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Audi S4 & RS 4 (B5) quattro
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How low is low
How to change rear brake bulb?
Clutch ... stiff pedal and long travel.... new one me thinks
Getting OLD - What have I been up to? Suspension,Wheels etc
Soft Brake Pedal
bridgestone tyres on rs4
Service Results Advice PLEASE
Quick price check please....
Pad wear sensors
Only boosting 5psi !?
Is this a K04?
Additional Oil Pressure Gauge/Sender
Shortshift, Gearbox brace and some other bits..........
Kenlowe Silm Fans
Wheel thoughts?
Pass side light sometimes works.
Near death experience
Haynes Manual???
Coilover saga UPDATE:
B6 S4 wheels
Dyno charts for K04d S4s
Single big turbo S4?
034motorsport K04 intake pipes
Exhaust - downpipes, centre section, cats, precats
MRC K04 inlet pipes?
What a bad day!
Car spec.
Coilover/Suspension Set-up
2001 RS4 8,900 miles on clock f/s on autotrader 36k !!!
Fiiting H&R Coilovers
front lower wishbone bush
Faulty N75 Valve
Alarm, not so much of a deterrent
Wheel weights
FIRE !!!!!!!!!
Are these K03's or K04's ??
How to remove steering wheel????
RS4 Clutch Kit for a B5 S4
S4 Handbrake adjustment Where is it?
I love the smell of freshly cooked clutch
Bottom Draw 4 The S4 ! !
S4 B5 cambelt replacement
New goodies fitted :-)
rear wheel bearings
The Ring times
FMIC with no cutting required...
Brake fluid change
Anyone dealt/heard of these guys??
Holes in airbox
B5 RS4 disc bell material?
Piston retraction
What are these bit worth do you think
June copy of Audi Driver
Anyone come across these intercoolers?
Hotchkis ARB's
What a great set!
The new white?
B7 Rs4 Brakes
Wheels, tyres... and suspension???
4 wheel alignment down south
got my car back
Recaro Seats
RS4 b7 Alloys - best place to buy from
RS4 Brakes and Standard 17"s???
"New" turbo technologies
An interesting read!
Boost Hose KIt
Fading DIS
1psi gone on holiday?
Boost gauge location
Oh dear...
S4(B5) automatic?
rs4 vs s4 oil pump pressure
rear pads
Checking ABS rings
rs4 saloon what colour?
Lightweight flywheel and pulleys.
What about RS4 B5 with RS6 blowers...!!???
Most out of K03s
What are these wheels off of ???
Oil Temp's
Vibration in gear stick !!
Ride height uneven
Slowest windscrean wipers in the world
Which Upgrade Path to Follow?
B5 RS4's trip to the Nordschleife
Went to MRC
Bailey BPV's
B7 RS4 front and rear brake install
Widebody saloon pictures...
car not starting
RS4 Inlet manifold on S4
plug gaps
Phaeton Brake Duct fitting to B5 S4
Fault in the Brake System
Let the work begin
I'm so tempted!!!
Who won the S4 intercoolers?
S4 Alignment Settings
Anyone running RS6 front brakes (w.caliper bracket)?
Recaro front seat headrest removal
Warm up time
FATS times.
What Oil
Milltek and DPs
Climate control problem. Working, but not.......
ESP Engineering stainless Steel billet gear knob
Reg Date + Mliles On The Clock
What do you think?
Oil Consumption
Rear brake pads
Belly pan
Exhaust noise
S4 - RS4 part numbers
S4 Rear Wheel Bearing
S4 inlet manifold upgrades
Bonnet catch help please.
Aux water pump change 'how to'
B5 S4 & RS4 : "How to..."
oil cooler
Recaro Pole Position.
Rear Brake Upgrade Options for the B5
S4 Ride Heights
new rims
Rear Wheel camber?
Powerflex bushes
RS4 - not a bad price
Secondry air injection
S4 buyers guide and Doug's S4, PPC magazine.
tyre preasure question
Cheap RS4
Attn: viperbl
what boost are people running S4 /RS4
uprated engine, gearbox and rear diff mounts
service notice
FMIC Pro's & con's on B5 cars.
A/S4 to RS4 Conversion thoughts.
Side mount intercooler options?
MAF Readings
Second hand shocks?
Oil leak
Subframe allignment.
First Post :)
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