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My own question, instead of hijacking! Bedding in rear disks
Major brake judder
Tyres & decent Garage??
centre caps for 2003 Audi S4 V8 alloys
Break Fluid upgrade time B6 S4
Oil changes for an engine that drinks oil?
what is needed to make ipod touch work in a b7 rs4 with cdc?
Am I missing something?
S4 Mud flaps
Supercharged B7 RS4
spark plugs
La mods
Maybe worth more of a look
Xenon help
hi all, new to site and audi
B6 S4....Any good?
Super RS4
5% off tyres - mytyres
Audi says these are cheap to replace, but what are they?
Can't select reverse gear on B6 S4
Gorgeous MRC-tuned B7 RS4 for sale
B7 Rear Discs.
EBS brakes (can't get any!!)
DS2500 part number?
Me again .. Dual mass flywheel?
RS4 New Shock knocking Noise
Bonnet won't open (fixed now)
Custom exhaust in Surrey
Hourly rate?
B6 S4 (already remapped) up to 400 BHP...
Ring trip - pics
Spotted online : 485bhp B7 RS4!
door seals
intermitant power.
Carbon Cleaning under warranty - in the US
Michelin Pilot sport cups
Buying advice?
Oil Leak
cheap b6 on ebay? fire damage
Market demand for the S4 cabrio
Couple of things
2004 Cab roof jammed
Advice please.
Newbie help please!
B7 S4 Avant sold for 7.5k
Cheap Milltek for you B7 boys....
iPod connectivity mmi
Phone cradle iphone 4
who was topless today?
S4 Valuation please
Finchley Audi
Rear Valance
HELP! clutch kit needed, QUICK!
Sport Button on my RS4?!
Best spark plug for S4?
b6 1.8t quattro prop bearing question
Newbie Hello and 1st problem :(
offtopic sorry, any photoshoppers able to put a different...
How much oil does a b6 s4 take in ltrs
Ring Tomorrow
Correct Tyre Width?
Love this...
Airbox flap power loss RS4
May be the purchase
My new RS4 Cab, But have probs already after 1 week.
Anyone do an install RNS-E from single DIN on B7 S4?
Anyone had any experiance with Fontains
standard avus centre audi cap. the inner one with the rings
B6 S4 Avant towbar
Headlight alignment....
Oil advice needed for b6 v8 s4
'03 S4 4.2 Avant Speedo Sendor
DRC Recall in US/Canada
Tyre nPressures.
JHMotorsports inlet manifold, TB and spacers thread
First mod :-)
Front suspension high..
Removing Phone cradle
Winter Driving Vacation with the Audi RS4
What size wheels for an s4 b6?
Your opinions
New to audi's advice needed
Miltek Exhaust - My experience
100 quid service
Video of the RS4 at Brands Hatch
Video of the RS4 at Brands Hatch
B6/B7 S4 Clutch Replacement Mileages?
There will be one like this for sale in about 3 months right
What's a healthy peak MAF figure for a B6 S4?
My S4 up for salvage
Barcelona Audi RS4 Driving Experience (Circuit de Catalunya)
Caliper bolt part numbers needed asap
Spring fitment question
Is this a standard exhaust?
Buyers Guide
B7 RS4 Brake Pads
Smooth rear end
Front discs min thickness
441ps thanks to MRC
About to Buy an RS4 but concerned...owners please help??
B6 S4 brake pad/disc costs
B6/B7 S4 milltek
Only in America!
Excellent work by MRC - 50ps more....
Evolutions of a RS4 B7
Can we get Arthur PE on here please ..?
Audi S4 Avant in Streets of San Francisco
Anyone seen/got a B7 S4 dyno plot?
Debate about E92M3 & a B7 RS4
Interior lights not working?!
Anyone wanting upgrade there standard 18" Avus wheels?
vibration when accelatating hard
B6 S4 Mods
S4 Oil Top-Up - Does it Matter if it's a Different Brand?
children playing
Power steering pump
cabrio screen change today
B6 S4 badge removal
Glasses Guide
Transmission whine on a B6 S4?
starting problem 2003 S4 avant
S4 suspension options
S4 B7 Examples for Valuation
Valuation of car
Carbon buildup update
Steering Sensor
insurance again !! yea rightio then.... BYE!!
No grunt??
Front and Rear Braided Brake Hoses
RS4 conversion...
S4 (b6) brake upgrade
B6 S4 Rear Disks
RS4 vs new S3
Pics of the RS at Brands Hatch
Coolant temperature sender G2.
QST "special" offer
Car pulls to the left
B6 S4 Clutch replacement - recommendations?
kumho tyres
My tuning cost me 210 per BHP
B7 RS4 Bucket seats for sale
Perfect spec
Non MSFW to MSFW - anyone done it? (B7 S4)
Service Indicator Light Reset but blank
Coilover options for B7 RS4?
How do you work out which steering module you have?
What a difference an oil change makes
Inner CV Boot
Winter Tyres
mmmmmm lush!
Changing the rear brake light bulbs
Is it me or
B7 RS4 calipers
Why are B7 RS4's still fetching good wonga
PSA: B7 RS4 buyers guide
S4 Power steering pump
KWv3's Fitted to B7 *pics*
can it be done....
Audi Driver Magazine request
wheel compatability
S4 cab vibrations
Instrument cluster
Anyone's on here
Power steering leak
May be the purchase
Tyre Pressures 235/35/19
Anyone Know this B7 - RS4
Milage over price or price over miles
Help needed today 27/09/09
Finally lowered
Urgent Help Required
S4 for sale
B7 RS4 Avant Wheel Well
FS - 2006 (56) B7 RS - Massive spec
B7 RS4 - What colour?
B7 RS4 Fuel Consumption?
2004-2005 B6 S4 TSBs
Milltec cat back res AND non res pipes exhaust
A.B.S. light on
Avus Silver S4s
S4 Towbar....
RS Multichanger WHISTLE Interference ??
B6 S4 compared to the B5, particularly fuel consumption
B6 to B7 conversion
B7 RS4 v8 4.2 FSI - LPG Conversion?
Coil pack problem on same cylinder - common fault ?
Audi RS4 B7 Tech Archive
Coil pack fault?
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