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Oil caused smoking? S3 AMK

I bought an Audi S3 8L AMK not long ago, it had a handful of modifications.
Unfortunately the engine mods are unkown, I can tell that the engine has been taken apart not that long ago and rebuilt but unsure on what has been done.

Lets cut to the chase, I had a look at the timing belt and noticed its poor condition.
Which lead me to perform a full service in the S3 including All the filters, pumps and oil.

And then the problem occurred, once I replaced the oil in the engine to a Castrol Edge oil, the car started smoking heavily once it hit 90 degrees.

I was afraid of the worst, which was that i would have to rebuild the whole engine again, although I then remembered that the oil from before was much thicker than the Castrol, so my first thought was to replace the oil with much better viscosity and the smoking has stopped.

Now my question is, is this normal? or does this mean that the engine could not be in the best shape? Maybe the unknown mods that could have been installed inside of the engine have something to do with it?

If someone could help me out, I would gladly appreciate it.


I just bought a complete engine for 220 posted so its not the end of the world if it is
If you buy a car with mods but no paperwork to back it up then I would say its bull and he has suck thicker oil in to hide something but I'm no mech

what grade did you use?

these engines like 5w40. If you used a 30 weight its a bit too thin when hot.

Ofcourse they dont usually smoke on the 30weight, just the oil pressure gets a bit low.

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