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Audi S4 & RS 4 (B6 & B7) quattro
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B7 bi-xenon headlights from RHD to LHD
Clutch / Dual Mass options
s4 b6 timing chain.
Cat D RSK - known?
super charger
Rs4 rear bumpers
Desperate for help!!! S4 avant
Please help lol prop shaft
Rear wheel vibration passenger side?? S4 4.2 2003 avant
Anyone got a N/S rear door glass(tinted)???
Carbon clean in Scotland
B6 S4 Rear Caliper Part Numbers
K and N
S4 B6 034 Control Arm Kit - Suspension Refresh, etc.
Gear slips out from first to second
SRS gets a mention on an add :)
New Camera - New Pictures..........
Got my door blades colour coded, plus Cupra splitter
Fuse box diagram...
what to pay for an s4?
Traction control issue any help appreciated!
some more pics of my s4
b7 312 brakes NEED HELP ASAP
My s4 avant
RS4 B7 speedo
poader coating carrier and caliper
HELP - B6 Hazard Lights Randomly Flashing
Best wheels for Audi b6 Audi S4
S4 b6 avus wheels
RS4 B7 destroyed engine!
Question about new Brake Pads (RS4)
S4 B6 Exhaust
B7 Owners - A4 2.0 TFSI quattro
Audi a4 b6
B7 RS4 Owners Beware!!
Hazards keep coming on and remote doesn't work.
Engine number on S4 4.2 BBK
Will these wheels fit my b7 rs4?
Picked up my B6 "BattleWagen"
What are wheel dimensions on a b7 rs4
CD autochanger
HELP: Service advice needed Urgent
B7 S4 Headlights same as A4??
set of decent aftermarket wheels wanted (rs4 b7)
wheel fitment?
simple problem
Imola B7 RS4
2006 A4 3.2 S-Line With swapped 2.7TT
Replacement skid plates?
2005 S4 B6 Project............
Whats that bag thing in the boot???
Door inlays around window switches RS4 B7
B7 RS4 - real mpg experience
Apologies! What size is the fuel tank on the b7 rs4
Just collected RS4 B7.... Love it love it!!
Went to see my first RS4 this weekend...
RS4 B7 early model ECU
S4 B6 - Cost of ownership/ work carried out past 2 years
Alternative RS4 b7 wheels
B6 S4
Led sidelights and drl lights
Etka software
RS4 Steering wheel emblem
How do i remove this strip....... Help
Please delete wrong section
Audi A4 B7 quattro with 8.5J ET29
B7 Cabriolet - new owner
Audi B6 S4 Cabriolet Headlight Help Needed...
New B7 Audi RS4 about to arrive
Debadge and Rebadge
Any Information on S4 - Registration S4 ROR
Newbi S4 Owner - Portsmouth
Warped Disc again after just 2k miles !!!
2006 S4 Cab owners manual?
What size spacers for front wheels
High Mileage
Audi RS4 Intake Manifold B7 2007
B7 S4 to RS4 Conversion
rs4 b7 iphone 5 connection and impola...
S4 b7 exhaust fabricators please
new centres for B6 centre caps
Will B6 exhaust fit b7 cabriolet
Hello all and any advice? s4 b6 misfire at low revs
Looking to buy a s4 either b6 or b5
New RS4 Owner Problem
BLUETOOTH-Can't connect my phone to rns-e
PES Supercharger and engine on ebay
RS4 b7 second hand prices?
show me your aftermarket b7 rs4 wheels
Audi a4 b6 gearbox ??
What format to watch films via sd card in rns-e
Does anyone know anything about this one?
RS4 bucket seats stolen to order
B7 RS4 2008 Dome Light removal
Maybe selling my S4...
Anyone know this RS4?
clutch pedal dissapeared b7
tuning on b7.
I got one
Galloping oil consumption on new-to-me S4
Need new locking nut, where from?
Lovely JHM Vid
HELP! what is 8mm thick electric cable
Alloy wheel help please
Drivers door trim
MTM RS4 advice
ESP light
Lowering S4 B7 tip tronic
Wanted KW spring kit B7 RS4
Fan on constant
B6 Top Speed..
Calling S4 B6/7 owners near Southampton
RS4 B7 Avant
S4 XMH - Any info?
b6 s4 power output with cat delete and miltek downpipes ?
location dimensions required
Never had an Audi with So many electrical issues!
B7 Avant SS Exhaust options
Nav plus stuck on 1000
B6 b7 exhaust
Sat nav again b6 s4 2003
B6 sat nav 2003 issues!!!!
Swapping out passenger bucket for standard seat
KW H.A.S springs?
Defroster motor
Engine Fault Found using VAGCOM
where can i get a front bumper cross member (2006) b7
B7 RS4, only 391BHP...?
stage 1 remap
will i need re-map if i fit induction
Non start sometimes
Tyre Opinions
EVAP Leak Detection Pump - P1473 - 004 open circuit
just found these
S4 56Reg misfire with power loss, noise - no codes
b7 rs4 rear brakes ??
Considering a b7 S4
Lacquer thieves
B6 A4 Heating controls not working (sorry not a S4)
Audi 12 year rust warranty - front wings ?
Scared of buying a B6 S4 Avant...
Engine warning light
B6 S4 wheels and tyres
Retro fit sat nav
Looking for the benefit of experience for a common problem
Audi S4 B7 Saloon Manual wanted
exhaust question, x/h pipe
H&R springs koni shocks, anyone?
Looking for a B7 RS4 Cab
AMD re-map
To warranty or not to warranty
front grill question
Optic Grill for B6 Where can i buy ?
4 star classics........again
oil pressure switch t piece?
390 mm Disc help
Bugger.... Tensioner!
front discs or rotors
wheel fitment advice
Vibration through wheels
Interior colour options?
cam sensor
What interior will fit in b6 A4 convertible ?
Handling on S4 B6
B6 s4 acting weird!
good sprayer in kent wanted
WANTED: b6 s4 front bits...
Power steering fluid levels?
S4 b6 grill fit standard bonnet ?
mmi turns off after 30 mins
B7 RS4 seats
s4 b6 max power ?
what do people use to keep there seats in tip top condition
used brake discs
what phone fits the cradle in an rs4 b7 06 plate?
Problem with turning on High beam and foglights
what year was ibis wite introduced.
can you supercharge the rs4 b7?
New Member Intro and Thoughts
how do you get into dashboard menu b7 rs4
B6 S4 Cab Headlights parts?
B6 S4 2004 Saloon
Grill removal
Electrical probs?
Phone cradle for b7 needed
judder in the car hen cornering audi rs4 b7
camshaft sensor bank 1
rs4 b7 AERIAL
camshaft sensor bank 1
Wheels and boot badges
Electrics Options
Knocking,clunking. Under acceleration. 1,2,3rd
lowering advice
That RS4, castle combe, you know the one.
so you want to crash a b7 into a cottage
Engine Oil Viscosity
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