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Audi S4 & RS 4 (B5) quattro
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Recaro electric height adjustment not working
Passenger side door keeps popping open.
RS4 rear discs part numbers please
Odd car alarm quirk - advice please
RS4 B5 Gearbox Rebuild Kit and Clutch Kit
Carbon fibre parts from fiberworx
Carbon fibre boot lip spoiler.
S4 b5 headlight question
18z on to RS4
Meyle arm kit supplier on eBay? Seems too cheap
Oil Pressures
Access to low horn?
RS4 still not starting but now speaking to vagcom!
Best place to get rs4 b5 front discs
Screen wash for water meth kit.
Power upgrade daily
Knocking drive shaft
Rear suspension strut towers
Heater matrix
Will 5x110 pcd wheels fit with wobble bolts
19" wheels on a B5, thoughts on these ones
Set of coils and ICM's
Standard k03 turbos
New car no start but can you guess why?
Any body done a Double din conversion? Whats required ??
Wiring loom to lambda plug replacement
The end of an S4 project
B5 S4 oil cooler - what size?
Solid mount or stiffer rubber subframe mounts
Afterrun not working properly
B5 RS4 Chrome Door Pulls?
Brembo 18Z Pad Choice
Compound turbo/supercharger kit.
engine codes
S4 b5 back on the road but with new issues
New owner ECU question
Fans, plug and after run pump question
Big brakes with BBS CH 19x10
B5 RS4 ABS module removal
rear silencer delete?
Black optics paint match?
RS4 B5 engine rattle
Porsche callipers - which model do I have??
Carbon Fiber Restoration Guide (Picture Heavy)
prefaclift or facelift
B5 RS4 style wheel question
Main Bearing Girdle what machining to install?
B5 body shell question
Best source of aftermarket body Panels?
Forge DV's yay or nay
Leaking rear (saloon)
Help....on going maf issue/maybe other issues
Has anybody gone to view this B5 RS4?
RS4 Throttle body question
Headlight Restoration Guide (Picture Heavy)
Fuel line going porous
Brake upgrades front and rear
New Clutch
Audi RS4 Pewter Model
Flywheel Recommendations?
Anyone know the fate of this
3 Easy mods for S4/RS4 with VCDS / Vagcom
Down on boost and darkish smoke
Alternator issue
Headlights off balance
Lower rear arms bolts
Jasper Green S4 Avant anyone know of it?
Picked this up! Chuffed!
Audi b5 s4 driveshaft?.
Bosch Lambdas, where from?
Will I ruin my diff
New Ecu.
s4 b5 losing power
insurance recommendations
Injector seal incorrectly seated - Almost went up in flames!
Water in cabin?.
Dyno fails - what is it?
Starting issues and VAGCOM no longer connecting + ABS prob?
Drivers side wing?.
K03 or k04?.
Gearbox rebuild
Cheap alternative to APR Bipipe
Single turbo options?
Best vag com or lead
Use of spacers and track
S4 engine mounts
question? rev increase on up gear change
B7 RS4 wheels on B5 S4... Which version fits best?
Anybody know this b5 rs4?
4 fault codes found
ARE 2.7 oil leak question
s4 on ebay
Headgasket's choice?
Wanted: ABS/brake wear sensor for RS4 B5
Imola needing some love on eBay...
Turbo jackets
S4 b5 exhaust
Precise location of this clip
Lazy tappet?
RS4 B5 battery
Tracking and geometry setup in Surrey
CV joint removal
Brake cooling ducting?
where to buy SAI delete plates?
bosch or hitachi maf for ko4 stage 3 hybrids s4
DIS repair
RS6 turbos for B5 RS4
rs4 massive oil leak ? engine rebuild or to buy a new one
Anyone got a knackered rns-d?
Help with inner and outer cv joint part no's gkn or lobro
How to re-attach rear view mirror? What adhesive?
ARP 2000 rod bolt torque specs for forged rods
How Many B5 S4/RS4 In The UK ? Stats Inside
Frame rail damage
Help sourcing RS4 engine parts
Cam timing,
Rear end refurb - bushes?
Replacement key coding
Cam chain tensioner kits
Nasty ticking noise just started and I don't like it
Downpipe Fitting Hardware
K03 bypass valve
K03 bypass valve
Cooling fans not coming on
How many miles can you get out of "0" miles?...
Caliper refurb help
Up To 55% Discount Euro Car Parts Sale (Code Inside)
Whos got the lowest mileage B5 S4 on the forum ?
Chip tuning a B5 1.8 TQS?
19" Tyre size recommendation
Rs4 front grill part number
FAO: Roberto Muggli or any other ETKA camshaft/lifter guru
Rs4 front bumper ??
Rs4 front bumper ??
Effective diamter of B7 front brakes.
Alternative to genuine 993 turbo brake discs??
S4 -99 water box cover ?
Any thoughts on these wheels ? Will they fit ? Thanks
EGT sensor faults
18Z's and 17" Wheels
Spacer thoughts
B5 s4/RS4 rear bumper mod
Wheel colour code
Blinking light hard acceleration
Bolt tensile grading question?
Oil pressure sensor fault?
Best stance let's see yours
Leather colour dye
Bump steer correction
Rounded drive shaft nut
quaife centre diff on S4 I may buy
Ta-technix intercoolers
Advice on S4 B5 rear abs sensor
Custom interior modifications company
Are wheelspacers recommended?
control arms and arbs
Intercooler "bang for your buck"
Front wheels dragging on full lock
Rear Camber Issue
Front wheels dragging on full lock
Making intercooler brackets...
Car under boost died?
what size adapters?
Rear subframe bushes
Front bumper bolt snapped..
Banging knocking noise
Question about engine wiring looms
Gates Timing Belt
2.7 cam chain tensioner - is there a problem with this
oil pan capacity?
2.8 cams
U.S. Production Numbers (B5 S4)
Clutch pedal
Oil change on b5 rs4
3.0 purchase
MAF sensors: Bosch vs. Genuine
Creaking noise top of the strut.
Wear on inside of all 4 tyres
Jhm Clutch kit with B7 Pressure Plate
What spark plugs for 650bhp
S4 engine parts - interchangeable over engine codes?
Not starting
troubles with locking doors
B5 S4 front struts
Re-conditioned Steering Rack
Weight distribution & savings
Head Gaskets..
Camshaft sensor
Misfire but no misfire
Best replacement stereo ?
Creaky seat
600Hp build help
Gear selector (shifter) adjustment
Rnsd gremlins...
B5 - Questions on wiring on non-Bose speakers.
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