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Audi S4 & RS 4 (B6 & B7) quattro
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B7 RS4 Gearbox
Can you retrofit DSG to RS4 convertible?
No B6 RS4...
rear brakes on S4
Timing chain Tensioner Q
Torque converter replacement for a 2007 S4 (B7) quattro
Will this size of wheels and tyres fit?
B7 S4 Auto box question
B7 RS4 H&R springs and shocks
B7 Running costs
S4 toysport downpipes do they fit!!
urge for b7 rs4 in sprint blue
Wiper blades
were rear ceramic brakes an option from the factory?
b6 s4 now has full milltek system and re map
A long needed freshen up.
New to Audi s4 modding advice please help guys
B6 brake pads
Entertainment system sd card problems
JHM 91 octane tune B7 S4
New B6 S4 owner having problems
Thump noise on sound system only ignition/startup
First run out with the Go Pro recording the Tubi exhaust.
Coolant reservoir
Convoy to AITP - Sunday 11th from the smoke'- London
Blowers not working.
Poss coolant leak.
New exhaust fitted and she's a grumbler! Short video
B6 S4 Engine mount replacement
To sell or mod advice please!
Headlight lenses
B6 S4 Gearbox and Diff Fluid Advice Please
Wheel fitment
B7 S4 Saloon Buying guide?
New carbon and Revolution Air Induction Kit fitted pics
What they worth? B7 RS4 rear brakes?
VCDS/VAG-COM help around Shoreditch/Bethnal Green
Final cast of new engine carbon fibre done :D pics
B5 B7 RS4 comparison. My personal opinions and thoughts.
Brakes - Bell to rotor tightening torque
Which air filter
will et29 18's fit my B7 S4?
Funny misfire
How-to: Front Upper Suspension Arms Change [B6-S4]
Nice looking B6 S4 Avant on ebay - with LPG
noise from manifold
steering racks
Rear light cluster removal
What to buy if you win the lottery?
Gearbox oil
RS4 B7 CAB Vs S4 B8
Awesome GTI - able to skim B7 RS4 discs!
Look whats popped up...
WANTED. Rear bumper for b7 rs4
Win an Audi Driving Experience with AudiSRS!
newbie: black smoke on start up RS4 B7
Will these Fit
WANTED. avant rear light clusters both sides.
S4 Spark Plugs
Fault Code Help
Oil pressure fault
Service Costs
Dual mass vs single mass?
whistling when hot
iPhone4 Cradle for RNS doesn't stay in!
Replacement TPMS Valve
Whats this sound?
Audi S4 B6 Avant 6spd manual in stunning mean dolphin grey
B7 RS4 New 1/4 Mile World Record
Supercharged B6 or B7 RS4
Alternator Belt/ tensioner & snubmount change with pics
flexi pipe holed on n,s downpipe
Body Shop
Using oil
VAG-COM in or near Aberdeen? B7 S4.
Very cheap RS4 on gumtree
Door Car Removal
Rocker cover breather pipes
Upper control arms/ drop links changed! finally!!!!
Picked up my Sprint Blue S4
Bonnet catch cable snapped HELP
S4 vs R8 4.2
B6 S4 advice sort!!
Another Milltek on e bay
bit of audio help please!
DTC 17547 2000 S4 , help please.
Replacement Battery for B7 S4
Exhaust Resonator
Yellow fluid under car??
Anyone running catless DP's on an S4?
Carbon Engine Clean
B6 s4 v8, is it easy to rwd?
No plate bulbs.
What to look for on a B7
Getting some work done soon. Advice needed.
right guys another quick question.
Suspension upgrade
MOT'd today
rs4 b7 buying advice
Knockingfrom the front....
sat nav
B7 RS4 wheel reimagined?
Disconnect DRC
Hi all, Any thoughts on these two?
S4 V8 BBK Engine Timing Tools required for rent/purchase
air bag lite ?
Milltek - purchased and fitted... some pics and fitting tips
Changed my Bi-Xenon bulbs today
Phone call today
Battery Disconnection.
S4 B7 Oil usage
Changed Gearbox oil.... need to do diff next
Cheapest Place to Buy OEM Flywheel B7 RS4 Number: 079105266F
Milltek or Custom
New Shell Garage Near Southampton
Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta Vs Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2
Whats RS4 (B7) ownership like ?
alarm playing up?
VAG-Com Readout - can you help?
S**IT!!!!!!!! Please help anyone!
Centre console
Can't decide!
S4 B6 Milltek catback Milltek res or non-res on a Cab?
Upgrade steering wheel
Manual Gearbox oil change?
What's the colour?
My B6 S4 Avant up for sale
RS4 B7 Disc Brakes, why are non OEM so cheap
Audio upgrade???
About to purchase an Wrapped RS4. Any1 recognise it?
SD Card??
B7 S4 Pedals
Upper control arms?
b7 rear brakes set up
Reversing Camera
Smoking help!
Brake pads/discs rusting together regularly!
Got an issue with girth!
Cruise and Steering Wheel
FBSW Plastic replacement
B7 S4 Parott Kit
Auxiliary radiator pattern parts ?
How about these?
Coil springs only available from Audi??
Selling My B7 RS4
Rear shocker problem - DIY change?
Engine shuddering on B6 S4
B6 S4 Audi logo Wheel caps
The next Problem, Lights plusing
Main display, clock and milage doesnt work on speedo
Need Vagcom advice
B7 RS4 - 20" option rims
has anyone put Porsche wheels on there Audi a4 A4 B6 Avant Q
Fault code!!
XS Power DPs For the V8
Suggestions On Other Work During Air Con Compressor Change
Newbie with a question!
Wheels again!
2006 S4 B7 new owner help
s4 v8 ebay cam chain
Wheel Issue
Water leak- for R-wash wipe! HELP !!
cat warm up
fault with cab roof//help plz
RS4 B7 Steering wheel on a S4 B7?
B7 S4 coolant temp gauge
Strange noise/whining.
Just in the middle of an oil change, literally.
oil flush
First one ive seen with a hardtop
r8 rear brakes on rear of b7 rs4?
s4 2003
Would 8.5 wide wheels with offset 30 fit the b6?
A fair price for avus wheels
Best tyres for S4 B6
B7 RS4 Steering Wheel on Ebay
Top Speed?
Snub mount
cold start
Space saver wheel on RS4 possible?
Do R8 Rotors fit B7 RS4?
2007 RS4 Avant 6500....
Question about Ross tech software and interfaces
B7 S4 Avant Air Bag Light on
B7 S4 Avant Rear Wiper not working
Is this the MAF sensor?
rnse mrk 2 retrofit
B7 S4 Cruise retro fit...what do i need?
Misfire B7 S4 - only collected it tonite!
Help needed
B7 RS4 Brakes. Any advice
B7 S4 Timing Chain issues? should i worry?
lambda probes..
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