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Coolant loss issues - please help
block 003 logs from std S4
Servicing costs?
Blow out!!!
S4 450bhp - Reliability
F-hose delete
Any comments about Fontain???
B5 FMIC Ducts?
rs4 rear silencer question
17927 - Camshaft Adjustment; Bank 1: Malfunction
Someone splattered my Audi with paint....
Engine code
Recaro subframe fitment
Another happy MRC customer
Bizarre wheel offsets
N75 part number
Best suspension for RS4
OMG - RS4 for 2600!!
Anyone know this car?
How much would you pay for a B5 RS4 now?
PCV System
Satin Jacquard seats V Recaro pole positions
K03 Wastegate
K04 inlet pipes flow straightner...
Removal of Trim Piece
RS4 gears into S4 box?
clutch problem
MOT Idle emissions failure
B5 Chassis and Shells
Brake Bleeding
rs4 injectors and fuel pump in a K04'd s4?
Wing mirror cover removal
Hestitation Under boost
I'm keeping it. Need advice pls
Correct Gapping for Bosch F5DPOR?
Ferodo DS2500
Soooooooo many things wrong with this......
RS4 seat recaro installation.. wooo. ah bugger!
Goodwood Green.. your thoughts?
Coolant Expansion Tank
Does anyone know this car?
BMC air filter
B5 S4 downpipe Gutting??
Not Full Power.. but how much have i lost.... estimate??
RS4 MAF, Accordian Hose, y-pipe & Intake Pipes on an S4
RS4 Y Pipe fitted
6 months report driving an imola RS4
S4 KO4 Upgrade
Windscreen wipers suddenly really slow
Cooling Down
Wheels won't fit over B7 Setup - Time for new wheels
How do you remove the repeater indicator lenses (wing)?
First kill in the new car.....
Best Place to buy spark plugs?
phatnoise Q.
How many Crank Trigger teeth
Oil temp
DIY K04 upgrade
This is quite a high miler
Anyone upgraded their diffs to stasis limited?
WATER TEMP----help
Can any of the B5 S/RS gearboxes be interchanged?
Check my logs anyone?
rattle - behind glovebox area
RS4 grill style mesh?
The Blue Thunder diaries reach boiling point (nearly)
So that's how they're meant to feel!
Throttle response on remapped RS4
Has any1 tried repairing an EGT as Thermocouples r available
30.7 ...
Vagcom - disable ESP / ABS Anyone know how?
RS4 Brake upgrade with issues
RS4 suspension on a saloon
Just a feeler..
3years on
Cure for "fluttering/juddering/clonking"
RS4 B5 Broken springs
Thinking of selling S4 for an RS4
How Low on just springs?
carbon prop
GT Turbos true bolt on kit
Time to move on - but not as quickly as I'd hoped. Why?
They're like buses.... Fair Fight II
Anyone have some info on this bad bishh
Anyone know anything about air con?
RS4 Tyres
Removing S4 door bump strips?
Brake Splash Guards - Do you need them ?
Seat & Rail Guides
Is the RS4 oil cooler a worthy S4 upgrade?
White S4's in the UK?
South Wales Garage
Got insomnia? Try Photoshop! Widebodied my S4.
Quick question
265/35/18 on rs4b5 oem wheels......
Fuel pump f***up
Finally, a fair fight! Played with an R8 today :)
Banjo Bolts?
Cleaning MAF , how??
Anyone live near Tunbridge Wells?
Pressure test question
BOSCH ECU/MAF mismatch?
More S4 Widebody saloons
How to test if your engine is drinking water
Anyone at the 'Ring at 2.5-4.5?
RS4 Bi-pipe upgrades???
3" downpipes
Pics of my new S4
Carbon Propshafts
Engine and Gearbox Mounts
Miltek middle box removed?
DIY Bi-pipe
Disc offset
K9ng S4 FMIC Posts
Overboost fault in Vagcom
Wastegate Adjustment - Can it be done with DP's in?
Matt Black B5
Arch extensions.
Black Rings and S4 badge
350Bhp possible on KO3's?
How much boost do you run?
Some newbie questions: 3.0L and A6 2.7t
Garage Clearout - Free stuff!!
Type of leather in the S4
Drivetrain shunt
MRC exhaust??
Buying an s4 today!!!!
Track tyres
Buying RS4
Febi-Bilstein / Stern Adjustable Control Arm Kit
Alloy flywheel
drivetrain clunk
Best spark plugs??
Rs4 Cluch.... How much?
Pole Positions
Problem removing prefacelift front fogs - help!
RS4 Seats and Wheels on an S4
Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor & Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor errors
S4 v RS4
ABS Light
I miss mine already!
does your brake pedal.....
Found my 3.0l v6 let the fun begin
advice please- knocking sound/feel when acc in 1st
After run sensor
New Gearbox Cooler
Ecotek valves?
What do you think?
Whats it worth?
Lambda swap
APR Bi-Pipe
Difference - S4/RS4 engine.
best place for timing belt ?
S4 Avant Roof cross bars
New GT Turbo bolt-on kit AP-TUNING
New Wheels... Yay or Nay ?
rs4/s4 silver recaro seats
Leak test again!
S4 Engine Dimensions
My graphs from the RR Day
S4 Wondering to get rid or not
Race Diagnostics - S4/RS4 B5
As you guy's know
Camshafts seals - which ones do i need? ETKA related issue
My logs from the RR Day
RS4 pad retaining spring
Here goes the savings.
Rear number plate
B5 S4 Wheels - are they the same as the S3?
dyno tyre pressures
WOW ...711...VIPERS POWER ...
Off to the rolling road, what should I expect?
A6 Passat
at least 30 hp short!
xs-power exhaust
Anyone running 235's...
B5 RS4 beaten by Porsches
My car feels slow... LOGS inside
Am I a Barry Boy? - 'Different' wing mirrors
What do I need for RNS-E?
Oil Temp Sensor, anyone replaced it before ?
S4 engine pull to replace blown turbo
What causes turbo whine?
Brakes have no "bite"
B5 RS4 Hi-Tech seats
Firmer and sharper brake pedal after ESP System Funct Test
Central locking nightmare....
Whats a 1998 Wideboy S4 worth?
Starting afer storage
Found this over on 246
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