirellis?
new 5 Pot
Missing horses found, wandering around down here somewhere !
Friends S2 having a boost problem
Last chance saloon
Owner of RS2+RS4
Any info on this S2 appreciated - MRC?
S2 interior?
Std S2 Avant Vs Modified Evo VIII, well well well
New brakes.
Trevithicks RS2
Easy fix !
RS2 Coupe
Not an S2 sorry
brought something to keep the "4" company.
RS2 Steering wheel
Rocking/pivoting/tilting seat problem on S2 avant
Shocking shocks
Finally I've done my bit!
anyone know this car?????
RS2 doing what it does well.
RS2 Keyring...
Suspension question on RS2
Anyone up for a race with a french S2?
S2 AVANT modified performance info wanted please??
Last(ing) impressions - S2
Top Gear mag.
Shiney shiney !
Audi S2 Keyring - Great Christmas Gift Or Stocking Filler..
weight of wheel?
We went for a drive, to Royce.
Anyone know this S2?
S2 Avant owners, past and present
RS2 Polar for sale
Suspension Question
My RS2 For Sale
Schwitzer S256 on an RS2?
RS2 Aircon problems
Pistonheads RS2
The undertakers car (Turbohearse)
Another does anyone know this car?
crankcase breather question
Anyone know this car?
RS2 as a daily driver
Anyone got 21,000 kicking about???
Write up on pistonheads
RS2/S2 wastegate
S2 / UrS4 spare wheel
Dialynx S2/Rs2 Radiator
Forum name is incorrect David
First post in the S2 forum!
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