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Audi S4 & RS 4 (B5) quattro
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Ebay suspention arms kits
Carbon mirror covers
Damn headlight washers!!!!
DriveTorque Stage 3 Clutch Kit
Radio Code
RS4 -Difficulty engaging into reverse.Post gearbox rebuild.
Budget Widebody B5 -Results.
Best place to buy a RS4 or +15% clutch?
Help needed which battery
Rear brake caliper hose thread type/size??
High beam bulbs?
Bosch 044 fuel pump install query
Rear upper wishbone
Another vacuum hose question?
Airbag advice..
advice on new alloys
Tsfi coil upgrade
Abs sensor query
Do B8 RS4 Discs Fit On B5 RS4 Which Has B7 Discs Upgrade
Flickering Xenons
ECU Interchangebility
Turbo intake pipe ? advice please.
Audi S4 B5 - Strange noise. Attached video
What tyre..19", 8j wide
Lovely courtesy car from Audi today
Best place to get head bolts?
Epc light on dash loss of power/jerky acceleration
b7 seat conversion? ?? help/advice
Another B7 front brake disc question?
Whistle on cold startup
DIS has a mind of its own
Anyone running EcuMaster?
Airbag light after snapping sound at steering wheel
18z calipers on ebay
SAI delete Coding out?
Oil leak
2.8 vs S4 vs RS4 headgasket?
temperature takes time to register
Rear anti roll bar question
Kent Members
Door and boot locks
Turbos tth
problems firt gear and second
Headlight washer T-piece
European facelift Avant Locking Mechanism electric?
Tweeter replace?
Not boosting like she did, Help and advice needed.
Fitting 3 inch down pipes this weekend
MAF Cleaning?
Help required fitting toyosport downpipes...
RS4 MAF - connecting to S4
any Edinburgh/south gyle members about?? B6 190bhp Avant
Question about 18" Sportec Mono 10
Rs4 spare wheel
Blue smoke
USB for MP3 compatibility for OE Head unit.
PFL accelerator pedal cover snapped off!!!
Car cover
Toyo/XS/SSauto K04 intake pipes
removing the accelerator pedal?
Stereo wiring adapter
Resonated link pipes?
Knocking now it's lowered
Rs4 front wheel bearings
Fuel leak after the car has sat for a while..hmm
Intermittent headlight leveling issue
Boost issue, holding back before boost kicks in
Black Navigation Box in Boot of S4 B5 & RNS-D
Recaro seat swap into a B5 TQS
Lower door moulding brackets/clips
royal steering wheels
Track tyres...
Which engine ?
Aircon issues
RS4 Miltek fitment issues
Sportec Mono 18" wheels, over B7 RS4 front brakes?
RNS-E sat nav in b5
v power fuel ,
current price of rear strut turrets?
hearlight restore
Help with headunit install
I need a good dump.....
PAS cooler alternative
vagcom question?
DTS which is best?
Touch up paint...
Xenon Headlight Issues
MRC tune
Anybody know this car
B5 RS4 for sale
Can I move it
RS 4 lower bumper grill prices
H&R ARB bushing size?
Headlight washers popping up but no water!!
What clutch for my build?
Taking the S4 to MRC (8th sep) :D
Wet seatbelt...
Most common silicone hose sizes?
RS4 B7 pp on rs4b5 one mass flywheel - preload question
Wavetrac rear diff + centre diff mod.
Boost issue b5 s4
What did i do wrong (rear bushes)
Audi B5 S4 - vaccum hoses part no required.
B5 S4 Purchase
Yoko AD08-R
Front pads
Off to MRC .
What is this on my Doorcard? I am stumped!
Engine carbon clean?
OEM front/rear brakes 'repair kit'?
rs4 b7 front brake setup behind b6 s4 18" alloys
Autodimming mirror.
Rs4 intercooler fitting parts list...
Roof gutters
Smoking at high revs
RS4 B5 scrub radius ?
S4 b5 steering noise
Urgent: Left Rear ABS Sensor
Best fluid for intercooler flush?
weight of wb parts?
FL Bumper repair/refit
Header tank water pipes
Air intake ??
Audi B5 S4 - Headlight washers broken. (Now fixed)
Launch control
HELP brembo brake conversion ?
Recirc Valve / Boost Issue
Auto fold mirrors
Oil Catch tank
Heated front windscreen for b5s Group Buy
Downpipe / Exhaust Question
RS bumper repair
shifting problem "help"
Knocking NSR
b5 rs4 gearbox 1st to 2nd
OZ centre caps M582
Passat 5.5 wiper pt numbers
Engine removal tools
Front xenon headlights
Rear braided hoses
Coolant leak
dreaded wing rot....
Any know how to.................
xs power ko4 turbos and injector deal
Stage 2
Boost Gauge Holder - ebay
Where to buy new headlamp ballast from?
Best supplier for rs4 maf and clutch
fuel injector size for 700bhp?
AGB audi b5 s4 block?.
Fluid change with engine out
s4 rs4 engine swap ecu problems
Broken Audi B5 S4 / Connecting Spider / Cable / Catch Can -
Audi b5 s4?.query?.
Quick shift help ?
Turbo hardware.
Brake calliper identity????
custom made brackets for rs4 b5 rear bench to fit b5 saloon
Bosch 044 install
Water/Oil temperature cluster readings/Gauges
front window issues
head unit and ice
RS4 B5 Engine Harness Connector Layout
Some additional turbo comparison data
Turbo back q's
S4 wheel choice help
AC randomany shuts off on my 01 B5RS4
2003 S3 Query - strange rear axl stance??
rear axle refresh kit b5
New headlights...
Rear shocker top mounting turrets.
Swapping AZR into S4 B5 - Need advices
Engine mounts.
B6 s4 wheels fit over b7 rs4 calipers
Anyone know this car?
Central locking, keys, the works
Disconnecting battery between use to avoid a flat battery
Rear wheel bearing
Front bumper mod
Can't stop watching this B5 video!
DW300 not giving enough fuel?
B5 S4 front bumper mod (centre bar and plate recess delete)
Disabling remote fob lock/unlock
Brembo 4 pots
Rs3 front to s4 b5 ???
Viscious fan operating/oil consumptions
Spark plug gap question
Spark plug change-how often
Anyone know the car? Y76 HTU
Epc light
Epc light
Will flat fives fit?
B5 RS4 front disc prices.
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