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Audi S4 & RS 4 (B6 & B7) quattro
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S4 B6 intake
S4 B7 hyper-sensitive throttle when cold
Charging the battery through a 12V Power Outlet Socket
Coolant and brake fluid change help!!
Phenolic Inlet Spacers
BBK Valve Cover Bolts
My Noggy RS4
V8 specialist
B6 S4 Oil leak at rear of engine
rattle @ 2000rpm 2004 s4 b6
BS7 RS4 values
S4 B6 New Owner, few issues
Fixing Variable inlet manifold on B6, S4
RS4 carbon build up
S4 B6 front tyre inner edge wear
One of one (UK) Nogaro Blue B7 RS 4
Another B7 RS4 gone walkies from LU6 Dunstable this time
Anyone know these cars?
B7 RS4 click in clutch pedal
Do a oil change on rs4
Rear split folding seats retrofit.
B6 S4 clutch slip
Epc / throttle body
Cat C registered, how much does this devalue?
Timing Service or Not?
RS4 B7 oil cooler pipes
Heter flap,no heat to feet or face ?
Hyper Silver RS4 Wheel Refurb...
What to look out for?
Variable intake manifold operation.
Audi Concert 3 Bose sounds muffled
RS4 not starting after sat for a few days?
Modified car insurance
light weight wheels?,s4 b6
Anyone know this one?
Attempting a timing service
Clutch Problem
B7 RS4 rear diffuser
Installing Bilstein PSS9
Would you buy a B6 S4 with 250k miles?
Cold starting issue v8
RS4 with BMW interior ? !
Bilsteins PSS9's damper settings
Tired exhaust system on B6 S4
Lowerd B6 S4s Talk to me...
b6 battery in the boot
Need help ..friends s4 b6 gearbox trouble
b6 Coil packs
help with B6 S4 front wheel camber alignment/adjustment
Optional extras
Exhaust valve mod
How good is the b7 RS..
BBK engine rebuild
B6 S4 owners - anybody got H&R springs fitted?
B6 S4 owners - what have you done with your grills??
Rolling Road BHP
Modern Classics magazine needs you!
S4 Drilled disc supplier?
B6/B7 S4 owners - what have you done with your door blades??
LED bulb suppliers
Changing to clear front indicators on B6 S4
Headlight questions
Hoping to get back in an S4 - exhaust question
need some help.
Which would you go for an why?
How good is the b7 rs4 and values...
Best B7 RS4 brake pads
Front left clunk noise after fitting coilovers!!!!
Gearbox rear flange removal [Manual 03 S4]
RS4 B7 Coilover problem
Headlight Issue - Sidelight has melted
Breather hoses/ PCV valve/ Oil catch can
B7 RS4 DRC eplacement?
Front Rotors Warping
RS4 Vehicle inspection
B7 RS4 Starter Motor Relay Location
Gearbox rebuild. What to look for and what to replace?
little help (potential new owner)
Confused by the computer...
Hydrogen engine carbon cleaning
Best place for servicing my B6 S4 - Cheshire?
Standard B6 S4 Alloys - what they worth?
Sad news regarding a fellow member :(
S4 bulid thread/engine strip
my new s4
Stereo fitment
Anyone thinking of selling S4?
my build dairie
part no. required
8P RS3 -> B7 RS4?
Towing with a B6/7 S4
S4 will not start, Possible ECU issue?
Tyre choices
Best wheels for the S4 Cab?
B6 s4 clutch or gearbox issue? Need help diagnosing!
Catalytic Converter hole
Fix - Broken cable mount for A4 B6 Cabriolet boot raiser
Dumb question re S4 seats
Lock issue
B7 Central locking problem
wheel size
How much for ferodo ds2500 pads
S4 B6 remap time. Is JHM still the best?
S4 B6 Missfire
Secondary rad fan stuck on
B6 S4 or 2003 RS6?
B7 rs4 grill badge
Rs4 b7 06 plate gen 62k 12000 no offers
Air Bag light - Not the usual fault - HELP!!!
Beloved cabriolet stolen
A6 S4 rear pads/disks + seals
Oil consumption question?
S4 Cabriolet headlights misting..not saloon or estate how to
Start up rattle
Uprated clutch RS4 B7
Misfire diagnosis??
034 Motorsport engine mounts
Single and double din ashtrays
Pcv/Breather hoses S4
Aftermarket alloy wheel advice and pictures please
B6 Cab to B7 Cab 3rd brake light change
Best coilpacks for b7 rs4
It's clutch time.
Oil check valve kit, JHM intake spacer??
Intake flaps
Not S4 but A4 Cabrio question.........
Anyone know this S4?
Oil Leak
Recommended tyres for B7 RS4
Window Catching and Rattle Fixed
Rear discs
Addition to my garage!
B6 S4
S4 b6 crunching gears
Lowering springs
B6 S4 Misfire?
B6 S4 Where's the VagCom connector?
What suspension?
B7 S4 coolant warning and/or sensor problem
Rs4 b7 body conversion (satan fuel content beware)
RS4 front disc and pad options these days?
Strange alarm sounds - S4 Cab
034 motorsport mounts worth it?
s4 b6 help flashing engine managment light missfiring
S4 B6/B7 - PCV/CCV replacement
Coolant expansion tank replacement?
S4 B6 brake fluid amount and recommendations
S4 B6 spark plugs
S4 B6 service advice
Help Please! - S4 B6 CAB Fitting B7 Rear lights, ISSUES!
Rs4 front pads
Swapping from flat bottom to standard steering wheel. Help.
FH06 RWY Black saloon RS4, anyone know this car?
B7 RS4 jobs worthwhile doing? Clutch,carbon clean,etc!!!
Wing mirror plate Help / Advice?
RS4 b7 TYRES , are michelin 255/35/19 ro1 discontinued ???
rs4 severe hesitation/judder on acceleration
A4 vs s4 wings
Quattro system
Help needed please b6 abs and steering wheel coding VAGCOM
first b7 rs4 bi turbo
Seat theft big news
Cruise control not working????
B7 RS4 intermittent starting problem!!!!!!!!!
tiptronic and paddle shift
Water in drivers footwell
couple of small issues
C6 S6/D3 S8 Front Brake conversion
finding paint code
B6 alloys, 18s or 19s?
A4 vs s4
B7 RS4 Power Under 5500rpm
N/S Rear door will not unlock, any remedies
Supplier for mystery seal
heated seat question
Too good to be true? Meyle eBay disc(s)
B7 ferrodo DS2500 pads! Can't find them!
b7 rs4
Oil level on S4 B4
Part no help
Xenon out, dash fault and VCDS error code
how much road tax
New Brakes
ABS Error on dash
4.2 B7 RS4 engine and box - with a little scorching
Whats it worth?
Help -error after race downpipes fitted 16395-bank 1 camshaf
b6 heated seat help
B6-7 Rattle cure
front springs
Winter Tyres
Hopefully buying B7 RS4
Wheel Refinnishing?
B7 bi-xenon headlights from RHD to LHD
Clutch / Dual Mass options
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