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E BAY S4 B6 V8 AVANT BREAKING WHOLE CAR ...................
Passenger footwell trim
Weird rattle drivers side rear somewhere. B7 S4 Avant
How-to - Bed in New Discs and/or Pads
How-to: Rear Discs & Pads Change [B6-S4]
Selling my B6 S4
What a colour
hi, need bigger car with performance too
How-to: Front Discs & Pads Change [B6-S4]
Why the flaps....
Advice needed!
Remote won't open car
test drive for potential new owner?
test drive for potential new owner?
2004 S4 BBK suspected middle chain broken, can't turn engine
My B6 S4 Black Cab for sale - soon
anyone know this car? (black B7 RS4)
Do any of you use cat spacer for your rear lambda for decat?
If anyone is looking for a B7 S4 Tip Cabriolet
Opinons please (S4 purchase)
Selling my B6 S4
Just got back with the RS4
I NEED a Milltek - cheapest supplier?
rs4 b5 vag com boost check
Advice on an RS4
Glove box fun
rs4 b7 running costs
b6 s4 avant quality car mats
Stance / Handling Upgrade Questions on my B6 S4
New wheels pics
S4 oil level help!
Programming a turbo actuator
Looking at new wheels for B7 S4 but I'm confused!
Any VagCom experts in Kent?
I can smell fuel...
audi s4 b6 avant ........
B7 brake disc to bell fixings
crank lock tool?
Getting Miltek fitted this weekend - B7 S4
Rs4 passenger mirror
rs4 b7 breaks
new audi owner needs help
B7 S4 Saloon's - Where are they all?
B5 engine mount
Changing Spark Plugs Question
Remap. Worth it?
LPG Getting Fitted This Friday
Favourite S4/RS4 (B6/B7)
Thinking of Selling the S4
Swapping to replica wheels?
Opinion on best brake pads for rs4 b7
Milltek Non-Res on eBay
S4 won't start and strange goings on
Avant tailgate spoiler
New Audi owner, need insight
Rear door locks messing about??
Automatic headlight adjuster?
Should It Stay Or Should It Go..........
B7 RS4 Gearbox Problem
B7 rs4 : The Way it should be in my eyes
will quattro coilover kit fit fwd
RS4 RARB on an S4 (B7) worth it or not?
exhaust confusion
Sticking clutch pedal...
Which break caliper on S4 B6? Or how\where to check?
Lambda Sensor Faults, Rich and Lean
Rear seat folding b6 I can't do it!
S4 owner in need of an engine (4.2 BBK)
S4 B6/B7 FSI , or not ?
Will q5 wheels fit b6?
Parking sensor fault
B7 RS4 Buyers guide? And DRC question.
Turbos to be fitted to a B7 RS4
18in s4 wheel and tyre value?
Problem with wipers not returning to start position
Creaking steering after a heavy landing... B6 S4 - Opinions?
Not sure who's
Wanted advice on B7 RS4 Avants (exporting to New Zealand)
B7 RS4 - Soprts plus suspension (-10mm)
How do you re-set the RED tyre indicator light ?
Black B7 RS4 Avant : CT56AUD then AE56AZC : Anyone know?
Caliper colour on red avant
Wiper Speed
anyone know of a b7 rs4 being broken at the minute?
oil pipes under main rad . (metal pipes )
Aero as standard on a B6 S4 ?
s4 more power?
AWE exhaust resonate or non-resonate??? I like resonate....b
staggered wheels on b7 rs4
Service time
whats this???
Safe Mode fault
One to watch....White RS4
Any B7 cab owners looking to sell?
wheel swap anyone?
RS4 with PC Plod
Getting Damn Frustrated Now !!!!!!!!!!
RS4 replacement clutch (2)
Part ex my diesel for 120k mile s4 b6 should I stay away?
RS4 Push Button Start Problem
s4 hibernation!
Part No.
folding of mirrors
will these alloys fit a b6 s4
B7 RS4 Engine Undertray.....
B7 RS4 Rev Limiter......
creaky joints!
stereo upgrade?
J519 Control Module???
S4 - B7 - Intercolers
start up rattle question again
audi multi function flat bottom steering wheel ...
B7 RS4 Audi Navigation Plus - MP3 Compatible ?
s4 b6 oil leaks front of engine ????
Engine number location
What Does This Symbol Mean Please Folks ???
400bhp - Really????
S4 pre cats
Drivers side rear door not unlocking
Stronic or Tiptronic on S4 B7?
S4 Grill
Injector Seals
Wheel spacers and longer bolts
New tank?
Radio / CD / Sat Nav jumping
vag code vag18358 help.....
Best tyres B6 S4
PDF parts catalog....
Random ESP light?
s2 plugs
Strange tyre wear
Warning lights...
experience request after engine rebuild
rs4 (b7) rear brakes
Water leak .. Window washer
Comparative stats. Your thoughts...
ceramic brakes
iphone connection
New RS4 Charger Spy Shot
B7 RS4 Oil usage
Small headlight problem
s4 b6
Longlife exhaust on S4
Knocking Rear Differential
rs4 b7/vw phaeton brakes
S4 2003 goosed ( 2nd day of ownage )
B6 S4, 2 months ownership, thoughts so far....
Removing door cards
Gutting the pre-cats
Anyone Know This Car - S4 YAY
S4 standard exhaust setup and tuning
squeaky bushes!
S4 Air Filter
just got 2007 rs4
How-to: Downpipe removal [B6-S4]
S4 B6 Cats
S4 B6 Dyno Run
Noggy freshness
Decoke, 100 cell cats and remap at AMD
RS4 Braided lines-what fitting?
B6 S4 Wheel size
B5 to B7 RS4
Got an itch.
B6 S4 remap question
Fitting New Sidelights. My Story...
RS4 - what was the Super Sport Suspension?
Quad Pipes Fitted
Brake conversion bits wanted.
Whats it worth?
2004 S4 b6 Gearbox / Clutch issue
b6 shall i or not
RS4 ARB Upgrade
16k B7 RS4 with 109,000 miles
Auxy belt tensioner
S4 Owner looking to "upgrade" to RS4
Powerflow custom exhausts - opinions please.
Ok, My first problem..... Any advice
never heard of this one before
Broken exhaust brackets on an S4, does it sound like this?
What Power Are your S4s and RS4s actually running?
s4 seats in a4
Car wouldn't fire up/start/turn over this morning...
Engine oil volume
S4 Child Seat confusion
Parts to replace cover gaskets on B6 S4 4.2 BBK engine
Something missing in engine bay?!?
Need help servicing shifter mechanism rs4
anyone know this car?
Side light and day running light change qu.
New number plate lights
Are there other Audis that use B6 S4 front brake calipers?
gong/chime not working anymore
Can someone please confirm part no fro B6 S4 front pads?
Finally the old girl has gone...
Some new paint on the RS from PhirmFX
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