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Audi S4 & RS 4 (B5) quattro
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Alarm going off when drivinf
K04 S4 suddenly feels flat
335i vs...
B5 RS4 max spacers with standard wheels and tyres
Removing rear lower wishbones / handbrake cables?
Bose sub/amp avant in non Bose car
ETKA alternative
Recent wheels discovered that fit over b7 rs4 brakes
9J rears on an s4?
Resonated link pipes Question
Illuminated gear stick....
N208 wire lost!
Dynamic wheel test rig
Chinese eBay turbos!!!
turbo company recommendations
PFL Rear Spring options........
RS4 B5 Oil cooler
Best wheel / tyre combo for drag racing
Strut Brace?
Handbrake cable removal
Je pintons help
A4 and S4 rear Facelift lights
Turbo fitting. Part numbers needed
Handbrake cable removal
That's a nice mark up on X802 GFP
Pedal options?
What's your favourite non oem wheel?
Any Pictures of Rs4 with BBS CH-R?
something a little different
Smart misano rs4 on ebay
Prop center bearing worn ?
Audi S4 B5 Cold start rattle - Attatched Video
Stripped allen bolt
Anyone fitted eBay rear LED light clusters?
BOSCH motorsport 413 fuel pump install - i'm in trouble
FK Coilovers b5 s4 saloon
Dirt in intake ports
Custom steering wheel review
Audi srs wall calender
Will these fit the s4?
Podi boost gauge
PFL to FL hesdlight conversion
Weird ESP problem
does anyone recognise these wheels please
18Z to B7 brakes
Revs sticking on / rising during gear changes
Aftermarket coilpacks, yay or nay?
18z performance pads
First time slaughter RS4 B5
Audi Ceramic brake fitment
Tuning specialists. Your recommendations please.
ABS sensors?
bumper help!
Pixel display thing, going off completely.
3" all the way?
Calipers rebuild parts
is there a long term fix to a faulty rear avant wiper??
Coolant Circuit
Boot issue driving me nuts
Option codes
Anyone got an rs4 y pipe for sale ?
Headlight washers
Fecking Pinch Bolt!!! Again
B5 S4 oil filter part number needed please
RS6 K04 vs RS4 K04 Turbine Housing Flow Test
Custom exhaust
RS4-prices rising???
Value of the B5 S4 Avant
New member
Potential buyer / advice needed
S4 B5 Bose speakers - saloon and avant?
are fl s4 havac different from pfl
second hand turbo borg warner k04 for rs4 b5
AWE Side Mount Intercoolers
Changing Power steering pump
Fl/rs4 ecu into c box pfl/fl.5
Removing front subframe.
Would a B5 S4 interior go into a B4?
info on this car Y586YAG or R5JKK or S26HOB or V6RSV
Took the rear calipers off, what to replace
RNSE into B5 cangate module required
Knock knock
Key lost their code
Running rough.
any s4 crank in any s4 block? yes or no?
s4/rs4 block differences B5
Is there a wheel thread on here
Best Handling Setups
Which turbo will suit this set up tuners advice please
Clutch recommendations
rs6 conversion
She won't start!
How to get rs6 ko4s to fit
retro fitting recaro seats
When buying, what Rs4 would you choose
Dying of Cream Leather Interior Parts
Is there further info on the BES engine?
Oil priming new turbos
Wheel spacer quick question
getting to know my s4
Front Bumper
S8 brakes on S4 facelift
Heated seats problem.
Error codes
ULTRA low mileage B5 RS4 for sale
does anyone know these b5 RS4's for sale
My Christmas project...
2000 B5.5 S4 Avant Silver
RS4 on pistonheads
S4 on ebay
What RS6 Hybrid Spec?
Downpipe q's
NGK plugs, too long?
Help no indicators
Rwd or 4wd 570hp a4 b5
Mapping anywhere near Scotland
The noggy fix up
Headgasket's (2.7 vs 2.8)
FTM transmission
Another water ingress one! But with a different cause!
How long does it take for your car to warm up
Engine pull advice please.
Propshaft to gearbox torque?
B6/B7 rear seat conversion? ? HELP
Flickering dash
Tensioner roller bolt?
My Alcantara addiction has begun...
Brake line price for 300mm rear brakes?
Wheel size question
2.4 heads with cams shall I swap to 2.8 cams
How much for cambelt kit?
Octane Boost
Random picture of your car thread!
Car will not unlock
Coolant glitter
RS4 altenator
Skimming manifolds
whats the most weird behaviour your s or rs has done??
Centre diff mod - parts
Recommend me some 17z pads
Avant rear seats in saloon
ECU Loom - Wire cut?
seatbelt twist?
Weight of cylinder heads?
Garages with lock out bars recommended Norfolk / North York
s4 b5 front arb size ? powerflex bushes
cambelt tools
Rs4 clutch
Alarm siren
Porsche 944 m220 LSD/Diff mod - Anyone done this?
Gates powergrip timing belts
Phaeton front discs part numbers required
Low speed lock up abs advice
RS4 intercoolers
Upgrading to K04's isnt all plain sailing
B5 RS4 Handbrake Cable
Best Flex-Hone for fitting new rings...where to buy?
Basics to check and Which Tuner?
Will b6/b7 wing mirrors fit a b5.
FL s4 part numbers
FL s4 part numbers
pic of rear arb support bracket fitted b5
Cam chain tensioner pads
backlight adjustment RNS-D?
London Cartel car of the year 2016
Has anyone got any info on this one
After months of thinking, I finally got new shoes.
will an S4 MAF fit an A6 .27tt ?
Does anybody know ibzzzzz
Engine build help
Rs4 intercooler fitment into s4
S4 ridiculously steamy inside!?
S3 electric recaros into my s4?
how many of us use their rs4 as a daily?
Vid of my shakey boost
Chassis rust
S4/RS4 B5 easy to steal?
Timing belt change - whilst I'm there parts
RS4 intercooler pipe dimensions
B5 2.5tdi quattro front suspension lower ball joint size?
The plastic front slam panel.
RNS-e or Symphony Radio into Partial Facelift S4
Cam and crank locking tools
Seals for B5 RS Calipers where to buy
Occassional lumpy idle
If you had to pick one mod?
Auto Adjusting Headlights
Help some errors
Cam chain tensioner pads
Permanent fix for CEL after gutting pre-cats?
Alloy up rights upgrade s4 to rs4
Lambda fault code thrown
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