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Odd noise

A little help would be great two problems that could be one , full lock on sterring dosent sound good and a bit of a squeak and judder and what seams to be a pump noise witch kinda sounds like a air lock that speeds up and then goese but seams to be staying longer , teh pump noise sounds like its commin from the drivers side of the engine bay ?? any help on this would be great thanks in advance ,

this is on a 2006 s6

Have you checked your power steering fluid level?  When engine is cold, unscrew cap, wipe integrated dipstick clean, put the cap/dipstick back onto the resevoir - but do NOT screw it down (ie, rest it on the top of the threads) - and the level should be up to the top mark.  If you check it hot, it's perfectly OK to be about 10mm above the max level.

Also, its not a good idea to hold any car with power steering on full lock for more than say a second - does the noise disappear if you wind off about an inch of steering wheel from full lock?

BTW, welcome to the forum.  

Thanks for the reply ,

i have checked the power steering and that seams to be all good , just think its the fact the s6 has huge wheels haha,
the noise is commin from th airbox and is only their when in idle once you go over 1000 revs it goes, i had a mates vag com pluged in but his reader couldnt axcess the engines ecu but could read everything els , its booked in for another read tomorow from a specialist so hopefully i will find out what it is ,
i will post the findings once i know ,

i Had another compture pluged in today and it seams their is a faulty valve i think he said valve 80 once disconted the noise stoped so hes lookin in to it deeper now and will get back to me, pluss he found a slight missfire on cylinder 1 ive looked throuh the paper work that came with the car and it looks like the coil pack hasnt been changed.....

It looks like it could be a oil seperator valve makeing the noise i belive this controls both oil and air to recirculate round the engine  , has anyone had a similar problem or know were this is and how big of a job it is to replace ???????? Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C6) quattro
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