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occasional cutting out?

took brothers UrS4 out for a blast today after getting it back on the road. Garaged for 6 months. Going great but once it got hot after a blast, I got a weird kind of power loss, just for a second or two. felt like ignition was cut. It did this a few times during slower speeds then seemed to clear itself.

It only lasted a couple of secs, so didnt cause the car to stop or anything.
Any ideas? water in fuel? loose connection?

I have had the same problems before in my UrS4.

First time the same kinda power loss and running on 4 cylinders happened, it was the rubber spark plug connector that had gone bad becouse of an oil leak in the cylinder head cover gasket. Oil had gone to the spark plug "pots" and made the rubber britle, allowing the spark from the coil to go to the cylinder head cover, not to the spark plugs like it should. Replaced the gasket and the coonnector rubbers that had gone bad.

It was good for a month or so when it started to happen again. First i checked the other rubbers but they were fine so i changed the spark plugs.

Havent had any problems since For a year or so now.

it was the fuel filter on ours!
thanks for reply tho!

PS ours is for sale!


was it doing it on deceleration or closed throttle?
could be a clogged ISV. mine is doing that right now

I fixed it! It was the fuel filter.
Car has now been sold.

oh, I missed that. Forum Index -> Audi urS4/S6 quattro
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