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Getting same ride height at each corner!! Argh!
ecu questions
Anyone recommend a gearbox specialist NW England?
Nice red one
Blue smoke only on lift off? Bad PCV or one way valve?
RS stock boost pressure
-3 / 1 Timing belt change
Airbag light on dash
B5 S4 engine and gearbox mount recommendations?
Loses power steering when parking
Correct timing belt tension without using 15NM on tensioner
Overspinning k04 - boost reference line off turbo
tfsi coil conversion
Meyle HD Front Arm Kit/Powerflex Bush Questions
Where to buy rear hub carrier polybush?
Rs4 maf sensor
Remote Start Install
Anyone timed the engine without the cam locking bar
RS4 Upper wishbone pinch bolt
RS4 hatch Emblem template
Rear spring seat mod
2 brand new un-used CANGATE modules FOR SALE
Toyosport exhaust restriction removal
Alternator problems
Chain tensioners
Plastic Grommet / Plugs for Wheel Well
knackered oil Line
Which B7 brake upgrade
Anyone had this noise? When turning steering wheel.
Central locking - Tailgate issue.
Squeaking noise with wheel rotation
Gold heat wrap RS4 B5
Sid's EGT boards, how to
Which TBB to buy?
It feels good to be back in a B5 RS4!!!
The turbo unit
Base map advice needed. K04'd S4
Big brakes what you got?
AEM RS4 B5 intake kit > issue
How to achieve deep bassey exhaust note
S4 b6/b7 rear brakes to B5
S4 b6 avus alloys fitment
Fault codes - Advice opinions
Question about stock headunit line out.
Removed and installed new window seal (with pictures)
Hydraulic followers break in period
Wanted. Pfl lower windscreen trim and scuttle cover
Cabin fan not blowing intermittent
pre-face to facelift headlight conversion - motor wiring?
let the fun begin
Shock absorber recommendations?
Washer pump check valve.
Replacing N75 valve
Ottomobile 1/18 RS4 B5 in Avus!
drivers side bank rattle/ chain tensioner?
Tyre sizes and make
Twin-pass FMIC - any UK stock? :-/
Best alarms
Rear spring fitting
Vagcom near Bristol
wanted timing covers
Rear LED Brake Light Bar Project
rs4 b5 radiator
Cheap obd scanner
Looking for some advise please!
electric fan cut in?
Pfl throttle body
Door Handle Cover
Air intake k04 ?
And another set are knackered.......
Facelift standard S4 exhaust cam pitting @ 132k
Cheapest place to buy after run pump
How to attach pictures
40k Noggy for sale
B7 rear brakes on to B5 S4
Help with radio cutting on/off.
spark plugs
XS Power Bi-Pipe headache with Viscous fan
Organic clutch for star 3 s4
Camshaft caps stretch bolts or not
power steering
What's this part under the CD changer?
B5 RS4 Seat rail repair kit same as B5 S4?
Wanted: Dead EGT's
Camshaft pitting
How much labour time?
Instrument cluster compatibility
Snapped banjo eye on turbo housing. HELP.
hitachi maf
Instrument panel swop
Where to buy center diff mod shims? . .
18z confirmation.
B5 S4 Engine out - what would you inspect/replace?
4 wheel alighnment Surrey recommendations
Stalling when coming to a stop while clutch depressed
wagner downpipes & intercoolers for RS4
Help steering wheel shaking problems
Help with following codes: 16538 - 164514
Imola RS4
B5 S4 floor carpet
How to make cluster work with rs4 b7 box in s4 b5
intermittent power steering when cold
Aircon issues?
Engine, trans and coolant quantities and types
Fuel pump not priming?
B7 front brake pads?...
Help and advice exhaust manifold sensor
2.8 heads
Durable clutch choice for use with Fidanza Flywheel (K04 S4)
Modified KO3s.
matching remotes - no luck!
Handbrake Adjustment Issues - Am I Missing Something?
Nice drive out today in the RS
Ko4 upgrade question
RS4 doors question?
Nice Misano on the bay
Galvanised Steel with Powdercoat
Ex forum car back to a new life In North Scotland!
Recaro electric height adjustment not working
Passenger side door keeps popping open.
RS4 rear discs part numbers please
Odd car alarm quirk - advice please
RS4 B5 Gearbox Rebuild Kit and Clutch Kit
Carbon fibre parts from fiberworx
Carbon fibre boot lip spoiler.
S4 b5 headlight question
18z on to RS4
Meyle arm kit supplier on eBay? Seems too cheap
Oil Pressures
Access to low horn?
RS4 still not starting but now speaking to vagcom!
Best place to get rs4 b5 front discs
Screen wash for water meth kit.
Power upgrade daily
Knocking drive shaft
Rear suspension strut towers
Heater matrix
Will 5x110 pcd wheels fit with wobble bolts
19" wheels on a B5, thoughts on these ones
Set of coils and ICM's
Standard k03 turbos
New car no start but can you guess why?
Any body done a Double din conversion? Whats required ??
Wiring loom to lambda plug replacement
The end of an S4 project
B5 S4 oil cooler - what size?
Solid mount or stiffer rubber subframe mounts
Afterrun not working properly
B5 RS4 Chrome Door Pulls?
Brembo 18Z Pad Choice
Compound turbo/supercharger kit.
engine codes
S4 b5 back on the road but with new issues
New owner ECU question
Fans, plug and after run pump question
Big brakes with BBS CH 19x10
B5 RS4 ABS module removal
rear silencer delete?
Black optics paint match?
RS4 B5 engine rattle
Porsche callipers - which model do I have??
Carbon Fiber Restoration Guide (Picture Heavy)
prefaclift or facelift
B5 RS4 style wheel question
Main Bearing Girdle what machining to install?
B5 body shell question
Best source of aftermarket body Panels?
Forge DV's yay or nay
Leaking rear (saloon)
Help....on going maf issue/maybe other issues
Has anybody gone to view this B5 RS4?
RS4 Throttle body question
Headlight Restoration Guide (Picture Heavy)
Fuel line going porous
Brake upgrades front and rear
New Clutch
Audi RS4 Pewter Model
Flywheel Recommendations?
Anyone know the fate of this
3 Easy mods for S4/RS4 with VCDS / Vagcom
Down on boost and darkish smoke
Alternator issue
Headlights off balance
Lower rear arms bolts
Jasper Green S4 Avant anyone know of it?
Picked this up! Chuffed!
Audi b5 s4 driveshaft?.
Bosch Lambdas, where from?
Will I ruin my diff
New Ecu.
s4 b5 losing power
insurance recommendations
Injector seal incorrectly seated - Almost went up in flames!
Water in cabin?.
Dyno fails - what is it?
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