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Rs4 engine number location
Replacing the rear diff oil seals
MTM Rimms - you be the judge
duel mass flywheel question
Induction Kit for RS4
Tyre Choices - Dry / Wet Track Days
Facelift ECU part number advice
What else to do when front end is off?
Black Carpet Material / Colour?
headlight restoration kit
anyone got vagcom i could use?
Dodgy N75 zero on duty cycle log
Deimmobilised ECU Question
TTE380 General Info
Why won't other brake discs fit the b5 rs4?
boot lip spoiler options
Bit Cheap!?
Goodwood RS4 For Sale
New engine what sensors rec do I replace ?
B5 S4 LCD Display - Boost/EGT/Temp
Passenger Airbag cover (facelift) (how do you replace)
Saggy Headliner/Roof Lining Fix
s4 front arms
Measurements for rear Audi Ring Logo
Headlight washer jet missing
Viscous fan
Rs4 Oil Cooler Replacement???
RS4 oil cooler
s4 leather seats
Fault code for and plus unit.
HELP Broken abs ring ?
Hel brake lines and rear wish bones ...
Part Number or Info Required for Head B5 HeadLamp Bolts
RS4 Boot Badge Location
Nav plus problems.
AK Motorsports Tubular front sub frame available
Bargin s4 wide body spotted on ebay
rs4 b5 warranty
Rear bush removal tips?
B5 Accessory Brochure
Annoying climate flap
Wheel Spacers advice needed
Rs4 seats into s4
18z brakes discs and pads
ET20 - Will they fit?
Idle Revs
Skimming of brake discs
Been painting the b5 with POR-15
Very unique video: RS4 B5 Avant meets the 2018 RS3 Sportback
Help - Wheels!
W52 HJO imola yellow S4 B5, who has it?
Running isues
RS4 B5 Gearbox parts or part numbers
Video to watch
VW phaeton discs
How to remove seat belts?
2.7t fuelpump
Seat belt bracket for pole positions??
Hello and Help!
So nice....
Plumbing diagram 2001.5 inlet manifold
Where to buy boost control plumbing
Widebody on eBay
Question about silicon hoses
change clutch
Oil cooler questions
Problems with startup
Disabling EDL B5 RS4
Bad EGT maybe?
Getting something bought in america then posted to the uk
Lambda Readings
I might need medication - i'm thinking about selling my RS
Genuine rear window blinds
RS4 Gearbox :(
low boost
"What kind of Kombi is that??"
Would you buy a CAT D write off???
Cambelt Thoughts
Brembo handbrake brackets
Rs4 b5 brake problems rear
Replacement radiator
The effects of Launching, Drifting & Donuts on an S4
Little green check valves where to buy?
Stock b5 rs4 reliability
PCV Air Flow - Interesting thoughts.
Excessively high ride height with new Bilstein B6 dampers
The Squattro - tyre wear question
New Inner CV joints stiff
B5RS4 Original Sat Nav/ Radio update
Fitting front lower inner poly bushes....
high egt's with tte780+
Water Leak Under Front Bumper
Engine pull help
Single turbo conversion
Partial throttle vs full throttle
Sunroof leak??
new seals, how big of a job?
Exact, factual causes of excessive crank case pressure?
N249 valve part number??
B8 rs4 front calipers the same as B7?
Bilstein B16 fitting help please RS4
cylinder 6 misfire problem
Rear subframe bushes...NLA..
ICM Delete and plug gap question
slight misfire..
imola diecast on ebay
Gearbox and transmission to me..
audi rs4 engine rebuild
Bmw m4 pose a problem to rs6 s4 or not?
Cheap rs4
Samco Silicone coolant hose kit
CAR - The Best Fast Audis of All Time
New shoes highly recommended
B5 RS4 - Static Full Beam Not Working
What will happen if...
What RS4 parts will be difficult to obtain in the future?
Neuspeed anti-roll bar support brackets..
Webpage to buy RS4 engine gasket, seal and bolts?
Stage 3 tune
whats your oil temps like
Worth upgrading the oil cooler?
Overheating thoughts
Decent weather rude not take RS out
Speaker upgrade advice
abs/ vagcom help!
spotted- AVUS B5 RS4
resetting a clutch pressure plate
Brake disc help
Boost leak test required West Yorkshire
What's standard RS suspension like?
Dis repair
Non start after injector replacement
Wheel bolt specs please
Taking apart the front end - looking for advice
Nice misano on pheads
Best rs4 Injector o-rings for s4 heads
Images of the RS4 inlet vacuum pipes
Volt gauge shows low voltage
18in wheels that fit over B7 front brakes
RS4 B5 Gearbox Oil
FMIC Piping Diameter
People who have installed FMIC - Pipework question
Big brake set-up - Combinations
K03 replacement time?
Rs4 market watch
prices obtained?
Only boosting to around 8psi
Wheel alignment
Odd bumper alignment
RS4 porting heads, yes or no?
tailgate lock?
Bits n bobs
Bits n bobs
Laguna Xenon Ballasts, a cautionary tale!
Audi S4 B5 Clutch issues (Judder)
anyone tried this clutch kit
Fuel pump always running
Milltek Downipes 200 Cell Sports Cats Help Please
Wheres noggymike gone
B5 Rear wavey discs
Overboosting problem... asj
How do I reprogram my remote
JE, Mahle, Vossner or wiseco pistons?
Custom S4 to RS4 intercooler hoses
Uprated turbos? Advice needed
cover/strap for fuel tank?
Who's was the rs in London with Shmee
Multi-strap snapped -
Screaming S4 .... K04 Information required
Brake vibration ??
RS4 shifter part number
Coilover rebuild?
Jacking Point Damage
lights not working
S4 gear box
b6 brakes
Who sells Carrillo rods for our cars?
HELP. Is this a sandwich plate that I need for my oil cooler
Boost Leak Steps and Issues - HELP NEEDED
Tyre load rating for 255 30 19?
Central locking gremlins
got myself a B5 1:18 model
Battery Drain - Car Completely Dead!
Help needed with size of bolt
Are all S4 rear diff's the same???
Rs4 B5 - brake conversion
Rs4 brake upgrade best route or stick with stock
High Mileage
Avant to saloon body panels
Updated Drive shaft ?
Can't post any pictures??
B5 S4 - spluttering on overrun
New plate on
Anyone got a guide to swap cluster
RS4 K04 or RS6 K04
Electrical gremlins bloody car
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