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LED sidelights
wire mesh in the maf
Prop question?
Floor mats ?
Removing Concert Stereo HELP!!
Pressure testing - The do's and dont's
More cheap K04's
Powerstation yesterday
RS4 460hp Clutch+LWFW upgrade
Throaty noise ?
Headlight insanity
Best place to get AWE Centre Boost Gauge
cross drilled discs
Mmmm Nice low milage RS4
Piggie DPs
Electric fan wiring - FMIC
2nd coolant sensor
3 inch Downpipes
Can anyone Identify this exhaust/downpipe?
B5 RS4 Front Discs, Can anyone help??
Headlights - prefacelift to facelift
ebay bargain
2.4n/a or rs4 heads
Lightweight Flywheel opinions
New N75 valve, what about the "H" version?
Tyre pressures for OEM RS4 Alloys
S4 cylinder heads
Speed limiter
Help with B7 rear brakes - hoses
Favorite RS4 colour?
rs4 ic ducts cheap .. fleabay
What is my car worth? 500BHP Facelift B5 S4
Porsche brakes
S4 Headlights
Clutch choices for more power
KO4 Turbos best place to buy
High miles
Transmission+diffs oil change - HELP
New motor
Are my old rear spring Gmbh?
AA Man
Coolant Temperature Variation
B7 RS4 Recaros into B5 S4
Diff upgrade
h&R arb bushes
Headlight washer jets not working
Its Gone!
Chinese made K04 turbos on ebay
Back on the road again!
K&N Panel Filter or stock one?
Custom Spider hose & OCC (Oil Catch Can) - help
Crash at Castle Combe
Crazy idea ....Retrofit Sunroof?
Changing Tyres
DS2500 part number
RS4 Downpipes on s4?
Gaskets and manifold
If your Powerflex Bushes creak - read this!!
B7 rear wiper
Black Gold!
RS4 rear bumper
Wing mirrors prefacelift to rs4/facelift?
Viscous fan
Vibration @ 2000rpm
3.0l Stroker Crank for 2.7t (pics)
winter wheels on
bbs lm replica wheels
Project Audi S4 GT650+
Towbar on an S4
Big thanks to MRC
Brake wear indicator
Should I
Eibach Pro Street S suspension
N249 delete
nice widebody s4
Breather Valve
differentiating cylinder heads
The circle is complete.
WOT box
Tearing my hair out! DTS not fitting properly
B5 Service Information
B5 RS4 disc issue!!!
S4 modification stages
RS4 rear brake options
RS4 Front Brake Support Brackets
Trackday! and faults
Loomx & Bluebrakes grand s4 sort out!
K04 turbo markings
0 miles on DIS
Shame about the colour
Key fob
Possible group buy
Changing the gas-pedal type to the A3 one
ERIC's dont bolt on to RS4
Movit rear disc's
Info on the 2.7 Bi-Turbo
Need a good Mechanic closer to me??
Has anybody used one of these??
Clunk on lift-off
IT skills 0 - Mechanic skills 1
Wheel alignment settings & results
B7 RS4 brakes v Movit 4 Pot's
HELP!! Handbrake adjuster fault
I'm not happy with MRC.........
Getting air to intercoolers
What do you wish you car told you?
S4 with RS4 Exhaust - Vids
Docurley Car STOLEN
MAF and Y-pipe sizes
New to this forum.
Auto lock in motion
power fade
Will S4 Alloys fit on an RS4?
K04's on Ebay
S4 AGB bore sizes
Hoses to connect S4 ICs to RS4 charge pipes
Slight Jerking Forwards
Avus is the fastest colour!
Porsche Brakes
N249 delete
Lies, damn lies and airboxes...
Cheapest S4 ever...?
Does anyone tow a caravan with an RS4?
Missed the RS
Is anyone buying cars at the moment?
Max Power on K03`s ?
Someone to fit New Lambda
Slight Wheel Wobble ??
S4 standard suspension setup is sh***
anyone with else win ? quick wire question
Fault Code Help ?????????
The 'ol girl let me down....
Retrofitting Rear Parking Sensors
Drive train stabiliser fitting... now also Group Buy
Life with the B7 RS4 brake set up
Which wheels - again
big thanks to MRC
Straight through exhaust on ebay
Seat repair
Would my car be worthy of a concours entry?
talk to me about remaps
Project Satan's Child.
Which Colour !
Very cheap!!!
Why Mike shouldn't sell his RS4
Do B5 RS4 Brakes fit straight onto B5 S4?
Rear driveshaft removal
'New car' owner begs me to keep the S!
3.0 litre engine build
Project MH S4-MH500
666 BHP RS4 - The Beast!
R32 front splitter.
few interesting B5 S4's
RS4 clutch needed
New pads cr*p peddle
S4 in redline magazine
Jacking up !
Front abs sensor removal
How do you identify the "soft" RS4 Alloy?
I'm looking for B5 RS4 Brakes for my B5 S4? Can anyone help?
Which screenwash ...?
Rs4 heads with standard intake
Fan problems
Watch out for cam wear
New B5 rear brake upgrade - (From a B6/B7 S4)
New interior for your B5
Uprated front anti roll bar drop links
Build dates ?
Down Pipes Woes
Sorry to say goodbye to the 500bhp 2.7 twin turbo
Master cylinder and servo
DS2500 pad part number for s4 / rs4 rear brakes?
Who has had their drivers display repaired?
S4 upgrade parts needed
Which DVs ...?
Lowered springs with standard shocks
Wiper blades/arms
V71 Air Flow Flap Positioning Motor
updates on my car
poss egt problem
gutted precats or full milltek
B7 Wheels
plate for sale S4 UPU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Facelift wiring diagrams
Indicators, washers, wipers and aircon fan = dead
Hybrid lag
Anyone know this RS4 for sale??
Does anyone know this chap?
Just had my S4 on the RR........
S4 replacement ICs
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