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Audi S4 & RS 4 (B6 & B7) quattro
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RS QUATTRO Plate, suit RS4 B7 due to age
Interesting info on OEM B7 RS4 Pads
Whats the attraction to Unit 20 ?
Grizz goes topless
Size of Original B7 RS4 Alloys ?
scuffed Alloys
misfiring, and correct spark plugs in B7 RS4
S4 V8 cabrio.... Milltex exhaust
Battery Light On DIS
Timing chains
DRC disaster on the B7 RS4 . . .
retro fitting cruise control
One exhaust tailpipe dirtier than other...
Newbie and pics,,
Road Trip... so far its 29.2 mpg
VF Engineering RS4 Supercharger kit nearly ready
Auto-lock at speed
Tech Guys PLEASE HELP - Wiring Info
MTM supercharger
Best place to buy Bilstein PSS9 ????
Looking at buying an S4 Avant very soon....
Buying a rs4 cab b7
Gutted down pipes?
Audi Advanced driving experience
S4 Wheel spacers
Aux rad leaking - something for the professionals?
B6 S4 in north london?
Etka for roof rails/headlining
Urgent help needed - engine warning light - rough running
what to log? b7 rs4
MRC Tuning vs. pippyrips' B7 RS4
Auto tailgate release
How many of You sent Texts to Watchdog?
B6 S4 New front discs and pads?
A week with the B7
Honda NSX Type R versus B7 RS4 drag race
DRC action against audi, please contribute!
RS4 engine cut out
Brake master cylinder
b7 rs4 for sale
2009 RS4
S6 DRL's
Could someone with access to etka help please?
Custom headers and de cat for B7 RS4
Rolling road result
B6/B7 S4 OEM Wheel Part Number
Std B7 RS4 wheels
Ex 2.7t owners?
RS4 B7 Detailed
B6 S4 Sat Nav
B6 S4 Mirrors
Advice for my friend...
RS4 b7 , good car..?
Polish your trumpet!
What do think of these??
**URGENTLY** require set of b6 s4 18" avus alloys
B7 RS4 tuning
Cheapest B7 RS4 EVER!
B7 RS4 Prices
AA Man
B7 RS4 DRC - what is the latest ?
official retrofit kit Audi Ceramic fr. brakes for the B7 RS4
Ibis white RS4 B7 Avant
B7 reversing lights
RS4 rear brake pad options
Only one in the world RS4 in GT3RS green
nice paint job
engine hesitation
tyres - larger width
Air con re-circulation vent's?
Revo Map
Interesting project!
Sudden knocking/grinding noise
something for the b6/b7 owners
Alloy wheel options
Bling Bling
brakes upgrade
GOTZ Motorsport RS4
Piston Retraction
Oh dear!
any info on a RS4 B7 clutch hose bulletin?
Do B6/B7 S4s make the power?
Suspension upgrades
What ?
Cracked discs!
Cheap B7
RS4 B7 GMB Exhaust
Some fun with my RS4
RS4 B7 , brake pipe upgrade - GruppeM
GruppeM Ram air install
DRC Shagged
For God's sake, ask a question or make a comment somebody!
Squeaky brakes
Ah... got the first post in here.
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