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Audi S4 & RS 4 (B5) quattro
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What to do next ?
mfd nav question
99 S4 wont connect to airbag controller?????
photoshop please
Photoshop pic request please?
Testing N75
8-Pot Brake Pads (RS4 / RS6 4.2)
Group buy on header Tank....
Prep for wheels in motion
Carbon on center console??
PCV system delete
Does the hazard light iluminate?
Thoughts so far
Anyone fitted the ESP SS and Gearbox brace
Best launching techniques in B5 RS4
Facelift center console in to pre-facelift
Help! Advice needed regarding removal of TMC/CAN gateway
lambda sensor B1 S1
New tyres on the way.
New pistons, from where and what?
K03 S4 with FMIC - the verdict!
Drivers Seat Repair
10 x 19 CH's
petrol leak!!!
Boost Leeks boyo!
Audi S8 4 Pot brembo's on B7 carriers and discs
VAG Parts ceased trading
Injectors and bits for 450bhp
Heater fan stopped working
s4 wheel offset question
eibach prostreet question.
exhaust temp
So F*in Annoyed....Any Ideas Please??
Stock RS4 Logs
Vag Com
New turbo ???
DIS saying my boot is open and its not
Central electrics/fuel pump relay location
Help Needed....Facelift console in to pre-facelift
Headlight air intake.
Twitching speedometer needle
What's she worth?
Front discs S4 who where and how much?
Car not holding boost
S4 fitting a clutch and flywheel how many hours
Exhaust on its way out - what to replace with?
RS4 Rear Brakes - Can you think of anything else?
How easy to change nearside rear wheel bearing?
heated mirror not working
Air con pump
Powerflex bushes opinion
Porsche calipers
Retro fitting cruise control B5 S4 Pre-Facelift
Price of RS4 Doors
ESP short shifter...
removing interior trim
What HP/torque gains will I get?
black b5 rs4 reps?
My blot on the landscape.
Drain plug missing
S3 front recaros into S4?
Is Factory alarm/immob Cat1?
A 'Does anyone know anything about this car' thread
Braided Brake Hoses
Front door speaker problem!!!!
CV Boot Replacement
Ebay down pipe vs s4 reworked to 2.5"
Parking sensor fail!
Heatsheild???? B5 S4
Bose Door speakers ????
Sunday Morning Mini-Mod
Name that box! Wiring under back seat
Washer Jets Not Working
RS4 Rear seats in S4 Saloon
Will Bose door speakers work on a non bose syetem?
Pics of Duel 3" Exhausts ?
Damn Power Steering!
Intermittent Rear Wiper
VMAX causing cars to flip
Uni-wiper Conversion Kits aka Singler-wiper Conversion Kit =
did my first logs
S4 Widebody in progress (pics inside).....
buzzing 10secs after startup.
How to: Remove the A6 4B RNS-E faceplate? - help needed -
temp sensor
Changing S4 to RS4 rear brakes
Widebody S4 pics from around the world
Multifunction Gauge & Diagnostics Tool.
Wind noise
Headlight adjustment
Windscreen Washer Jets
compressor stall
The K04's are on the way....what next???
Lumpy Idle
Secondary air injection pump
Brake Bias with uprated front & rear brakes
car detailed
Camber Kits
converting wing mirrors to the electric folding type
22*c flashing
Gearbox mounts
Lost a couple of PSI!
Caliper and disc weights
Changing 6th gear in situ
Water Injection ?
Back seat catch
Lightweight flywheel or not?
What else to consider at a cambelt change?
New clutch time...
Best place to get APR Bi-Pipe ?
Radio Upgrade or repair?
Do you really...
Another Starter Fault
Only Managed 198.3 MPH ...
Part number requests
How to get the wipers motor out ????
Wheel choice for RS4 body conversion
Another cooling question.......
RS4 Air con belt
3 years already with my RS4 ....
S4 to RS4 Dilemma.
Found my missing ponys
Wheels to clear B7-RS4 brakes for an S4, post your setups
Any gains from RS4 Y Pipe ?
Pre-facelift esp
What colour are standard RS4 injectors ?
Selecting Gears - Difficult when cold
KO4 turbos seems cheap
'Oil Service' warning
URGENTLY NEEDED!!! In Midlands area.
b7 back brakes
facelift center console in prefacelift S4
FMIC Pressure drop question
Wonder what this will sell for ???????
K&W 3V &H&R arbs or full milltek
S4 Pollen filter
pedal box movement
Bargain ?
Would you ever trade your S4/RS4 ???
Just how much do CATS restrict power?
S4/RS4 headlight unit...
Is the RS4 Xenon headlight the same as the S4 Xenon unit?
XS Power Exhaust/Cut Off Valves
exhaust gas temp sensor
Bosch 044 fuel pump+630cc Siemens injectors with PJ K04s
RS4 B7 Seats in an S4
Big thanks to Unit 20
Wagner Tuning exhaust manifolds
Fitting aftermarket HID's to facelift lights
B5 FATS times
Project MRC S4
Anyone else @ MRC on 29th Dec?
Whats it mean ? DIS showing me something
Wheels and questions
What do you think? (Dyno results)
dis system
Merry Christmas folks:)
Mirror Caps Fleabay
Wagner manifolds
Seat Belt
Team Dynamics ProRace 1.2 Wheel Question?
Removal and repair of the Pre-Facelift ashtray
Weight Distribution/power saving... anyone tried?
B5 S4 FATS Times
Winter overhaul list
Steering Wheel Alignment off after new tyres
problem diagnosis please
Where to buy OZ superleggera for RS4 fitment??
Carbon fiber engine covers
Team Dynamics wheels
S4 Wheel Fitments
Fuse numbers
Tial R650 Turbo Kit
Exterior door trim question
Proof of artificial intelligence
Polybush RS4
RS Big end prices OMG
B5 RS4 Wheel offsets, rim and tyre sizes
Suspension, top mounts question.
HR ARB ripped the ass out of rear sub
External Temperature Sensor
While I've got the engine out and in pieces...
FMIC with a difference ;)
Camshaft Postition Sensor
RS4 Dyno - AF mixture lean?
slow to start
Headlight adjustment motors
RS4 ICs + hoses + airducts
ABS lights on ???????
Pointless Exercise? and Woah what a difference.
anyone need an intake leak pressure test kit?
Aircon Clutch
Fuel line to fuel rail connector size
Headlights and Lowering Springs
Advice needed on wheel offset
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