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Whats pads to go for on B7 RS4 brakes?
You guys should see this!
Anyone's from here
My Imola Dream is now a reality ... :-)
Advice on B7 RS4's
RS4 B7 Rattles after thrash...
Check Engine & anyone around in SE london with A VAGCOM?
Please show me your modded B7 rs4s
The time has come to sell...
Complete new set of fluids
Full Millltek for anyone with a B6 cab?
Anyone got a Milltek on an auto S4?
Pole positions now in.
OMG how many previous owners?
rs4 cab 4 sale take 2
rs4 cab 4 sale
Gone but not forgotten
S4/RS4 Avant Wannabee Owner
Tunetec performance RS4 B7 airbox mod
what brakes?
Picked up B6 S4 Avant - link to pictures etc!
About to become an RS4 newbie owner.
Aftermarket Warranty &
Opinions on gear change issues please
Sods Law!!
Buying a RS$ Cab, where are the VIN numbers to check etc..
Would you buy this
is this genuine part no. for B7 RS4 Alloy
How-to RS4 B7 Carbon build up cleaning
How-to: Spark plug change [B6-S4]
How-to: Pollen / Cabin Filter change [B6-S4]
How-to: Air Filter change [B6-S4]
How-to: Oil & Filter Change [B6-S4]
DTK tuning
Most spectacular coil pack failure ever?
powerflex drop links
B7 RS4 Flywheel / Gearbox questions
Does anyone know this car??
parts wrap
Steering Rack Bolts
creaking front subframe
Audi's at 'Early Edition' show today.
GruppeM B7 RS4 Question
Boot wont open and bulb out errors on dash
Car beeping ! Help !
Workshop Manual
Transmission and Differential Fluids Change
Bit of TLC for the S4
B6 Avant wheel thread
retrofit heated elements into recaros?
s4 tuning
Milky Roof Rails?
Window Won't Close - Remedy
b7 rs4 bucket wiring plugs
Fuel economy
is there a market for a b6 2.7T?
B6 S4 advice
Stoke Audi...part number please
Rs4@crail ford performance day april 3rd
Castrol Edge 5w-40 at Costco.....
front seats
S4 V8 Cabrio Engine Rattle on start up HELP....
Adding heated seats
RS4 B7 airbag price?
Help for a newcomer
European Car Magazine: Proven RS4
New Transmission Fluid?
s4 b6 lpg conversion
Advice / Comments on dyno test results
silver leather interior
Audi S4 B7 Coil Springs Part Number
Not Mine But B6 S4 106K 4,900
Anyones on here? Grey Avant B6 S4 for sale on AT
390mm RS6 rotors on a RS4 ?
B7 rs4 rotors
Temperature gauge
Power Steering problem, Again :(
rs4 b7 brake overhual
Oil warning light but oil level at max????
TPMS Valve Corroded
Coilpacks - Audi Recall
Westfalia Towbar
Total Closure?
Oil warning light and smoke...
Rotrex/TTS Supercharger for RS4/S5
Do RS4 B7 Brake Kit fit straight on a B6 S4?
55 plate rs4 on ebay
RS4 Avant 07, 17k, Audi Warranty,MRC'd & One day detail
Pics of my carbon build up!
Advice before I buy
What to do..? B5 or B7 RS4
decat my s4
Very low mileage RS4 Avant for sale - Just 3,500 miles
B6 Options....please help
S4 (B6) - high mileage advice please
Airbag light
Radio cable in boot lid on B6 S4 Cabrio broken?
Touch-up Paint
RS4 rough price
(Not Mine) FOR SALE: B6 S4 Noggy Avant - 8,595
Audi Driver Mag B7 RS4 buyers guide
A pointer to the best B7 S4 avant for sale...
B6 3L v6/B7 4.2 RS4
If anyone is looking for a nice RS4 B7...
B6 S4 Electrical gremlins?
The niggles continue....
AST or KW V3
What Offset will I require?
wobble on s4 avant
S4 cabrio wheel choice
Rear drivers side door
Some More MRC Magic
75k service
Bad start to S4 ownership....
Fuel Leak and Slow to start. Help please
Beauty and Beast
ESP Light
Click here to drool .....
RS 4 Cabrio avec Milltek sans roof dans le tunnel
S4 (B7) Buying advice
HELP!!! Lost car keys...
RS4 Tyre size
Super cheap RS4
Tips on viewing an B6 S4......
Error codes and EML
Tyre pressure for 20" wheel
Which 18" wheels fit over RS4/6 brembo brakes?
Chipped screen !
Got a new Audi for Xmas!
S4 Styling
Hit and run
My new S-Line Mod ;o)
Driving in France
Perfect weather to pick up MY NEW CAB !!!
LED Side Lights
B6 S4 Milltek resonated center sections
Terrible Twosomes
MRC healtcheck/ Dyno today @ MRC -Thanks Doug
Cheaper motoring - LPG
steering rack
MRC results on the hairdressers S4
B6 S4 Buying Advice
S5 alloys RS4 style
Clutch replacement, what else? Dual Mass Flywheel? Chains?
Replacement Clutch
RARB Thread-Locker?
topless motoring this time of year
any body know this car L33 NDL ,RS4 B5
RS4 at Cadwell Park on board footage
ABS Light & Traction Lights came on out the blue please
Replacing Knock sensor 3
Dry Bush? [SFW]
Finally....New RS4 Avant on the Block
Knocking noises when pulling away
How does Mileage affect price please - viewing this weekend
Red/Black/Blue - Help me decide what Colour to buy - lets he
worth a look or no?
56 plate RS4 saloon going through Blackbushe auction 29/11
Servicing - Coolant
Roof-Mounted DVD Player
Welcome news on Carbon?
do all b7 rs4's have drl's?
Next RS4 ....Avant Only
Rear matts different from CABRIO B6 to normal B6's?
Very Special RS4 Avant on PH
Car is completely dead...
mmm supercharged S4
Audi Approved Used or Independent
Who wants to stop their Millteks sticking out too much?
liquidSRS4 for the B6/7 testing help needed
S4 B6 advice please!
Got myself a Milltek exhaust
Valuing a B6 S4 saloon (looking to buy privately)
Coolant Temperature Sensor Location
B7 RS4 Replica... shame it is not a quattro
Insurance quotes ...WTF!!
RS4 Options Lists - Identifying the goodies please
Anyone know this RS4 avant on PistonHeads please
Viewed RS4 Avant Today - Advice on Buying Please
What Colour RS4 Avant should I Buy - whats most desirable pl
Retro fit memory seats
Finally got my first problem, wipers sticking.
Coolant leak
MRC'd B6 S4
RS4 at Cadwell Park
Do we need Gauges
100/200 cell Milltek cat
do u know this fabric
B7 RS4 Engine Conversion
NEED Audi RS4 B5 Breake RIMS!!!
Auto headlight switch
Wing swaps from B7 RS4 cab to B6 S4 cab?
wheel spaces.
Owners Handbook
rs4 b7 490bhp
S4 vs S-Line
Brake bulb
Good to look at a B6 S4, What do I watch out for?
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