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Help with inner and outer cv joint part no's gkn or lobro
How to re-attach rear view mirror? What adhesive?
ARP 2000 rod bolt torque specs for forged rods
How Many B5 S4/RS4 In The UK ? Stats Inside
Frame rail damage
Help sourcing RS4 engine parts
Cam timing,
Rear end refurb - bushes?
Replacement key coding
Cam chain tensioner kits
Nasty ticking noise just started and I don't like it
Downpipe Fitting Hardware
K03 bypass valve
K03 bypass valve
Cooling fans not coming on
How many miles can you get out of "0" miles?...
Caliper refurb help
Up To 55% Discount Euro Car Parts Sale (Code Inside)
Whos got the lowest mileage B5 S4 on the forum ?
Chip tuning a B5 1.8 TQS?
19" Tyre size recommendation
Rs4 front grill part number
FAO: Roberto Muggli or any other ETKA camshaft/lifter guru
Rs4 front bumper ??
Rs4 front bumper ??
Effective diamter of B7 front brakes.
Alternative to genuine 993 turbo brake discs??
S4 -99 water box cover ?
Any thoughts on these wheels ? Will they fit ? Thanks
EGT sensor faults
18Z's and 17" Wheels
Spacer thoughts
B5 s4/RS4 rear bumper mod
Wheel colour code
Blinking light hard acceleration
Bolt tensile grading question?
Oil pressure sensor fault?
Best stance let's see yours
Leather colour dye
Bump steer correction
Rounded drive shaft nut
quaife centre diff on S4 I may buy
Ta-technix intercoolers
Advice on S4 B5 rear abs sensor
Custom interior modifications company
Are wheelspacers recommended?
control arms and arbs
Intercooler "bang for your buck"
Front wheels dragging on full lock
Rear Camber Issue
Front wheels dragging on full lock
Making intercooler brackets...
Car under boost died?
what size adapters?
Rear subframe bushes
Front bumper bolt snapped..
Banging knocking noise
Question about engine wiring looms
Gates Timing Belt
2.7 cam chain tensioner - is there a problem with this
oil pan capacity?
2.8 cams
U.S. Production Numbers (B5 S4)
Clutch pedal
Oil change on b5 rs4
3.0 purchase
MAF sensors: Bosch vs. Genuine
Creaking noise top of the strut.
Wear on inside of all 4 tyres
Jhm Clutch kit with B7 Pressure Plate
What spark plugs for 650bhp
S4 engine parts - interchangeable over engine codes?
Not starting
troubles with locking doors
B5 S4 front struts
Re-conditioned Steering Rack
Weight distribution & savings
Head Gaskets..
Camshaft sensor
Misfire but no misfire
Best replacement stereo ?
Creaky seat
600Hp build help
Gear selector (shifter) adjustment
Rnsd gremlins...
B5 - Questions on wiring on non-Bose speakers.
What was the OE fitted tyre to the RS4?
Speaker size
Single to double din
BBS 19" CI-R or CH-R
B5 RNS-e and Kufatec CAN simulator
Help please! RS4 b7 caliper adapter bolts
TV tuner card
Exhaust clamps for toyosports/XS power catback
RS4 b5 what size wheel spacers?
Pfl to fl loom swap
SRS Wall Planner well chuffed!
Sibling exhaust manifolds
Anyone know what these VCDS Fault codes are for my B5 S4?
How much lift does a B5 saloon/avant generate?
Fuelling issue after pump upgrade
Piston help
Tempting intake
Nice gadget.
Gears sometimes crunchy - Any flushes/additives recommended?
B5 RS4 on eBay
Air leak or faulty MAF
Which brake pads for porsche 17z/18z calipers
Todays electrical woes help!!!
Which exhaust would you buy
Airbag module
E bay down pipes ???
Agreed values
B5 S4 Alloy wheels opinion and advice ' pics included '
Alloy mirror refurb? ?
Alloy mirror refurb? ?
Imola RS4 B5 on Autotrader
Audi S4 B5 APR - Require 2 x Hoses
Air leaking past injectors
Looking Arch Liner right
UK Painter
Where's this supposed to go? . . .
B5 RS4 Price Vs Reality
Oil weep at transmission bearing flange (propshaft )
RS4 B5 Polybush?
Big Turbo upgrade help ???
rail fuel kit looking
Result after boost leak test (with pictures)
Hannover RS4 Limo engine rebuild
s4 b5 losing power
PSS9 question
Silver project engine mounts.
619 bhp s4 on e bay ? By bahnstorm
B5 RS4 prices rising?
Fitting genuine RS4 B5 alloys to a S4 B5 saloon
Fitting a replacement ecu s4 problem
Accuracy of oil temp gauge on dash vs liquid gauge?..
APR Conversion Hoses for fitting RS4 Intercoolers to S4
Drive axle / Shaft / Clunk noise & play
Help please! B5 RS4 door pull switch surround
Oil in the coolant??
Diagnosing faulty heater flap? Cold Cabin!
S4 B5 - Noisy bearing/rolling In front of the engine
Ebay s4.
11.5 inch rears
2.8 inlet cams
Cylinder bore wear limit
Windscreen cowl screws?
Porsche boxster 986 rear brakes info
Seat runners ridiculously stiff
Gates Cambelt worth it or not
Want to borrow....
Central Locking Woes...
B5 S4 Bilstein PSS9 opinions
Alarm going off when drivinf
K04 S4 suddenly feels flat
335i vs...
B5 RS4 max spacers with standard wheels and tyres
Removing rear lower wishbones / handbrake cables?
Bose sub/amp avant in non Bose car
ETKA alternative
Recent wheels discovered that fit over b7 rs4 brakes
9J rears on an s4?
Resonated link pipes Question
Illuminated gear stick....
N208 wire lost!
Dynamic wheel test rig
Chinese eBay turbos!!!
turbo company recommendations
PFL Rear Spring options........
RS4 B5 Oil cooler
Best wheel / tyre combo for drag racing
Strut Brace?
Handbrake cable removal
Je pintons help
A4 and S4 rear Facelift lights
Turbo fitting. Part numbers needed
Handbrake cable removal
That's a nice mark up on X802 GFP
Pedal options?
What's your favourite non oem wheel?
Any Pictures of Rs4 with BBS CH-R?
something a little different
Smart misano rs4 on ebay
Prop center bearing worn ?
Audi S4 B5 Cold start rattle - Attatched Video
Stripped allen bolt
Anyone fitted eBay rear LED light clusters?
BOSCH motorsport 413 fuel pump install - i'm in trouble
FK Coilovers b5 s4 saloon
Dirt in intake ports
Custom steering wheel review
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