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Audi S4 & RS 4 (B6 & B7) quattro
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please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New S4 owner, bulb replacement question...
steering fluid?
Advice please...
rs4 problem, please help??
Engine Management Light - Dead cat?
rs4 discs
Anyone got a part number?
Average mpg?
B6 S4 Exhaust
Original Audi Winter Wheels RS4 B7
Titanium wheel refurb and new Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 *pics*
Not an S but...
RS4 Winter wheels!
Suzuka RS4 on the bay!
RS6 style alloys on S4
Usually i hate this sort of thing, BUT...
Lowering & Wheel Spacers S4 B7
mmmm suzuka...
superchargedrs4 MIA ??????
AST Coilover ** Group buy**
B6 s4 CAI problems....
AST coilovers
spark plugs
'Cheap' B7 RS4 Saloon on ebay
B7 S4 best gain/
Opinions please...tacky or cool????
Engine light on no codes?
The S4....
Engine sound on an S4?
Fuel Consumption
Cruise Control Not working.
rs4 oil filter cover and carbon engine plaque
what oil shall i use for 50k service
H&R springs fitted
Help on buying a s4?
B7 RS4 brakes on B7 S4????
Can anyone outwit Audi.....Please?!
press brakes and a flashing brake symbol opbs up
Used B7 brake bells?
Service reminder problem
Hi, new here, S4 avant questions,
APR/Custom Code Supercharged B7 RS4
S4 drinking oil but no leak
RS4 cab
High lambda reading on one cylinder bank
hemorrhaging steering fluid
S4 Brakes
Cam Chains/Tensionors vs. Big Mac
New front pads recommendation
B7 RS4 brakes lifespan?
Are B7 RS4 stock rims staggered?
Can't remove rear light cluster - screw just judders/spins
S4 Chain Tensioner or Cold Start Up Rattle
Cold Air Intake
Xenon Problem ?
Audi rs4 2007 57 saloon knocking noise
DTC's RS4 B7
top speed on b7 RS4.
S4 B6 Track Days
After market suspensions on B7 RS4 .
Delivery from JHM, oh yes!
Milltek Exhaust
I have a new challenge lol
Considering selling my 20s
Chassis Sticker codes for B6 S4
Bose Sound System in RS B7
cheap noggy s4?
B7 RS4 Side Window Trims
KW3's or PSS9's for an RS4 B7 Cab, thoughts???
Tyre Advice
Milltek alternatives?
Any tiptronic B6/B7 S4 owners here?
TPMS Query
Lambda sensor ?? oops wrong section
rs4 b7 brake disc replacment
Sump issues
S4 b6 "whistle"
Help Its Doing My Head In
Help please .. Car lost power today ??
What I saw yesterday - Supercharged RS4 at Nurburgring
ESP Light flashes constantly when I turn it off
Helped wanted to convert RNS-E with Analog TV to Digital TV
Where to go for camber adjustment
Bits n bobs
Best engine oil for RS4 B7 ?
Minimum Disc Thickness (Front & Rear)
Engine Oil for S4 4.2
Remap query
B6 S4 Front discs and pads - what options you tried?
RS4 Bose TV
Bargain B7 RS4
Moving my RS4 to MRC
Scuderia Systems
Bilstein B14 / PSS Coilover Suspension Kit
Parking Sensors
Just bought a standard 06 RS4 - First or Essential Mods??
Sold my S4... now what?
which size tyre for b6 s4
Anyone know this S4 Avant?
RS4's at the Nurburgring
B7 RS4 Service 50k
Control Module for Steering Column Electrics
Should I repair a cracked alloy rim
Stolen RS4
Tyre recommendations wanted and slow puncture
telephone not installed rsn-e
Removing rear door triangle
New RS4 Avant Video at the 'Ring.
Negotiating with a seller
My APR Supercharger has arrived!
Alternator belt snapped!
Very Quiet!
My Car Detailed - Write Up
1 per BHP !
FAO B7 RS4 owners
Do b5 rs4 rims fit a b5 s4 ?
S4 Tiptronic Fluid Help
ESP light when accelerating
Audi Bluetooth fitting?
What a difference an oil change makes.
So, gonna get the wheels refurb'd. What about a re-colour?
Revolution motorsport
RS04 H*N
Adding black optics pack
Genuine new rs6's,proper cheap
Photoshop help please
Twin Turbo S4 V8?
Difference between downpipes for manual and auto
B5 RS4 -> B7 RS4
Do all B6 S4's have this optional extra?
Door Blades & Stereo
Cheap price for oil!
front pads
Over filling hydraulic fluid
Brake Fluid Change on B6 Quattro
New suspension?
Exhaust Quiry
False Low Oil Warning on Long Journeys
Anyone fitted a 20 x 10 up front ?
s4 oil
S4 Grille badge fitment
B6 S4 front wheel bearings - easy for a beginner?
cam chain tensioners
B7 Bonnet with air scoop
RS4 supercharge
Pic's with spacers
MilTek for sale (nothing to do with me)
Oil Filter Choice
Black audi rings
Allowable weight limit in the load area
vag com / vag scope graph
18" avus alloys
S4 B7 Milltek Cat-back on eBay for 600 or Less
RNS-D to RNS-E - A Unique Question...
What's this
Anyone want to swap res milltek for non res?
planning my first project
Not mine - Ad on AutoTrader
4.2 V8 S4 EML on, both banks too rich
Holy sheet
My modded Imola..
What colour to retrim ?
B6 vs B5 Cabin Noise
Anyone here have experience of these?
B7 twin turbo RS4
Brake wear indicator just on, how much for new front brakes?
ride hight
b6 / 7 rear ARB
Is it worth it?
B5 rs4 mov-its
My S4
Drove a friends B7 RS4
Bose Speakers which do what?
Carbon Interior trims
Rattling Brake Pads
Help checking the oil!
Pricey RS4 cabriolet.
Imola Porn
RS4 engine management light
Running on what fuel's
Sorry for being a philistien
Rear Brake Pads
HeatShield and GruppeM cooling
Looking at this tomorrow
Another Milltek post - sorry!
Buy from the main dealers
Moving from S4 to RS4?
4.2 V8 S4 Dyno'ed (Graph included - Post your graph too)
xenons - misting problem
New wheels. OZ Alleggerita HLT
Damaged RS4,thoughts please
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